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The Script – The Man Who Can't Be Moved Lyrics 8 years ago
This song keeps playing on the radio but I never really listened to the lyrics until now..

It makes me wanna cry..

Sum 41 – Look At Me Lyrics 9 years ago
nono... nu-freak you've got it mixed up... this isn't no apologies.. this song is it underclass hero.. and it's not in the lyrics book...

it's a nice song.. I prefer this to all those angry songs..

Sum 41 – Look At Me Lyrics 9 years ago
nono... nu-freak you've got it mixed up... this isn't no apologies.. this song is it underclass hero.. and it's not in the lyrics book...

it's a nice song.. I prefer this to all those angry songs..

The Shins – A Comet Appears Lyrics 9 years ago
my take on this some of you have already mentioned is about growing old..
growing old and lonely.. you reach a certain age and life stops giving you things but takes them away from you instead.. how sad, but you know the worst part's still to come..

The Shins – Turn On Me Lyrics 9 years ago
to me this song is about 2 very good friends growing up and falling out of each other..
there is bitterness between the 2, but no one ever voices because neither wants to be the guilty party..

great lyrics.. I can totally relate to this song as it's happening to me now..

It's always hard for good friends to admit that somehow things changed.. you start questioning what went wrong, taking blames and pointing fingers.. you want to pretend that nothing is wrong and hope that someday things will return to normal..

The Shins – Girl Sailor Lyrics 9 years ago
lol.. when I first heard the song I mistook the lyrics 'sail her don't sink her' for 'celadon sinker' and I thought 'celdon' was a name for some old battleship..

Relient K – Mood Ring Lyrics 10 years ago
Girls, I'll never understand them but at least this songs makes me smile about it.

Eagles – Guilty Of The Crime Lyrics 10 years ago
great song.. the lyrics are simple yet so great...

Eagles – Peaceful Easy Feeling Lyrics 10 years ago
omg.. this song is amazing.. it just struck me when i first listened to it.. love it.. it almost gives me a peacful feeling

Sum 41 – With Me Lyrics 10 years ago
yes its true.. when a guy finds his perfect gal, he never will let her go. even if he makes mistakes and screws around.. his heart will only belong to that one special person.

that's what this song's about.. beautiful..

Sum 41 – Speak of the Devil Lyrics 10 years ago
heck i don't care who they sound like these days.. but this song is just awesome...

i think the song's about religion which he didn't really care for in the past, but now realises that he wants to change..

Maroon 5 – Won't Go Home Without You Lyrics 10 years ago
aww.. this song makes me wanna cry..

Blink-182 – I'm Sorry Lyrics 10 years ago
I always thought this song was about scott leaving.. kinda fits perfectly into that picture..

Travis – Out In Space Lyrics 10 years ago
i think this song is about a relationship that falling apart, and things just can't work.. and even though he still loves her, he doesn't know what to do and has to leave. and this just makes him feel lost and cold. like out in space perhapes?

the chorus is just beautiful.

Travis – Out In Space Lyrics 10 years ago
omg! no comments yet? what a wonderful song!

fav line:
Oh my friend We should spend
Some more time looking from the other end

Rancid – Ruby Soho Lyrics 10 years ago
awww... this song really moves me.. i can see how the story goes..

obviously about a failed relationship, probally becuz he's always on tour n they can't have enough time together.. and the relationship fades out...

Embraces with a warm gesture it's time, time to say good-bye..
its one of those songs that's really moving

The Cure – Boys Don't Cry Lyrics 10 years ago
like many of you pointed out, its alot about the fact that boys can't cry wihtout looking weak or stupid.
i think it can been seen as an attempt to console himself too. - "im not gonna cry about it, cuz boys don't cry" kind of thing
great song

3 Doors Down – So I Need You Lyrics 11 years ago
i don't think its about father/daughter relationship. just look at the first verse.

Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting Lyrics 11 years ago
great stuff...

what happened to richard marx.. i don't see his new songs (which are really great) anywhere here..

Keith Urban – You (Or Somebody Like You) Lyrics 11 years ago
nobody put this song up? its the last track on the album be here.. sweet song..

just read the lyrics, its tells the whole story..

