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Brand New – Jesus Lyrics 2 years ago
Yeah, DarthRaider is right. Plus, he DOES make a reference to how he can't find love. "With nobody in your bed, the night's hard to get through." You think he's tryna tap Jesus? I don't think this song is completely about a girl. Like others have said here, it's about depression. But one of the topics briefly touched upon is the lack of a love life.

Sixx: A.M. – Van Nuys Lyrics 3 years ago
punctuation much?

Against Me! – White Crosses Lyrics 4 years ago
Haha yeah... I knew this clown who was a die-hard Bush supporter and absolutely hated Eminem for his song "Mosh", but was a HUGE fan of Rise Against and Green Day. He acted like a big music buff too, pretending to be all about the musical complexity as well as the lyrical-ness of his favorite bands...... well, apparently he didn't really listen to these lyrics lol... Siren Song is like his favorite album ever. He pretty much shit his pants over it for almost a year haha. Dumbass.

Katy Perry – Who Am I Living For? Lyrics 4 years ago
Hahaha....oh how young and naiive you all are. First of all, Katy Perry doesn't write any of her songs, sorry to break your little heats. And secondly, Katy Perry isn't scared, and this song isn't "spiritual", and she's not warning her fans shit. This is just Capitol Records making her out to look like she's religious/semi-religious, which gives parents the idea that Katy Perry is perfectly okay for their 9-year-old to listen to, which, in turn, maintains the biggest possible fanbase for her. The theatrical stuff she does during her shows, while it does make for a more entertaining performance to the fans, is the same idea, in that none of it is really her idea.

Capitol gives her the music, the lyrics, the personality, the appearance, and they just tell her to sing so that she makes money for them. C'mon now...wake up. This has been the music scene for years now. Blockbuster pop singers make record companies, tv stations, radio stations, and production sudios millions upon millions, and they turn around and write a Christian song for the singer so that they'll also be able to maintain the really young fans who have cautious religious parents. It was like this from the early 90's....Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney, Christinia Agulera. Not so much in their actual songs back then, but every damn interview you saw with any them, "I have strong faith that God will help me through my life..."

Nowadays, it's the same shit, but now it's the songs that are in your face. Didn't you learn from "Jesus Walks" by Kanye? Everyone was all, "Kanye is a man of God, blah blah blah." WAKE UP.

All pop is garbage anyway, and yes I'm grouping Kanye into pop because today's hip-hop IS pop, period. Hip-hop is dead. Anyway, I'm rambling now, but yeah, she's pretty talentless, and this song is garbage. I don't know how old you all are, but it's silly that you're sucked in to all these fake "faith" songs.

But yeah, on a superficial level, it's correct in saying that this "song" is "supposed" to have spiritual meanings to it.

I'm not bashing Katy Perry as a singer. I'm just saying that this song is not what you people think it is at all. At all. I'm also saying she's not an artist, becuase she writes nothing, she just sings. She's a performer.

That being said, although I hate the pop genre, there are actually some songs out there that I like. I mean, I listen to metal, metalcore, post-hardcore, pop-punk, and alternative rock. But there are SOME songs that I can enjoy and that are "hot tracks", if you will.

And I'd have to say that Katy Perry is one of the better singers in the pop industry today. She's got a pretty good voice, plus she's one of the least-autotuned singers out there in the genre today. Maybe if she was in a real genre of music, I'd like her, but pop sucks, as we all know.

That is all.

Relient K – My Girlfriend Lyrics 4 years ago
This is a pretty fucked up song. These pussies are using Manson as a metaphor for all the "evil" things in the world. And about how his "girl" is now influenced by all of it. First of all, these kids have NO musical talent... just wanted to throw that out there. Second, nothing about Manson's music has anything to do with evil, satan, or devil worshiping. How are they going to attack Manson without ever having heard any of his songs?? Idiots. They have no right to judge, but I DO have a right to call them retards, because I'm not judging, I'm just going by a simple equasion: This song contradicts itself, therefore they are retarded cunts.

The Bible says DO NOT judge. So then they judge "Marilyn Manson et al." in a song about how people like him are bad, and how the Bible and Christ are good. That's called being a mindless hypocrite and contradicting yourself, thus, making an ass-clown out of yourself.

Not only that, but they are completely wrong in their judgements. His songs are all satire, political, or personal. Pretty normal stuff.

This is why I hate religion, and hate religious people on a personal level. Lyrics like this are just trash, and don't belong in society whatsoever. I'm not even that big of a Manson fan. I like his lyrics, and he's very musically talented, it's just that his sound is usually not my cup of tea. I enjoy some of it though.

Not only is this song extremely hateful and stupid, but also, the lyrics could've easily been written by a five-year-old. Literally.

she likes mtvvvvvvv
and bad stuffffff
but she needs godddddddddd


But yeah, Relient K are idiots, and on a side-note, suck at music. The music part isn't their fault. Some people just suck at it, like them. But respect is something from sunday school that they obviously decided to disregard. They really need to be put in their place and learn to "respect your neighbor as yourself". WWJD?????

If you're gonna take a shot at someone - go ahead. Believe me, I'm all for taking shots at people and being confrontational. But first make sure you have a reason to, and not just do it because "Marilyn Manson has black hair and sca-wy make up and that's bad because that's what the DEVILLL looks like in my picture bible."

