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Paramore – Conspiracy Lyrics 10 years ago
i think that she's trying to tell someone something possibly whispering because she say's...
" please speak softly for they will hear us and they'll find out why we don't trust them"

maybe a lover/close the only one who she feels she can tell this to cause she may not have trust in the others.
as the 2nd reply's ...
"speak up dear cause i cannot hear you, and i need to know why we don't trust them"

but then this person is sayin speak up dear..maybe blatently for them (the others) to hear cause somehow she hears why we don't trust them"

the chorus..
(Explain to me this conspiracy against me
And tell me how I've lost my power)

she want's to know what this conspiracy against her is...suggesting the person she is speaking with maybe knows, friends may have jelousy upon her or some other kind of unloyalty. but by her saying and tell me how iv'e lost my power, sort of gets us to think that she is losing maybe her self esteem and confidence beacuse of people havin some kind of secret about her but at the same time she's trying to whisper a secret to someone else.

the second verse...tells us about her feeling lonely asking where can she turn and that she's surrounded by uncertainty, possibly friends she has know lost over something probably stupid and if her friends are going to dump her like this she's unsure of other people.
then we see how she is asking this one person if they are going to be their for her to help her..

my opinion x

great song by an awsum band my heart goes out to them

Paramore – Miracle Lyrics 10 years ago
ayeee..deff a relationship song..! i think that it's some close friends that are falling in love and she doesn't want to let it go cause she's been waiting for a miracle...also she says how she feels like she's not alive so she's going to start over starting with the the other person and her self...maybe they have been hiding something and they don't want to run from anything uncomfortable this maybe suggests they want people to know cause they've gone to long and she's not letting go!
a very inspiring and beautiful song !
i adore hayley and the band X

Paramore – Brighter Lyrics 10 years ago
everytime i listen to this song it just reminds me of my bestfriend and i don't know why.. but it seems like a relationship song possibly between two really close friends are realising their feelings for each other but realising, it may end up not as they planned ..and trying to get each other to understand how they think things might be just going a little over the opinnion. But in actual fact this song is about lanie kealhofer one of hayley's friends who was lost in 2005 in a boating accident. she was from mississippi and this is why Hayley says "we'll always know that you shine brighter".

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