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The Bravery – Fistful of Sand Lyrics 9 years ago
boggles the mind, this song insane.

Blur – Sing Lyrics 9 years ago
heroin heroin heroin heroin heroin heroin.
heroin heroin heroin heroin heroin heroin.
heroin heroin heroin heroin heroin heroin.
heroin heroin heroin heroin heroin heroin.
heroin heroin heroin heroin heroin heroin.

watch trainspotting.

Gary Lewis and the Playboys – This Diamond Ring Lyrics 10 years ago
hippy free 60's.

Gary Lewis and the Playboys – Count Me In Lyrics 10 years ago
some people would call this lame.

They would be right. but it still kicks ass!

Gary Lewis and the Playboys – Everybody Loves A Clown Lyrics 10 years ago
this song is about every token fat or black guy in teen movies!

Barry Mcguire – Eve Of Destruction Lyrics 10 years ago

eve of destruction? same shit is still happening 40 odd years later.

Steely Dan – Do It Again Lyrics 10 years ago
am i the only one who doesnt see a very racial theme to the first paragraff?

i get teh feeling its possible about a lynching 'the hangman isnt hanging.' maybe it means a crazy kkk or something.

Mi6 – Jabberjaw Lyrics 10 years ago

haha, ive seen each simpson episode atleast ten times each.

Mi6 – 6th Grade Crush Lyrics 10 years ago
im outa school now.

but wen i was i never had a hot reacher.

sux to be me.

Mi6 – 6th Grade Crush Lyrics 10 years ago
im outa school now.

but wen i was i never had a hot reacher.

sux to be me.

Relient K – Failure To Excommunicate Lyrics 10 years ago
love that sample they play at the end. spooky.

but heres a punk thought for you:

why would you entrust ANYONE (including god) with authority?

Relient K – Down In Flames Lyrics 10 years ago
non-christian speaking here.

the mere fact the churches (let alone sects) exist, means that jesus's message has ultimatly been lost.

wow, that might be the smartest thing ill ever say.

Relient K – Be My Escape Lyrics 10 years ago
i find it interesting that 'you' in the lyrics posted are capitilised.

im not christian, so i dont know, but do you guys capitilize any word that represents the man upstairs?

Relient K – Marilyn Manson Ate My Girlfriend Lyrics 10 years ago
wat about if relient k are actually attacking the people who dislike marilyn manson?

i mean, its obvious that MM didnt eat someone, but people like dr phil may lead us to beleive so?

Millencolin – Fox Lyrics 10 years ago
its called a metaphor people.

Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day Lyrics 10 years ago
ice cube knows that when u live in places like south central (or many other places around the world) things are tough, and life is never easy.

Dogwood – Suffer Lyrics 10 years ago
uh, sorry im struggling to understand this song?

if i didnt know they were a christian band i would say its about the lies of the bible?

Dogwood – Overexposed Lyrics 10 years ago
is this guy talking to god? why does he feels so guilty about being human?!

be your own person, u shouldnt live to serve anyone, ESPECIALLY god!

Dogwood – Daddy Dearest Lyrics 10 years ago
is this a biography? i feel alot of emtion in this song.

i feel so lucky tohave had a (atleast half) decent father.

Ice Cube – Why We Thugs Lyrics 10 years ago
both america and iraq are shitholes...

Dogwood – Building A Better Me Lyrics 10 years ago
first up, i am not christian, but i like alot of christian punk.

i always thought this song was about being yourself, and overtime being comfortable with that self.

i really hope this song isnt about god never putting you in a situation you cant get out of, as element sk8er says, coz that is fucking stupid....

trying telling that to all the people in the armenian, jewish, rwandan or sudan genocides.

The Offspring – Americana Lyrics 10 years ago
this song also attacks soceity. american of course, but i think it could apply to many western countries, like australia or britain.

'Where culture's defined by the ones least refined'

why are people like 50 cent or rock-stars role models?

Oasis – She's Electric Lyrics 10 years ago
i relistened to this song a found stuff that should have been obvious (but wasnt to me wen this song came out coz i was 10)

She's got a sister
And god only knows how I've missed her
On the palm of her hand is a blister

her sister is givin him hand jobs.

She's got one in the oven
But it's nothing to do with me

shes pregnant, but its not his


The Dickies – Waterslide Lyrics 10 years ago
im pretty sure this song isnt actually about a waterslide.

maybe a hooker?

The Dickies – Nobody But Me Lyrics 10 years ago
its hard to believe this is punk.

but it is!

The Dickies – Donut Man Lyrics 10 years ago
blacklungfever, you may be right, ive always thought its was about some friendly hobo,

but ur theory...... hilarious.

