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Britney Spears – Radar Lyrics 9 years ago
It does sound like madonna! haha
This song is so amazing. It's so fun an upbeat.. one of those songs that could get you out of a bad mood.

Britney Spears – Why Should I Be Sad Lyrics 9 years ago
Her whole album is rather good. I was quite suprised with all of the bad rep about her in the magazine. I think it was brilliant of her to comment about the gossip sections in US weekly in this particular song. It let's us realize that she is human...she's not a shameless dog.
Anwyay, this song is deffinetly about Kevin. He had his romps in Las Vegas, where he supposively cheated on her (" sent you to Vegas
With a pocket full of paper
And with no ultimatums on you
I thought what could separate us
But it just seemed that Vegas
Only brought the pimp out of you "). This gives us a great insight into her side of the divorce, and I think it's really great. It's got such great emotion.

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