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Yacht – We Have All We Ever Wanted Lyrics 6 years ago
It reminds me of a part of "Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)" by the Beach Boys

Fatboy Slim – That Old Pair of Jeans Lyrics 11 years ago
Thank you JohnnySkidmark! I thought I heard "Don't let 'em go/get by" after the "You've got to slow/get down part" now that I was thinking about the slow down part.

Dntel – (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan Lyrics 11 years ago
Does this song have anything to do with the promotional game for the movie A.I. known as The Beast? In the game there's some mention of Evan Chan being murdered. See: I first heard about The Beast in a book about Digital Storytelling and I immediately thought of this song. The game was from around 2001. Could this song be inspired from this game, and not from the artists' names (though content-wise it would be a stretch)?

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