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Britney Spears – Heaven On Earth Lyrics 10 years ago
i thought the ending was "will you catch me if i choke" but jump makes more sense!!


Bloc Party – Song for Clay (Disappear Here) Lyrics 10 years ago
"so busy wont save you" doesnt make sense its SELF PITY wont save you. also i swear in the chorus its more like "oh-oh how our how our parents they suffered for nothing"

anyway. LOVE THIS SONG. dont get it. but love it nonetheless.

The Thrills – Not For All the Love in the World Lyrics 10 years ago
"left your heart in the hands of a juggling clown"

Sia – Little Man Lyrics 10 years ago
its about her son and their relationship

AWESOME SONG espeically the uk garage version

Tamia – Last First Kiss Lyrics 10 years ago
love this song.
the last first time thing is kindof confusing, but she loves this guy, and hopes they share their first kiss, first time making love, but that it will never be the last time doing those things, but the last time that their doing the things for the first time. lol baffling! she basically wants to give him her everything, and wants to commit and stay with him for the rest of her life

when it comes to you,
i wouldnt change a thing,
i wouldnt even change the things i could change,
cos baby your perfect.

Amel Larrieux – Sweet Misery Lyrics 10 years ago
she knows he's bad for her, but she cant help the way she feels so she feels miserable, but because shes in love with him, she calls it a sweet misery, rather than plain misery. he makes her feel good. but she knows its sinful. might be about lust rather than love?

India.Arie – The Truth Lyrics 10 years ago
put simply, when you love someone so much that even their imperfections become perfect to you.

Amel Larrieux – Make Me Whole Lyrics 10 years ago
this song makes me cry.
she has such a beautiful voice and the piano makes this song what it is, perfect!

its when you're just so in love, that its beyond being in love, it just takes you to a whole new place you just cant explain.

India.Arie – Beautiful Surprise Lyrics 10 years ago
its about how quickly you find yourself falling in love with someone, and how much a person can change you in such a short amount of time.

its kindof like that feeling you get, when you just look at someone, and you know they are the person you were always supposed to be with and suddenly you realise this is what lifes all about, and nothing else matters.

you are the reason why i smile.

Joe Brooks – Superman Lyrics 10 years ago
and its me too!!

about a guy infatuated by a girl who barely notices him and yet he still likes her even though they dont talk... we've all been there.

its about a girl infatuated by a girl who barely notices him in that way. he thinks shes way out of his league, but still likes her, and wonders if they could ever be something. hes no superman, but he likes you and thats all that matters.

if i could read your mind, would i find any trace of me at all?

Beyoncé – Yes Lyrics 10 years ago
about a guy who wants sex!!
not giving a toss that the girl actually respects herself enough to wait and not jump in the sack on the first date.

Kate Nash – Pumpkin Soup Lyrics 10 years ago
love thisssssssss

shows abit of female power, leading a guy on, making him love her, having no idea about it, and then teeling him nahhh... i just wanted a good shag.

great stuff.

Babyface – Loneliness Lyrics 10 years ago
literal post-breakup depression.

it initially describes the feeling of lonliness when you miss a loved one you broke up with or lost, and what being alone can do to you.

so let me tell you how it feels
(its like everyday i die)

Robin Thicke – Complicated Lyrics 10 years ago
i actually cant believe this only has one comment.
robin thickes best song.

i used to take my boyfriend for granted and pick fights with him, until the day he told me he wanted to break up with me, then my world just fell apart and i wanted nothing else but to be back with him, and i wanted to change. "suddenly theres nothing i need more". but i knew i couldnt get back with him, cos i basically fucked up. i also liked this song bcos its kindof upbeat, so it didnt make me feel depressed and stuff, just made me think instead of wallowing in self pity, i should just move on.

i wish i could stop putting my blues on you.

