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Voltaire – #1 Fan Lyrics 11 years ago
there aren't enough comments here :(

Pretty basic meaning, its that one fan thats a stalker. Obsessively they know everything about that celebrity, and that celebrity knows nothing about them.

Tristan Tzara – I've Seen It All Lyrics 11 years ago
While Yorke sounds rather calm, it's almost as though she is spitting out the words in disgust

Thom Yorke – Analyse Lyrics 11 years ago
That "Cows in the city" part is completely wrong, it is candles because thom was inspired by seeing the candles in house windows on his street, which was a very historical street so he imagined that that was what the street was like when it still didn't have electricity. And its power cuts, not carts

Radiohead – The Trickster Lyrics 11 years ago
I really would agree with gs, and I can't certainly relate the trickster to people that I know. Like someone who for whatever odd reason, just has to be spiteful, when the victim finally just quits tolerating it and leaves or whatever, no more person to play tricks on

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