Velvet Revolver – Loving The Alien Lyrics 11 years ago
i think this song is about a failed relationship, which he took for granted. and he tries to say sorry and wishes he could go back.

he says"Sometimes is all the time. And never means maybe" then says "sometimes i feel alone"
it could mean he's really trying to say "i feel alone all the time" and that he really needs her.. but he knows that it would be selfish and stupid to just say that cuz he was the one who took their love for granted.

he wants to go back: "Am I still that man who makes you who you want to be" but filled with guilt he questions his worthyness.
in the end he decides he needs to move on. and says "Sometimes I feel alone" while actually he really feels lonely all the time..

Iggy Pop – Little Know It All Lyrics 11 years ago
yea.. it doesn't matter.. all you haters; just admit it sum41 did a good job.

(+44) – 155 Lyrics 11 years ago
heh.. it does sound like tom.. but its hard to tell since it doesn't sound distictively tom. the part where he sings 'water' too

im not sure what this song is trying to say though.. anyone got any idea?

(+44) – Chapter 13 Lyrics 11 years ago
wow.. really great song.. probly one of the best from WYHSB..
I think the song is about loving someone but because they cheated, you just have to end it.. you're mad at the person, and you stop seeing them.. but somehow, you'd still have feelings for them..

3 Doors Down – Away From The Sun Lyrics 11 years ago
obviously.. this song is about going through a hard time, and just missing the life he once had..

and i guess to us Christians, it does hold some lines that is significant to when talking about God..
which adds more emotions to the song.. but if he's Christian or not.. i don't know..

Bowling for Soup – High School Never Ends Lyrics 11 years ago
haha.. awesome song.. you just can't help but sing along!
its funny.. but i guess thats the sad truth, and thats the way this world works..

Green Day – Stuck with Me Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is so awesome. the lyrics are sad.. i think its about trying to get da girl who's way out of our own league, and gets cast out..

but parts of the lyrics and the song itself its like.. eh fuck it, i know im not alright but to hell with ya..
really cool.. im currently in that position.. and 90% take im gonna end up "cast out'.. well i'll be listening to this song ;)

Green Day – Waiting Lyrics 11 years ago
hehe.. i always thought he's talking about his career in music..

great song.. just one of those song that can mean alot of different things depending on the person

Green Day – Redundant Lyrics 11 years ago
i agree with humma, it does sound like the relationship is already over..
i think that in the chorus he's really blamming himself.. for not loving her enough.. therefore taking her for granted, n wadever that probly killed off the relationship

its not like he doesn't love her.. he loves her alot, maybe more than he realised.. and by that he tries to fix the relationship, but he doesn't know what to say.. and feels really redundant to do anything right..

so ultimately he blames his not giving her enough love and feels utterly lost for words.

well thats what i think... great song.. simple and sweet melody

Muse – Invincible Lyrics 11 years ago
beautiful... just beautiful.. the perfect song to sing to someone you care for who's in dire need of help

this song could make me cry, but nt because its sad.. its just really uplifting, i don't know how to explain it.. its like if you're going through a hard time in your life... juz take a walk n listen to this song.. it makes you feel, not so normal, not so alone, even if you are alone..for a moment feel stronger... feel like invincible perhapes...

wonderful.. wonderful stuff...

Don't give up the fight
You will be alright
'Cos there's no-one like you
In the universe

Bowling for Soup – Next EX-Girlfriend Lyrics 11 years ago
i think its cuz there's no need to explain the meaning of the song.. its quite obvious, thats why there are so little comments

anyway penicillin is an antibiotic used in the treatment of bacterial infections

My Chemical Romance – Dead! Lyrics 11 years ago
Great song.. its just bitter sweet.. well the patient's dying and he's thinking about his life and its just sad to die cuz he never fell in love, but then perhapes dying is good cuz it'll be the end of his misery, and maybe a better afterlife.

and he's thinking that when he dies, it won't really matter to anyone "think they never liked you anyway" so he's just given in to death. "wouldn't it be great if we were dead"

maybe the saddest part is that during the operation "Found a complication in your heart" why the heart and not anything else? i think it just means he's lost heart to live, juz heart broken.. death prolly will be more of a salvation to him.

