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Sugarland – All I Want To Do Lyrics 9 years ago
this is the best song everrr

Taylor Swift – Beautiful Eyes Lyrics 9 years ago
i love taylor swift so much.

Taylor Swift – I'm Only Me When I'm with You Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm basically in love with this song and everything about it.

Carrie Underwood – I Know You Won't Lyrics 10 years ago
this song is amazing.

i think its about a guy and a girl in a relationship but he keeps leading her on and making empty promises like shallremain was saying.

whatever the meaning, it is very relateable and beautiful.

Pink – Who Knew Lyrics 10 years ago
The girl I work with calls this her and her boyfriends song.

She and him were suppose to be getting married, they'd been togeher for over 5 years, but he was in the service and he got killed fighting, so to her the song is about that.

Wicked: The Musical – As Long As You're Mine Lyrics 10 years ago
i loveeeeeeeeeee this song, so adorable

Colbie Caillat – Bubbly Lyrics 10 years ago
like my favorite song right now.

Taylor Swift – Picture to Burn Lyrics 10 years ago
i loveeee this song.

especially the "that's fine I'll tell mine your gay"

Cute Is What We Aim For – Newport Living Lyrics 10 years ago
just to add to the whole newport thing, there is a newport in rhode island.

beautiful town, full of mansions, and near the ocean.

it could be about any ritzy newport, in a sense, they're all the same.

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