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Coldplay – Yellow Lyrics 8 years ago
I always thought of this as a very sad song, myself. Yellow has connotations of being scared and a coward, hasn't it? So I thought of this as a song about a man loving a woman who, despite his love for her, gets scared and goes to someone else. He's expressing his love for her and when he sings 'What a thing to do', it's him laughing bitterly at himself for being so 'foolish'. And yet he still loves her. Everything was yellow because it was all ruined by her fear. Just my thoughts but on the surface, I agree. It seems like a love song.

Panic! at the Disco – Round Here (Counting Crows cover) Lyrics 10 years ago
This cover is immense. I love the bit they added in themselves and it relates to me in a way nothing else ever has. You can download it using a youtube to mp3 converter thats how i got it.

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