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Dustin Kensrue – Blood & Wine Lyrics 10 years ago
Yeah. I think this song is about falling away from God. As the character delves more into the evils of the world the lesser evils seem less tempting and you're drawn to do more and more.

One more thing, you have line wrong, I think...The line that is " We've learned to sugar coat the same black guards" I believe it should be "We've learned to sugar coat the same black ARTS".

12 Stones – Broken Lyrics 10 years ago
There are two things that point out that this song is definately about Christ.
1.) I question why You chose to die, when You knew Your truth I would deny.
How is that anything but christian? It's talking about how he feels unworthy of the atonement of his sins, by the blood of jesus. He doesn't understand how Jesus can love him so much, when he is such a failure (aka sinner).
2.) Daily in my sin I take Your life.
Again, obviously could his sin take a girls life? It just doesn't add up.

And about the swearing. Nowhere in the Bible does it say. Thou shalt not say "fuck" or "hell" or "ass" ect. IT says "do not use the Lords name in vain" Which is 100% right. But "curse words" are simply words that have been deemed unaccepable by SOCIETY. Not Jesus, not the Bible, but us. And even if they think it's wrong to say's probably representing their sin....the song is talking about being a sinner, and a failure...maybe that's what that's representing. So don't be so quick to judge. Think things through, and think critically, rather than just believing what everyone tells you. Just because one person doesn't like certain words....doesn't mean that they are the work of the Devil.


Thousand Foot Krutch – The Last Song Lyrics 10 years ago
I have a sneaking suspicion that this song is the last song. This is their goodbye to the music business, and telling the world that this will be their last album. Hopefully not, but it's what it sounds like to me.

MxPx – Barbie girl (Aqua cover) Lyrics 10 years ago
Ever considered that both bands did a cover?

Manafest – Impossible Lyrics 10 years ago
Wow! Trevor McNevan canmanage to make anythign effing amazing. Everything he is part of is amazing. And he even made this rap song good! In fact amazing.

As Cities Burn – Contact Lyrics 10 years ago
It seems that this whole song, someone is feeling distant from God; a way that we all admittedly feel sometimes. In the last stanza, it says "Did YOUR clouds stop his voice?" I believe this is asking the person if the clouds and the "doors" he has set up inside himself out of angst to God is keeping him from hearing clearly from him, making it seem that God's voice is just "bouncing off the ceiling" and back at him.

As Cities Burn – Empire Lyrics 10 years ago
Can someone please explain "contact" to me. Because it's really bothering me.

Flyleaf – Cassie Lyrics 10 years ago

Good Charlotte – The River Lyrics 10 years ago
dragoonelf. It is "Prayer OF The Refugee" you jackass! And this is one of the only good songs this band has and I love Rise Against and don't understand how anyone doesn't.

Seventh Day Slumber – Chris' Letter Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is about a kid who wrote a suicide letter and then went to a Seventh Day Slumber concert planning to kill himself after the concert. But at the concert he was moved by the band and became a christian then and there and his life was more ways than one.

Seventh Day Slumber – Last Regret Lyrics 10 years ago
People should comment once in a while. HE SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haste the Day – The Closest Thing To Closure Lyrics 10 years ago
Why is every word capitalized you jerk?

Sum 41 – Underclass Hero Lyrics 10 years ago
Blink 41. That was seriously one of the most immature things I've ever heard. Sure both of those bands you mentioned have had some good light hearted songs. But that doesn't mean that people won't get sick of immature songs ALL the time. Which sum 41 isn't. But they have some, and some good songs. This song, not so good, sounds too much like fat lip, they need to be a bit more original, and they lost darky, the best member.

Hawk Nelson – Is Forever Enough? Lyrics 10 years ago
the previous two entries should be deleted for the obvious fact that the two who posted them are completely retarted and should no longer be granted permission to say anything every again. This is not "simi" hardcore's simply rock...gerenal rock...and people who use the word "rock_u99" used to describe the lyrics means female lyrics are so female dogging. Yeah you're cool....

HIM – Rendezvous With Anus Lyrics 11 years ago
quiffporn, shut up. I'm not kidding. Get a life, and let people be whoever the frig they want to be. Stop putting down Bam. Just because he thinks that Ville has good style, so he models himself after his buddy. There's nothing wrong with that. He has an awesome and hilarious show and an awesome sense of humor. Unlike you, who can do nothing but put people down. So just shut up, and keep your thoughts about other people to yourself, you stupid, hack.

Cradle of Filth – Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
It's about Jesus you bunch of mindless nobodies

Pillar – Angel in Disguise Lyrics 11 years ago
I think it's about a father who beat his daughter

Waking Ashland – Counting The Stars Lyrics 11 years ago
my girl friend and I picked this song as "our song" so it just makes me happy, because well....she makes me happy

Linkin Park – Numb/Encore Lyrics 11 years ago
This makes me want to kill myself...Jay-Z came and ruined an awesome bands music...completely killed it, and all the stuff with him on it sucks's just so horribly bad!

FM Static – Girl Of The Year Lyrics 11 years ago
This is an awesome song, why is it that no one recognizes the good from the bad i don't know. but obviously the people on here don't know the good because NO ONE HAS COMMENTED!
It's a simple song, he likes a punk girl and he thinks the world of her.

Hawk Nelson – Right Here Lyrics 11 years ago
i agree with you MYBlackBrokenHeart. I understand what you say, and it's a very good interpretation, and a very good song at that.