Paul McCartney – Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five Lyrics 10 years ago
wikipedia says this song is about john lennon... not quite sure how.

anyways, i think it is the best song on the album, although some of the sax the makes mrs. vanderbelt would have been cool.

Blur – M.O.R. Lyrics 10 years ago
the song is called .M.iddle .O.f the .R.oad

so its obviously about the concept, as applied to the music industy.

Under the pressure
Gone middle of the road

i think these lines represent wat band such as blur 'could' do, or band that 'have' done.
not selling out as such, but making thier music available so that it doesnt go in or out of fashion.

however, this song can also be about relationships.

i think its both.

Drop Dead, Gorgeous – The Pleasure To End All Pleasures Lyrics 10 years ago
i only clicked on this song coz it was the last comment. and ive never heard it.

but im gunna judge anyway. wat a piece of shit.

die bitch die?

who the fuck wants to listen to that? if u do, u should kill yourself.

or grow up....

The Streets – The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living Lyrics 10 years ago
the poor man...

The Streets – Can't Con an Honest John Lyrics 10 years ago
its funny that someone would actually turn this into a song

The Streets – It's Too Late Lyrics 10 years ago
joene is right on.

dont take other peoples love for granted

The Streets – Geezerz Need Excitement Lyrics 10 years ago
voilence dont solve anything. ull most likely end up in a worst situation than b4.

wisdom is mikes words.

The Streets – Same Old Thing (That's It) Lyrics 10 years ago
this song is about being a real, regular person.

boozing at home, smoking, talking about sport and the solution to the big news story.

we all do it.

The Streets – Lets Push Things Forward Lyrics 10 years ago
i think mike is sayin that the streets are starting something: music that is real, music that isnt made for the charts and music that u will actually enjoy...

The Streets – Has It Come To This Lyrics 10 years ago
'benson' is cigarettes. 'benson and hedges' is a brand.

im an aussie, so to me, this song is about chillin to some cool tunes, relaxing with either booze or grass.

America – Sandman Lyrics 10 years ago
its definatly about sleeping, sandman coming to u in ur dreams.

i think its about veterans, and the nighmares they have...

America – Amber Cascades Lyrics 10 years ago
well the man who walks on the water isobviously jesus...

but i dont really understand the verses

Pulley – Nothing To Lose Lyrics 10 years ago
yeah, i never thought of the police but i can definatly feel it. it a good song, typical pulley lyrics: straight to the point...

and nothingface555, ur a tool.

Pulley – Dog's Life Lyrics 10 years ago
yeah, dogs....

but without getting all 'peta' in here, its also about how dogs are often treated as an 'object' rather than an animal that they truly are.

Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized Lyrics 10 years ago
bein a teenager aint always easy..

Billy Thorpe – Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy) Lyrics 10 years ago
artemisian, i know how u feel, after rocking out to it all these years....

its still a good song but. too bad the old dude died today...

Will Smith – Men In Black Lyrics 10 years ago
will smith chooses the BEST samples for his music, and yes, its clean non-offensive fun. legend.

Will Smith – Loretta Lyrics 10 years ago
yeah, obsessed fans, must be wierd to have people u dont know following ut everymove. creeps me out.

Will Smith – Just The Two Of Us Lyrics 10 years ago
yeah, this is love in a song. not lame love, but love for ones child.

Will Smith – Gettin' Jiggy With It Lyrics 10 years ago
awsome sample, fun lyrics.

as far as songs that dont have meaing go, this is probly the best.

Dragon – April Sun In Cuba Lyrics 10 years ago
yeah, i dont get the snake eyes bit.

at face value it would seem this song is simply about wanting to get away and holidaying, but it may have political tones.

i also think that maybe its about a place thats so beautiful that is (aparently) under autocratic rule?

Regurgitator – Polyester Girl Lyrics 10 years ago
Regos the Sane ur an idiot, ud take a blow up doll to awards coz it would be funny and suits the whole 'adult products' theme goin. anyway, u dant have to take it literally word for word. and yes i do believe it has double meaning.

Cornershop – Brimful Of Asha Lyrics 11 years ago
brimful of asha? i once heard from some that that is slang for smoking weed. but i havnt heard it since....

Klinger – Ben Lee Lyrics 11 years ago
first of all, this is not the only anti-ben lee song, but this is more of a joke i think, and not a personal attack, like the ataris song.

this is song is about ben lees arragonce, not his relationship with clare danes.

his arragonce comes from this story: when ben lees album 'tornadoes' came out he said something along the lines of 'this is the greatest australian album ever.' bernard fanning from powderfing went on to call ben a 'precocious cunt.'

that aside, i still believe this is more of a joke than an actual attack.

this song also kicks ass!

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