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Eli Young Band – Crazy Girl Lyrics 6 years ago
This video is adorable. This song is simple, basically this guy is crazy for this girl. But like every relationship they get into arguments and the girl may be doubting and upset about how her man really feels about her. This song is a reminder that no matter what he will always love her and cannot live without her.

Taylor Swift – You're Not Sorry Lyrics 9 years ago
This song explains my life right now perfectly, every single word.

Jordyn Taylor – Strong Lyrics 9 years ago
i love this song!
it's basically proving to the asshole boyfriend who didn't treat his girl right that its his fault she isnt coming back to him. He hurt her too much and because of that she is finally able to move on.

Finch – Letters To You Lyrics 10 years ago
This song means a lot to me. My boyfriend and I have only been going out for 4 weeeks, but he means the world to me. But now he is in juvie for bullshit reasons. And i cannot stop thinking about him. And i would do anything to let him know im thinking about him, but also im hoping he is thinking about me a well.

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