Relient K – Deathbed Lyrics 11 years ago
I just thought i'd like to point out, I love how Matthew theissens found a way to put a toy piano in near the end of the song, it makes me smile everytime.

Billy Talent – Living In The Shadows Lyrics 11 years ago
DO you realize you're just as bad as this guy when you tell him to go hump a lama? That's just retarted, be more mature than that. But to the connor issue, The music that Billy Talent create is probably way beyond you and that's why you don't get it, you see no meaning because you don't have the intellect to understand what they're saying. And I'd like to see you attemp to scream sing, it takes an immense ammount of talent and Ben does it very well.

Pillar – Dirty Little Secret Lyrics 11 years ago
It's just talking about all the things we do on a regular basis that is different from what God wants from us. I don't think it's refering to anything specific.

12 Stones – Crash Lyrics 11 years ago
SxPn69....No one was saying anything arguing over the fact that they're a christian band...This song is about God and how Awesome He is!

Senses Fail – Calling All Cars Lyrics 11 years ago
"I'm sorry but I think I've got permission. I lied at my very first confession" I don't think this is right.
I think it should be " Sorry but I failed to mention, that I lied at my very first confession"

Rise Against – Everchanging Lyrics 11 years ago
the acoustic version of this song is so amazing!

Demon Hunter – Coffin Builder (feat. Trevor McNevan) Lyrics 11 years ago
I love this song! Featuring Trevor McNevan! Good song, and you guys had good explanations of the song.

Bullet for My Valentine – Cries In Vain Lyrics 11 years ago
*semi hardcore voice* ARG! would you not do that! It's so retarted and gay, we don't need that there to hear him screaming.

Bullet for My Valentine – Curses Lyrics 11 years ago
Just to let you know it looks retarded how you wrote "tryyyyyyyyyyy!" instead of "try!" and we don't need you to tell us which voice he's singing in, *semi hardcore voice* that's just annoying.

Daniel Powter – Love You Lately Lyrics 11 years ago
chaotic mess, I know exactly what you mean, I am in basically the exact same situation and it kills. And this song is amazing.

The Rocket Summer – I Was So Alone Lyrics 11 years ago
I love the piano in this song so much.

Casting Crowns – Set Me Free Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is so dark feeling and different from any other casting crowns song. I love it, and Drim had the idea of the song right.

Seventh Day Slumber – Break Me Lyrics 11 years ago
I saw these guys live and they said this song's about a record company that told them to stop singing about Jesus

Blindside – Fell in Love with the Game Lyrics 11 years ago
I would agree with wait4me19. This song is amazing and so is the band as a whole.

Spoken – 4th Street Lyrics 11 years ago
I love this song, "To tell the truth I have never felt so lonely as I do tonight, but I'm alright" I love that line

Project 86 – Little Green Men Lyrics 11 years ago
isn't it supposed to be, "history's a stage for reruns"?

Relient K – Forgiven Lyrics 11 years ago
who cares if it could offend some people? There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The word "damned" is used in the Bible. This song is absolutely amazing and has a great message, and if anyone is offended by it, they need to rethink things, cuz there's nothing wrong with what they've said.

FM Static – Tonight Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is amazing, does anyone know where I can get guitar tabs for it?

Dizmas – Let This One Stay Lyrics 11 years ago
AMAZING SONG! I think it's talking about a relationship, but it's kind of falling apart, but he doesn't want it to end because he feels that this girl is what he needs, that she helps him because she is so close to God, and he doesn't want to lose her because he feels that she makes his relationship with God better

The Rocket Summer – I’m Doing Everything (For You) Lyrics 11 years ago
I don’t want to make this go on for too much longer
And you’ve got a ring less finger
And I can go buy a ring right now
Well, actually I don’t have any money
But that’s ok, cause I can figure it out

I love that part, it's so fun

Finger Eleven – Therapy Lyrics 11 years ago
all i have to say is this song is amazing and has an amazing bass line.

The Rocket Summer – Never Knew Lyrics 11 years ago
yo, kissme_imcontagious. You like the rocket summer and from first to last? that is weird, so different and contrasting styles, i quite enjoy it! this is a really good song, amazing piano.

Dizmas – Controversy Lyrics 11 years ago
These guys are amazing! Why has no one commented any of their songs, everyone on here must be nuts, cuz they are amazing

The Chemistry – From Within Lyrics 11 years ago
great song, that's all I have to say about that

Hinder – Lips of an Angel Lyrics 11 years ago
someone near the start of this thing said this sounded like a brian adams song, you're nuts, this doesn't sound anything like a brian adams song, it's still good, but brian adams is a genius, and this is simply good, not amazing

Thousand Foot Krutch – Move Lyrics 11 years ago
I know this band is christian but that doesn't mean that every song has a direct christian message in it. I think this song is just about rocking out, and the circle probably being a mosh pit

Trooper – Boys In The Bright White Sports Car Lyrics 11 years ago
How has no one commented this song????!!!! This song is awesomely fun, and i thought everybody loved this song, come on people!

DragonForce – Operation Ground and Pound Lyrics 11 years ago
their lyrics are cheesy and crappy, but their guitar work is absolutely amazing!

Hawk Nelson – Jason's Song Lyrics 11 years ago
jamesylynn, i think this song tells the story of a break up. the first verse is him beggin her to come back to him. and it progresses and in the last verse eh realizes that the realationship is over and he accepts that

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