3 Doors Down – Be Like That Lyrics 11 years ago
this song didn't make me cry, but it really moved me.. and got me thinking alot..

to me this song is about dreaming..

when we're young, most of us would probly dream about the person we want to be when we grow up..

but reality is that as we get older, we lose our dreams to the harsness of life, we give up and settle for less.

well even if we're not living the dream, and we have miserable lives... it can't hurt to just imagine, dream about a better life, cuz we all need something... something to keep us going

Alkaline Trio – Good Fucking Bye Lyrics 11 years ago
hmm i always thought its "you left me feeling awful"
but EmmaExOh is right.. its hopeful..
really close, both words would fit right in

so my take on this song is that its about a failed relationship. and how it really messed him up. and he doesn't want to see her, ever again

you left me feeling hopeful
I'll never see your face again

he's hopeful cuz after all the pain she's put him through she's finally gone and he'll never see her again

Watching the tyranny with sober eyes

not really sure on what tyranny means, i think she'd probally did some serious emtional/psychological damage on him

dunno what this means:
You stole all the covers and fucked up my head
anyone help me out here?

Sum 41 – No Reason Lyrics 11 years ago
awesome song.. awesome lyrics..

yea the song its about the world we live in, all the crime and vice and people suffering. Time is running out(the world's dying). And most of us would choose to just ignor all these problems, well cuz we live a comfortable life ourselves and probally won't live to see the world end, not in this lifetime..

It's just sad, i know there are good people out there but its just not good enough..

This future's not so bright
Some can't make the sacrifice

Good Charlotte – Misery Lyrics 11 years ago
er.. i think its "misery loves company"
and "happiness is a face that don't look good on me"

anyway i agree with teenagetrash on the meaning.
it is the hard times in life that make us who we are..

and besides how could one appreciate a happy life if he hasn't gone through a hard one first?

Alkaline Trio – Time To Waste Lyrics 11 years ago
wow.. im quite lost at what this song means.. but after starring at the lyrics for quite a bit, i think i've got a rough idea. so here goes:

I think this song is about paranoia, possible paranoia that comes with drug use.

3 Doors Down – Here Without You Lyrics 11 years ago
it sounds to me like he's singing about missing his lover when he's on tour far away or something.. cuz he keeps bringing up 'the miles'

this line catches my attention thou "I've heard this life is overrated" maybe he's talking about a rock n roll life, and how it takes over and he has no time left for his lover.

and he's saying to her, no matter how hard, even if he doesn't see her for a long time his love for her will never fade

3 Doors Down – Kryptonite Lyrics 11 years ago
omg, I can totally relate to this song.. These lyrics are like my life.. it makes so much sense..

to me its about this guy whom everyone around expects him to be this 'superman'. but that is just silly, cuz no one is superman and no matter how strong we are, we need a break. and thats what this guys is trying to say to the people around him.

love this line - "You took for granted all the times I Never let you down" juz because a person is there all the time, on time, never lets anyone dwn, saving lives (juz like superman) - we take him for granted and expect him to show up.

If I go crazy then will you still Call me Superman? surely not.

Good Charlotte – Something Else Lyrics 11 years ago
yep its about Hilary duff.

but i also think that he's trying to say you gotta be happy with what life gives you.

the part before the last chorus where he says "Well you can spend your whole life looking for something,
Something that might be right in front of your eyes" meaning he's already got it since its infront of his eyes and he doesn't have to look anymore..

the next line" but you'll be looking for something else you'll never find." he's trying to say, its not worth it, you're just wasting your time cuz you'll never find it, juz be happy with what you're given =)

thats just how i feel bout this song.. what do you guys think?

Good Charlotte – Broken Hearts Parade Lyrics 11 years ago
i think this song is about the death of an already dying relationship. and just going out and getting past the point of feeling broken

Good Charlotte – Broken Hearts Parade Lyrics 11 years ago
yay 1st to comment

Good Charlotte – Where Would We Be Now Lyrics 11 years ago
oh btw, in the 2nd verse it should be "it won't be found, it won't survive"

Good Charlotte – Where Would We Be Now Lyrics 11 years ago
oh btw, in the 2nd verse it should be "it won't be found, it won't survive"

Good Charlotte – Where Would We Be Now Lyrics 11 years ago
yea.. the piano part in the chorus does sound like clocks.. don't really care if they're ripping them off, this song still rocks

I think this song is about regret. he says he kept his true thoughts locked then he crashes and burn. by the time he decides to confess his feelings to the girl, its too late and she's gone. he's left thinking, if only..

i think alot of us can relate to this song. great song.

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