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Fightstar – Amethyst Lyrics 8 years ago
It could do, but to me it sounds more like he wants everything switched off, all his pastimes finished, just so that their love can be rekindled.
Maybe it could have something to do with reflecting on the past. I mean, that's what you would do if your relationship broke down, you would inevitably look to the past.

Senses Fail – Family Tradition Lyrics 9 years ago
Best song on the new album. :D

InMe – In Loving Memory Lyrics 9 years ago
Definately outstanding. Pretty good lyics.

Across Five Aprils – With These Hands Lyrics 9 years ago
Absolutely unbelievable intro/outtro.
This and Sunnyland are two of the best songs I've heard lol.

Fightstar – Deathcar Lyrics 9 years ago
They obviously have a couple of christian beliefs and are making some references. They talk about sins alot, the cross of blood on the door is good aswel.

Whether or not they believe strongly in Christianity I am not sure.

Fightstar – Zihuatanejo Lyrics 9 years ago
Think of the place. If you do this song makes perfect sense.
It's just about the nice sunny beaches, having a good time and getting away from the 'infected eyes' of the city.
My only other viewpoint on the lyrics could be based on how poor it is (if it is). The lines of drinking the water are good if it were, as is the infected eyes line.

It's a beautiful song.

Fightstar – 99 Lyrics 9 years ago
Here's my other two corrections;
'You need to hold onto all your friends,
We'll be the last one's holding.'

'I bleed myself to wash your face,
and clear the sin of human race,
The love you keep will always be disguised.'

Based on these newly rectified lyrics, I conclude that this song is about a couple, breaking up, most likely over adultery. No matter what they or friends do they cannot return to how their relationship was previously.
'Oh, enough, you told me to wake you, up.' Signifies an argument or annoyance from his partner directed at him for doing what she's asked (to wake her up at six).
He continues with what possibly is a very descriptive metaphor, him crashing over to lie down with his eyes on the road. It explains his pain and frustration with how she is responding to him. The road and crashing couple hand in hand to show his thought of suicide.

The pre-chorus simply points out that you need your friends to support you in situations like this, because you know that you'll always be holding onto them.

I get the idea of them breaking up from the chorus, 'you and all of us, could save this all', suggests that her and everyone involved could save their relationship if they try. 'If we could feed the truth to the lies', the only problem is they need to ignore what has happened, and live a false reality, which is impossible. 'But you and I will never be the same again', just shows you how they have changed and seperated.

He continues, 'the ropes in which I upheld, drew lines upon your face'. This shows how supportive he's been, and how he's almost literally given her a foundation when she's been flat on her face. His repition of 'oh enough', further supports the idea of his frustration with how she's ignoring what he's done.

'I bleed my face to wash your face'. That line supports my theory of adultery, or something treacherous that she has commited. 'To wash the sin of human race', more simply the sins that mankind is capable of, which she has done. 'The love you keep will always be disguised'. Self explanitory really.

There you have it.

Fightstar – 99 Lyrics 9 years ago
'You and all of us, can save this all,
If we could feed the truth to the lies.'

Listen to the Acoustic cover of 99 on the Alternate Endings album. It's quite clear what he says.

Brigade – Queenie Lyrics 9 years ago
I thought I would try to take down the lyrics to this song, seeing as they are nowhere to be found on the internet.
If anyone has any suggestions on different words I would love to hear them. We can discuss what should be changed. =]

Enter Shikari – Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour... Lyrics 9 years ago
lol.rarr has cracked it if you ask me. It sounds convincing.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Misery Loves Its Company Lyrics 9 years ago
It almost definately is Christian, which sucks. lol It's an amazing song, but I prefer to pretend it has other implications, rather than being based around Christianity, which in my opinion is a lie, and makes this song and it's statements full of hypocrisy and contradiction.
Either way, I love it, and it's #1 on my charts with over 190 plays lol.

Brigade – Four Kids to a Glockenspiel Lyrics 9 years ago
If anyone can find out what is being sang on top of the chorus, it would be helpful.

Fightstar – Amethyst Lyrics 9 years ago
That makes sense Dizzy. If so, it could have a reference to marriage, walking east down the isle(sp) to get married.
I think we're on the right lines though. The guy is in love with her, but like everyone has said, she's just ignoring him, that connection is gone and he's going to try and do what it takes to get it back.

Fightstar – Tannhäuser Gate Lyrics 9 years ago
The song is just called Tannhauser, not Tannhauser Gate.

InMe – A World Apart Lyrics 9 years ago
I can't put my finger on the meaning of this song. Obviously about him thinking his partner is so close to him, and he misses her, yet he doesn't want her to be anymore than friends. 'She's like a glass of water in the middle of night' justifies this. She's making him feel alright, yet not spectacular, but she can still support him. In spite of this, he can't just be friends with her, because morales and values get in the way, or something like that is stopping them from being just friends. Which is why he exclaims 'what is this world that we're living in!?'

InMe – Safe In A Room Lyrics 9 years ago
Wow. I couldn't hear what he was saying at first. After reading these lyrics, this song has just become even better. :O

InMe – Angels With Snipers Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm guessing it must be about finally getting with a girl who he's sought after for ages. She's unsure wether it's right to be with him. It obviously means the world to him, 'landslide victory', but she can't make her mind up, so 'it's burning his heart to watch her breathe'. He's trying to comfort her by telling her that they will 'take it slow', and that 'the night will last forever'. Everything she does affects him 'I have bled all of my blood, something whispered something said'. I think the line 'you have burned a hole in me, you have filled it up with meat' suggests that she has destroyed part of his soul and it's now just flesh, it is meaningless without her.
'I have buried all my dead, I have filled my shoes with lead', suggests he's surpassed all his mistakes and regrets in the past, and that he has a heavy burden on his shoulders by loving her.
He's pretty confused, and maybe the repition of 'it's only hurt' suggest she made her decision and it wasn't to the best of his intentionsand he's concluded that loving her is only hurt

What do you think? Any good?

Oh and he mutters 'Victoria' a few times after the choruses.

From Autumn to Ashes – Short Stories With Tragic Endings Lyrics 9 years ago
@ xXl0velyl0v3rxX. I think you've just about nailed the meaning. :P
About the song, it's truely an epic song, but the female vocals are pretty poor, regardless of what everyone else says. Her tone is just weak.
But the song is just pure excellent, and the number of comments it has speaks for itself.

Fightstar – Amethyst Lyrics 10 years ago
Sorry you guys, but you are wrong. I've listened to this song a good 60 times.

It's simply about two people who have lost a connection to each other. The guy is going to kill his past times to get her interested again.
If you read the chorus carefully, you notice that they have to have/be intimately involved "please don't ignore me or I'll just fall asleep, and wakeup when you're gone".

The only line that makes no sense to me is "cause east is the way I go".

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