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José González – The Nest Lyrics 9 years ago
Yaay. First comment...

Amazing song.. at the start it makes me feel a bit sleepy, in a good way.
I didn't have a personal opinion on the song, I didn't usually focus on the lyrics, but apparently it's about nationalism and paranoia. I can see how that would fit in.

The White Stripes – Instinct Blues Lyrics 9 years ago
funky funky song,
he sure does want us to get with it lol

The White Stripes – Take, Take, Take Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is so addictive, I've been humming n whistling it for the past few days non-stop lol...
Awesome song, and I agree with whoever said it was about a false feeling of being satisfied and it leading to disappointment

The Raconteurs – Consoler of the Lonely Lyrics 9 years ago
this really is one great song

Jack sounds freakin awesome as the 'If you're lookin for an accomplice' bit starts, and I gotta say that the main riff is a bit like Ball and Biscuit by The White Stripes...

The Last Shadow Puppets – The Age of The Understatement Lyrics 9 years ago
this song is real great
does anyone else think that Alex and Miles look a helluva lot like the Beatles in the video clip??

ive always liked Alex's lyrical kinda style, and this song hasn't let me down
can't wait for the album!!!

The Good, the Bad and the Queen – Behind the Sun Lyrics 9 years ago
i agree
so simple yet so moving
good on ya Mr Albarn

Oasis – Better Man Lyrics 9 years ago
fuckin 38 minutes.... why the fuck would they do that lol

but, i mean, the first 4 minutes or whatever are great, and the instrumental at the very end is pretty cool.
Liam's gettin better...

Maxïmo Park – A Fortnight's Time Lyrics 9 years ago
wow... thanx for everyone who commented on this song, i think i kinda understand this extremely energetic song now

Maxïmo Park – By The Monument Lyrics 9 years ago
definitely one of my favourite ever songs... just an amazing song
it really gets you into that kinda mood right at the end

fuck i love it

Maxïmo Park – The Unshockable Lyrics 9 years ago
man this song just makes ya wanna start jumping like crazy and start singing the chorus

....ow!! lol

Modest Mouse – Invisible Lyrics 9 years ago
I reckon that the last line, that sadly ends the awesome album,
'We'll get crushed by the ocean, but it will not get us wet'
means that our planet's gonna be eventually destroyed because of our actions, but the blame and guilt will never fall on us, because we think we're invisible.

Gomez – Detroit Swing 66 Lyrics 9 years ago
crazy yet wonderful song
i don't really have an idea what the lyrics are about; it seems like there's a few different concepts mixed within the song

Gomez – Drench Lyrics 9 years ago
yea same here, freaky lyrics but great song

Gomez – Even Song Lyrics 9 years ago
true, true... excellent song

José González – Cycling Trivialities Lyrics 9 years ago
just an amazing song... it goes for 8 minutes, which is a pretty long damn song, but every moment of it is mesmerizing

i didn't really pay any attention to the lyrics until now, and it all makes sense to me now

Oasis – Keep the Dream Alive Lyrics 9 years ago
great great song...

hehe does anyone else think that the
'Every night I hear you scream
But you don’t say what you mean'
bit is referring to women faking orgasms?

......probably not

Modest Mouse – Custom Concern Lyrics 9 years ago
I seriously agree with most of the comments for this song.

I think the term 'custom concern', and the rest of the song, would have somethin to do with the little annoyances people have in their lives, which they make out to be so bad and terrible, just to have some kind of fulfilled life, but really, they're all just tryin to make more and more money and doing all that materialistic shit whilst losin touch with the actual world and their own lives.

Yea......... I think that makes sense. Maybe.

Massive Attack – Teardrop Lyrics 9 years ago
Eerily amazing song.....
I first heard the cover version by José González (and freakin loved it), and then heard a part of the actual song on the t.v ad for the game 'Assassin's Creed' lol
So I decided to download it, and it sure as hell is good; the feeling of it all is pretty relaxin

But holy shit - the singing gives me goosebumps and fully freaks me out at time
But nonetheless........ great song

Maxïmo Park – Limassol Lyrics 9 years ago
"Saw the lights on in your window,
even though they'd said you'd gone"

this is about the part of the song where I am fully into it all......
amazin and adrenaline pumping,
Maxïmo Park, you guys kick ass
and to quote the third person who commented on this song:


Maxïmo Park – Apply Some Pressure Lyrics 9 years ago
oh shit i didnt notice that someone above me did that already
fuck lol
well, anyway.... amazing song; indie rock at its finest

Maxïmo Park – Apply Some Pressure Lyrics 9 years ago
you just start again.
you start all over again.

Maxïmo Park – Apply Some Pressure Lyrics 9 years ago
what happens when you lose everything?

The Killers – This River Is Wild Lyrics 9 years ago
haha i freakin love the 'shake a little' bit

Gomez – Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone Lyrics 9 years ago
WOO! first comment!
that's a first for me..

funky Gomez song, makes me funkified
i like it and i hope everyone else does as well

Gomez – Tijuana Lady Lyrics 9 years ago
great song... so chilling... and i love it how there are two singers in the song, the second guy makes it sound so much softer

Modest Mouse – Spitting Venom Lyrics 9 years ago
this song is fuckin amazing, one of the best on the album

it sounds so epic, i love it
the end, is definitely the best bit, it should've been the ending song of the album, anyone agree with me?

the lyrics are fine to me, MM are still at their peak if you ask me

i think that the lyrics are about a lot of bad things and times that have happened, but all in all, everything keeps getting better, and then getting worse, and then better, and so on..

Blur – Out of Time Lyrics 9 years ago
addictive song, simple and sweet

Blur – Ambulance Lyrics 9 years ago
i reckon its about how we just think that we're invincible coz of the fact that we love someone, or god, so very very much

Modest Mouse – The Stars Are Projectors Lyrics 9 years ago
the starting verse of the song, "In the last second of life, they're gonna show you how, how they run this show, sure, run it into the ground"

i definitely think thats talkin about when a star's life ends, it makes a massive explosion which ends in a supernova
they run this show, see?

Modest Mouse – Tundra/Desert Lyrics 9 years ago
yea this is definitely a crazy song
the bit where he kinda moans/growls is a perfect lead up to the big climatic bit i fuckin love it

Gomez – Shot Shot Lyrics 9 years ago
yea this is the first Gomez song i've heard, i reckon i'll get one of their albums
cool lyrics and lil guitar riff, but i reckon the sax line just screws it up a bit

Modest Mouse – Ocean Breathes Salty Lyrics 10 years ago
I just can't get over how much of a beautiful song this is. Isaac Brock is a genius, and i really think the line "The more we move ahead, the more we're stuck in rewind" is great. I think i'm the only person my age who actually loves this song lol

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