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Katy Perry – Mannequin Lyrics 10 years ago
you kinda missed the bridge:

if the past is the problem
our future could solve em, baby
i could bring you to life
if you let me inside, baby
it'll hurt
but in the end you'll be a man

and then comes the chorus one more time

Katy Perry – Fingerprints Lyrics 10 years ago
Does anyone else she sounds a LOT like hayley williams in the chorus of this song?
lol anyways, this another great song by katy
there's ona wrong lyric,
instead of 'Effortless'
it should be 'It's my life'

Katy Perry – Hot N Cold Lyrics 10 years ago
still** lol

Katy Perry – Hot N Cold Lyrics 10 years ago
i love katy perry!
this song is just so much fun
it's a get-up-and-dance song! :]
its pretty obvious that it's about knowing you should end your relationship, but steel feeling attatched. And you can't seem to bring closure to it because you still have feelings for the person, but the relationship isn't what it once was.
One of her best!

Jonas Brothers – Goodnight & Goodbye Lyrics 10 years ago
a lot of these lyrics are wrong :P

Open your lovely eyes to see
I'm not falling into love with you, babe
Open up your eyes girl and see
How wonderful this love can be
You say you didn't mean to break
But I don't give a damn
I'm all aware what I did to you and all your games
I don't care, it's fate
This is the end

You say you didn't mean to break
My heart but girl you did
I'm all aware
What I did to you and all your games
And all your crazy fans
This is the end

Aly & AJ – Potential Break Up Song Lyrics 10 years ago
well this is just a wild guess but:
it took to long for her boyfriend to call back, and normally she would just forget that.EXCEPT for the fact it was her birthday! She played along, it rolled right off her back;but obviouly her armor was cracked. What kind of a boyfriend would forget that? The type of guy who doesn't see what he has until she leaves. Without her, he knows he's lost. If he doesn't wise up now, he'll pay the cost. Soon he will know.
correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what i think the meaning of the song is. lmao
haha I love this song :]

Aly & AJ – Chemicals React Lyrics 10 years ago
the lyrics are correct...I don't know why everyone thinks its "and we joked"....
this is a great song, though :]

3 Doors Down – Ticket To Heaven Lyrics 11 years ago
This song, in my opinion, is more along the lines of what AliasNeo can be taken multiple ways, but it doesnt have to necessarily interpret the "ticket to heaven" as religion literally. Awesome song && awesome band!

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