Blink-182 – Dysentery Gary Lyrics 4 years ago
Okay, the last verse when he says "where's my dog" (obviously not doll), I don't think that those are silly lyrics talking about fucking his dog. Although they have that stupid Fuck a Dog song, I don't think that's what they're talking about in this song.

I think it just means he can't get the girl, so he just wants to chill with his dog. Everyone loves dogs, and he's lonely so he wants to be with his dog.

You can kinda tell by the rest of the verse. When he says he lost the war (he couldn't get the girl); I hate you all, your mom's a whore (like the other person posted, he's just giving the guy a random insults (because it's Blink 182)); and so then he's just like "fuck it, I wanna be with my dog"

As I Lay Dying – A Thousand Steps Lyrics 5 years ago
I think that's a pretty good interpretation. Mine is actually kind of similar to yours, but I could be way off.

"We climbed a thousand steps"

To me, this sounds like he's saying that mankind in general has gotten this far, and strived for success, and made a lot of accomplishments and what not.

"without a single imprint"

This sounds like he's saying that all these things men accomplish don't mean very much in the long run, and I guess that leans more towards a religious meaning because it would suggest that God doesn't care about petty, earthly accomplishments, but instead wants men to have spiritual upliftings and what not...idk, I'm not religious, idk how to word that haha.

"This drowning regret will die, forgotten like my past"

"I think this means that he has hope that he and everyone else will see these things in themselves, and then will move forward from these mistakes and strive to find meaning in more-important things than they have in the past"

"Moving bodies lie in rest
Carried by each other"

This part was a bit tougher for me, but I think it means that men can help one another along the way to improve themselves to find those more-important meanings and a better understanding of life.

So I guess in general, my opinion is that he's saying we've focussed on the wrong things, but all we need to do is recognize these things and move forward in a positive direction.

Michael Jackson – Thriller Lyrics 6 years ago
Why should he? MJ's death was five years after Kungfu's comment and anyway it was from a heart attack. Everyone in the world eventually dies, believe it or not. Would you have left this comment if MJ died from a heart attack 35 years after Kungfu said this comment and you still had this account?

The fact remains, Michael Jackson was a child molester and what Kungfurooster said was true, he should've been in jail for his sick, fucked up, freakish behavior and the only reason he wasn't was because he was a rich celebrity...just look at how Rothlisberger and Kobe got a way with rape. Same idea. MJ was messed up and should have been imprisoned.

And also, I have to agree with the fact that his music was terrible. Thats besides the point but still, he sucked musically.

Eiffel 65 – Living in a Bubble Lyrics 6 years ago
actually, i don't think that "too much of heaven" is a good example to comapre to "living in a bubble". "too much of heaven" was pretty much saying that having all this material stuff can turn you into a vain person, which doesn't go against religion but doesn't necessarily mean that they are for it either.

still, "living in a bubble" might be an anti-religion song, like you suggest. it certainly sounds like he's saying "bible" at certain times.

Jimmy Eat World – Coffee and Cigarettes Lyrics 6 years ago
not even's about the simple things in life that he chillin with his girl, drinking coffee and smoking cigs

Panic! at the Disco – Mad As Rabbits Lyrics 9 years ago dont go to hell for smoking weed. and i really don't think that theyre singing about that. Panic does mad drugs...nine in the afternoon is about an acid trip.

...and i still dont understand y somewould chew a cigarette

Panic! at the Disco – Mad As Rabbits Lyrics 9 years ago
why the fuck would someone chew a cigarette???

A Day to Remember – The Danger in Starting a Fire Lyrics 9 years ago
its "your fake" not "your a fake"

Ying Yang Twins – Wait Lyrics 9 years ago
and steel07 and rapala46 could not be anymore right.

Ying Yang Twins – Wait Lyrics 9 years ago
tittymcbigtits69...u know nothing about music...mostly because you just called "Wait" by the ying yang twins a song...which it is not. and it also has nothing to do with clinton and lewinski...its just garbage rappers talking about fucking bitches in the ass...i mean seriously, thats usually how black people talk anyway so its not really "lyrics".

you should listen to good rap...

Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Sink And Die Lyrics 9 years ago
yo...thehardcorekid...can u help me out on the meaning... i had an idea of what it meant but im pretty sure im wrong...

idk, its probably pretty obvious but i dont see it

Dashboard Confessional – Where There's Gold Lyrics 9 years ago
brandnew 07...

neither kanye nor chris made up "gold digger" its a common term...anyway, i agree, this is the BEST song on TSOPT.

btw, i love brand new...

Yellowcard – Radio Song Girl Lyrics 9 years ago
antimyopia, you are clearly retarded. this song was on the Still Standing EP, not One For The Kids. So stop telling ppl they should be banned from the site cuz neither of you now what your talking about.

Ying Yang Twins – Wait Lyrics 9 years ago
this crap is the stupidest shit ever, there is absolutely no talent involved in this track at all. all they do is click their fucking fingers and whisper and talk about fucking a girl in the ass and talk about his big dick and call the girl "bitch" 30 times. this is garbage, how the fuck fuck do these idiots make millions of dollars just whispering lyrics about sex that a five year old could write?? This is the dumbest thing i have ever listened to, it's not a song so i dont know why the fuck its on this site.

Yellowcard – Violins (Lagwagon cover) Lyrics 10 years ago
why is this song on the rock against bush album?

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