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Kelly Clarkson – Maybe Lyrics 10 years ago
I definitely think this might be the best Kelly Clarkson song ever IMO. I love the lyrics, the way she sings it, the melody, everything, it all just works so well. I just love this song.

Kelly Clarkson – Maybe Lyrics 10 years ago
I definitely think this might be the best Kelly Clarkson song ever IMO. I love the lyrics, the way she sings it, the melody, everything, it all just works so well. I just love this song.

Ashley Tisdale – Don't Touch (The Zoom Song) Lyrics 10 years ago
I love this song. Its basically an anthem for girls who have any guys who just don't understand that a girl doesn't like to have someone all feeling on her if she barely even knows him. You gotta treat a girl with respect. Don't see her as an object, get to know her. That's the way to her heart, not by grabbing at her.

Ashley Tisdale – So Much For You Lyrics 10 years ago
I loveee this song. Its about wanting to give someone the world, Whatever they want, because you care so much about them.

Aly & AJ – Chemicals React Lyrics 10 years ago
I agree with anyone who's saying its about opposites. Its basically an "opposites attract" type of song.

Aly & AJ – Bullseye Lyrics 10 years ago
I love the part where it goes "cause you already got my number, huh" LOL I don't know why but it makes me laugh every time! Lol

Aly & AJ – Potential Break Up Song Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is just too much fun lol and yeah its pretty concieted...but in a good way lol

And canezrule, I LOVE your interpretation of it! ;) lol

But yeah, the song pretty much explains itself.

Linkin Park – No More Sorrow Lyrics 10 years ago
I usually prefer faster songs but I like some of the slow songs on this album. I like this song because of just how it builds up and the lyrics are pretty great too its kind of obvious what its about though. Yes it could apply to a few things, and perhaps it does but I definitely think its about bush.

And yes, you can clearly hear the "AND hypocrites" in the song which would make it "theives and hypocrites" and I have no idea how anybody is hearing "face" in there unless its just one of those things where you're convincing yourself tha its right so much that you actually believe it. I don't know. But is it really that big of a deal?

And why does everybody gotta get their panties in a twist whenever they don't like a certain kind of music? If everybody liked the same thing that'd be pretty boring now wouldn't it? People change. Bands change. MUSIC CHANGES. If you don't like it then simply DON'T LISTEN TO IT. For anyone calling them "emo" honestly, its quite "emo" of you to be bitching about it don't you think? I think people just like to claim everything is emo just because they don't like it and using that as an excuse for everything is getting old very quickly.

Brooke Hogan – Uh Oh Lyrics 10 years ago
Hmmm I was about to put what I thought it was about but then I started to read the lyrics again and now I completely changed my mind about what its about lol

So now I think it may be about a forbidden love.

"We're inches apart
But I am miles away
From getting what I want.
With so little time
And all these feelings for you
Its unexplainable"

She's not supposed to be with this person but she's craving him badly and she only has a short amount of time with him at the moment (this is probably a secret meeting of the two involved)

"Pushing the limit
And we're breaking the tension
That used to hold us back
Its not over rated
Its what we created
You're an aphrodisiac"

The tension is knowing that people don't approve of a relationship between the two and it was holding them back and everytime they meet they're pushing the limit and going further each time and their feelings are getting stronger and entering a sexual territory.

So yeah that's what I think its about. But I love this song. Its fun. But I'm pretty sure its actually titled "Lately" but I could always be wrong. I got the song while browsing through my friends itunes and she had it on their twice. Once as "Uh Oh" and once as "Lately" but I found more lyrics for it entitled "Lately" so I'm assuming that's its actual title.

Brooke Hogan – By Heart Lyrics 10 years ago
This is one of my favorite songs. Its beautiful and its pretty obvious what its about. She's found someone who truly cares about her and knows her really well and sees her for who she really is and it kind of amazes her. This song basically is my theme song for this point in my life because I have found someone who "knows me by heart" and I don't know how he does it. He just is able to see me like nobody else has and once I heard this song I just knew the feeling.

Alexz Johnson – Skin Lyrics 10 years ago
Omg I TOTALLY agree with you people, hearing this song for the first time was like...WOW...that's all I can really say to explain that experience. It is one of my favorite songs EVER because it is one of the few songs where u can actually FEEL EXACTLY what is going on and how she feels and I agree that she puts her EVERYTHING into this song it almost hurts just to listen to it. Alexz is INCREDIBLEY talented and she immediately became one of my favorite artists upon hearing Skin.

Linkin Park – Leave Out All the Rest Lyrics 10 years ago
Like someone else said, its about how he dreamt this and it made him think about when its his time to go(die) that he'd like this one person who is the one he feels is the closest to him and actually cares, to help him be remembered for the good things he has done and not his mistakes.

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