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Sum 41 – Speak of the Devil Lyrics 10 years ago
My fav. song...I just love it...makes me think about plenty of stuff

Sum 41 – Best Of Me Lyrics 10 years ago
This song well it really takes me back =) Feeling everywhere

Sum 41 – Count Your Last Blessings Lyrics 10 years ago
One sentence...This song makes me feel alive :)

Sum 41 – So Long, Goodbye Lyrics 10 years ago
Song is well about dave who left =/ its kind of crappy he was a great guitarist..

Sum 41 – Walking Disaster Lyrics 10 years ago
This songs is kind of very Blikish to be honest but its one of the best Sum 41 songs ever made I love it, also I get so freakin much feelings when I listen to it thou...the first vers about the mom and dad stuff feels so weird to read the text while your live is kind of thisame anyway! GOOD song :D hihi

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