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The Delgados – Coalman Lyrics 10 years ago
And lo, our voice became one

*And there were voices overhead.

For we HAD won.

*And choice for all is ours alone.

And victor's justice is ours

Our life is ours to justify.

*And it's our right to own you

Corrections marked with an asterisk indicate slight uncertainty.
Seems to be about a rebellion force overtaking a harmful government, only to BECOME the next harmful government (And we forgot compassion).

I'm not sure what the first two stanzas mean. They seem to be rather sarcastic, pointing out the ludicrous demands of the leadership. Mebbe, I'm not sure

Radiohead – Nude Lyrics 10 years ago
They pulled off the background guitar strum perfectly! It's soft enough to be gentle

Kanye West – I Wonder Lyrics 10 years ago
Very, ksuds! It's so smooth, even though he purposefully chops up his lyrics in the beginning. Surely takes a lot of talent to manage that.

It's hard for me to find concrete meaning, but I think he's trying to express the need for people to do what they enjoy doing; to nourish their talents. Don't worry about how others bother you.

There's a lot more, but I'm not sure what it all means. Please help me out, everyone =P

The Chemical Brothers – The Pills Won't Help You Now Lyrics 10 years ago
This songs reminds me strongly of Close Your Eyes; they're both really beautiful come-down tracks.

Like aangelene says, it's a gorgeous cross between an exposed controversy and a love song. And, after having watched the movie "The Drugging of Our Children", this subject means quite a bit more to me.

I really love this song. I totally get chills when he sings
"they're probably poisioning your body
i hope you're alright"
It gives me an intense feeling of comfort, being cared for. I'm even reminded of myself, and how I might act in his place: I'd be caring, sensitive, gentle.

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