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Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch Lyrics 11 years ago
Thank you, Bryia_026

For those of you bashing on this song, really now, children, you all need to loosen up a little. It's not about having a deep meaning or even delivering a point with eloquence and/or tact (as it does none of these things); it's about kinky, crazy sex. Last I checked, this type of activity is rather fitting to the lyrics of the song; raw, uncensored and (dare I say it?) pretty hot.

Admit it, it's kinda catchy, so who cares if it's got trashy lyrics? It's one of those songs you blast in your car during summer with the windows down and sing along to... or maybe that's just me.

Funny Story: about 45 of us are seated in the library with the windows open, AP English test booklets being passed out to us by our high school principal and an older gentleman. A white truck pulls up to the front of the building right outside the library and guess which song they're blasting?

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