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Chingy – Holidae Inn (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Ludacris) Lyrics 11 years ago
u know what i hate it wen sum of u peeps go and dog on these artist, this site is 4 comments and SONGMEANINGS not ur personal opinion on the person. Apparently sumbody saw this persons talent and thot they were good so stop goin all Simon Cowell on sumbody u don't even know. Plus evrybody likes diff genres of muziq so if u don't like this genre y r u even commenting here. holy crap!

Chris Brown – Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me) Lyrics 11 years ago
To tell u the truth i think Chris brown is betta than o marion and all the other teenage r&b artists. He sounds better live too. In this song, he's tryin to pick up dis chick and is tellin her how he would treat her if she was his. Pretty simple.

Chris Brown – Gimme That Lyrics 11 years ago
Actually he 17 now but who's countin, lol. U know what this is a good dancin song. U get meaning out of it if u watch the video so do that it may help.

Beyoncé – Ring the Alarm Lyrics 11 years ago
Has anybody noticed dat evea since Beyonce started datin Jay Z that her songs and music videos have been gettin sorta violent. I mean Deja Vu, all she did was jerk round and in this one all she does is thrash round(in the music videos at least). There's no musical talent in screamin and spazzin out.

Paula Deanda – Walk Away (Remember Me) Lyrics 11 years ago
WOW! Can't believe that nobody has commented on this song, I mean they wear it out on the radio. I 'm gettin sick of it. But basically what it means is that she misses her guy and doesn't think that his new chick will take care and treat him like she does. Meaningful, but played way too much!!!!

Yung Joc – It's Going Down Lyrics 11 years ago
I know you'll probably jump up on me if i say this but i thought the song meant(at least at first) that where ever he b that's where "it's goin down" that's where everything excitin happen, but u guys r right kush is a drug and thats whats "goin down". Kinda a waste of a good beat if ya ask me.

Danity Kane – Show Stopper Lyrics 11 years ago
I'll admit, and not actally a big fan of these new "hip-hop"chicks, but im hooked on this beat. These chick luv dey whips. Don't blame them!

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