Josie And The Pussycats – You Don't See Me Lyrics 10 years ago
such a beautiful song. my favorite personally is "im getting tired of pretending im tough". when i loved a guy so much, id act really happy and bubbly around everyone, just so he could see, and so my friends would think im ok, but as soon as i returned home i would feel completely numb, except for this ache in my chest. such a horrible feeling.

by the way its "im empty and aching and tumbling and breaking" lol taken doesnt make sense... shes not taken, shes alone.

also, im learning to play this on acoustic guitar :)

Kate Nash – We Get On Lyrics 10 years ago
dancingatdiscos thats not necessarily true. ive been in a position where a guy i hardly knew but realllyyyyy liked got with girls at parties and gernally cried. ur bound to cry if ur drunk anyway.

Kano – Nite Nite Lyrics 10 years ago
this really annoys me cos its "link em, and then leave em man".... what does leave them high even mean?

its suposed to mean basically fuck them, and then dont talk to them again. thats what he tells his friends. like MASH and DASH.

anyway.....this is a really good song. shows another side to a guy who usually just used to basically get with girls and no strings, but he really likes this girl and starts to commit i supose!

Leona Lewis – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Lyrics 10 years ago
me too...... this song is amazing and she sings it so beautifully. stunning.

Yann Tiersen – Comtine D'un Autre Ete: L'apres Midi Lyrics 10 years ago
wow song.
great song to listen to when your depressed and alone.

who needs words when youve got music?

The Fray – How To Save A Life Lyrics 10 years ago
NO!! this song is written because his friend commit suicide and hes asking himself where did i go wrong (hence I LOST A FRIEND) where you got crack addicted teen from only god knows.

he said himself that he wrote this about that.

"lay down a list of what is wrong, things you told him all along, pray to god he hears you..."
HES PRAYING TO HIM. trying to understand the reasons why he killed himself and things he told him not to do all along when he was alive...
and hes wondering if his friend will hear him as he prays.


Keyshia Cole – Heaven Sent Lyrics 10 years ago
kinda hard song to analyse

it sounds like this girls had bad relationships in the past hence the "heart broken a few times in the past" and shes sick and tired of getting hurt, and just wants to feel true love, love so strong that a piece of you leaves when ur not with them. i dont think its aimed at a specific guy, i think shes trying to piece together what she thinks love is and that she basically wants to feel these things.

i think the first two lines means when girls are like when am i ever gonna meet mr right? and realistically, love suprises you when you least expect it.

"dont feel as good as u used to" i think means youve been in and out of love so many times that being in relationships doesnt feel as good as (for example) your first love.

BTW these lyrics are so wrong!! i wish i cud change em

Joss Stone – L-O-V-E Lyrics 10 years ago
i L-O-V-E this song!
goes perfect with the coco chanel advert

i love how its a kinda upbeat love song! most are slowjams and stuff.

take my heart but please dont break it

Amy Winehouse – Wake Up Alone Lyrics 10 years ago
one of my favorite songs (and i only have 3)

amy winehouse is the ONLY songwriter to take a situation and turn it into the perfect song
its so abstract but its still realistic!!
shes so talented

my favourite bit
"he swims in my eyes by the bed"
WOW. thats all i can say.

Kate Nash – We Get On Lyrics 10 years ago
this song is just B E A U T I F U L
why cant boys understand that we care soo much.
every little thing they do.

anyway can someone explain to me the bit
"his eyes were way to close together"
does that mean in the literal sense
or is it like a metaphor or a saying?

thanks :)


Pink – Split Personality Lyrics 10 years ago
i agree with everyone but in pinks point of view, i think its exactly how she felt at the time. i mean back then when the whole cant take me home album came out her hair was short literally pink and she was rnb and looked like one, but i think that she didnt know who she was and had some sort of rocker inside her. there are times you just dont no who u are, and then obviously now, she let go of the whole rnb and now i think she fits herself perfectly. GO PINK! cant take me home is my favourite album ever.

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