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Codeseven – Sounds Of Cyan And Magenta Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm sorry I called you an idiot. I didn't mean it. Still a great song.

Coheed and Cambria – Always and Never Lyrics 9 years ago
Without even taking into account the backstory and character drama that comes along with this song, the lyrics are just pure poetry. Claudio always had a way with words.

Portugal. The Man – My Mind Lyrics 9 years ago
It isn't "as i bleed out." It's "do as i please." The line is "my hands just do as i please" or something like that.

That said, I think this song is about tripping on morning glory seeds. The feel of the song matches up with the feeling of morning glories, and the line "my mind is all gone" is an obvious tip to some kind of mind-altering drug.

The main reason I think it's about morning glories is that a very common way to ingest morning glory seeds is ground up in some kind of beverage ("drowning" the seeds) The line "this should never drown the seeds" is, I think, a reference to how unpleasant such morning glory concoctions are to drink.

The song also has many references to resting, being lazy, etc. Morning glories have a strong depressant effect, making you feel like lying down in one place for a long time. The sensations associated with moving your body also become very distorted, which may explain the multiple references to hands, feet, "i feel my body moving", etc.

I don't think this is the "meaning" of the song really, I just think that the imagery in this song was heavily influenced by the morning glory experience. For the actual "meaning" of the song, I like minus_the_herd's interpretation.

At the Drive-In – Doorman's Placebo Lyrics 9 years ago
Paraless you seriously have never heard of a court jester? A court jester is, you know, the jester of a king's court. You almost never hear the word "jester" without the word "court" in front of it.

Cursive – Mothership, Mothership, Do You Read Me? Lyrics 9 years ago
It's like over a year later but whatever. LxK, when I said "I don't need him anymore" I was talking about the first line of the weird distorted lyrics at the end. That's my stab at figuring out what he's saying. I definitely think that it's "better times" in the "ba ba ba ba" part.

Portugal. The Man – Sleeping Sleepers Sleep Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm gonna take a stab at analyzing this great song.

This song, I think, is about rejecting civilization. When he talks about shaving our heads, stripping our clothes, and burning our books, he's talking about the total destruction of what is established in human lives.

The central line of the song is "we people are dangerous things." He talks about the fears and doubts we have, our "sheltered minds." And he reminds us, cryptically, that "we all once were" something different.

The "missing link" in particular refers to evolution, the development of modern man. It can also be seen as a religious reference, as creationists (who disbelieve evolution) would fear a "missing link" that would lend more evidence to the theory of evolution.

The song points out that we are part of nature. "We are made to be sown (instead of sewn), body's lips and eyes earthed and regrown." The song talks about man's affect on the planet ("islands were made of brick stone and shade"). That line could also point out how people isolate themselves from each other, with people using their houses to turn themselves into islands.

The song then talks about ills of society, particularly money. Bills talking about people they've used, "trusting in funding." We distract ourselves with superficial entertainment and comforts ("films finding fair faces and lies", the "apartment with capable tunes"), but ultimately we're bored, because that life lacks meaning.

This isn't the meaning I get when I listen to the song, and really I think that all their songs are more about the feeling than the explicit meaning of the words. But that's what I got. Cheers

Portugal. The Man – AKA M80 The Wolf Lyrics 9 years ago
For me, this song was always about environmentalism, about nature.

Hot Rod Circuit – Very Best Friend Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm pretty sure it's "the worst has come and it'll never get better." And, instead of "I can't repeat this over" I think it's "why can't we think this over?" But yeah, I agree there is some kind of conspiracy going on about this song, I've never been able to find any information about it online, and it's my favorite of theirs.

Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the Pain Lyrics 10 years ago
I really think this is one of those songs that will never get old or feel dated. It's one of those rare examples of truly universal lyrics that don't feel cliched. I think it's safe to say that anyone who hears the lyrics to this song will have a strong connection to make with them. It could be taken politically -- think about how it feels trying to empathize with all the people around the world who you know are suffering, hearing about starvation or genocide or people displaced by tsunamis, what have you. The human brain isn't meant to perform calculations like that; our brains are programmed to forget our grief, and the fact that it's so easy to "feel nothing" can send you into a vicious cycle of guilt and apathy, with stages when you "feel the pain of everyone" and stages when you "feel nothing." And that's just one possible interpretation from two lines of lyrics. Absolutely a fantastic piece of songwriting.

Rogue Wave – Lake Michigan Lyrics 10 years ago
I only heard this song just now off that Zune commercial... I got a distinct Animal Collective vibe from it. Anybody else get that impression? Either way, it's easily one of the best uses of music I've ever seen in a commercial, and was enough to most likely turn me into at least a casual fan of this band.

The Beatles – Back in the U.S.S.R. Lyrics 10 years ago
If anyone's interested... there's a live outdoor cover of this song on YouTube by some small band (they do a pretty decent job) and as the song ends, a low-flying plane goes by and reproduces the exact timing and sound of the end of the recorded song. You have to hear it to understand.

Search on YouTube for "rookie card ussr" -- it's not my band, I just thought Beatles fans would appreciate the amazing timing.

The Beatles – You Never Give Me Your Money Lyrics 10 years ago
i don't know about the whole song, but i always thought of the first stanza as being set in a strained marriage. i assumed the first two lines were referring to a newspaper, "you never give me your Money, you only give me your funny paper." I picture a husband and wife sitting at home and one of them is always hogging the newspaper, only letting the other read the "funny paper." I kind of saw that as a metaphor for a one-sided relationship.

The Beatles – Yer Blues Lyrics 10 years ago
Umm... apart from the whole retarded debate going on, I just want to point this out to FackingHell.

You told BananaRepublic that he should get a better English translator after he posted this:

"ooh, wow, should we lay flowers at your altar for having listened to live stuff from the 20s? that is just too cool. clearly you know more than us peons, you with your qualifying and unsubstantiated comments lieke "not as good by far." man, i bet you even peer review. kick ASS."

That paragraph makes perfect sense. It is written in plain English. English is my first language, and I grew up in America speaking it my entire life. If you have trouble reading or understanding that paragraph then the problem is yours, not BananaRepublic's. The only error is the misspelling of "like", which is almost assuredly a typo. He even correctly used a gerund -- that is truly a rarity in online forums.

Maybe you should learn to properly read English before you accuse others of not speaking it properly.

The Blood Brothers – March on Electric Children! Lyrics 10 years ago
These lyrics are wrong

Gatsbys American Dream – The Horse You Rode In On Lyrics 10 years ago
how can i bear to behold that dream, now that my eyes have adjusted?

without a doubt, that is the saddest line of poetry ever written.

The Sound of Animals Fighting – My Horse Must Lose Lyrics 10 years ago
I just want to say that the first sung lyrics to this song ("Our house is a house that moves just like the Ocean") are the catchiest 20 seconds ever recorded on tape.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Satan Said Dance Lyrics 10 years ago
I picture this song as a kind of humorous take on the whole "laugh with the sinners/cry for the saints" thing. If everyone who Christianity claims is going to go to hell ends up there, then the company will probably be pretty good. Maybe hell isn't a horrible place, maybe it's just heaven's nightclub.

Portugal. The Man – Dawn Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is amazing. It's about two ways to live your life: the path of least resistance, or a life lived deliberately and with purpose. The first verse describes the easy way ("it's safe at the bottom"), doing what you're told ("sit down and listen"), getting a job you hate to achieve financial security ("built that cold hearted fool and on that shit he made money"), and giving up on your dreams because the people around you have given up on theirs ("motives lost in a heap, because the deaf don't listen").

The second verse is about giving up on society in its present form, until humanity is ready to embrace a form of society that truly works, with economic equality ("the stores are in order"), peace instead of war ("the house isn't shaking"), and leaders that lead for the good of the people, rather than rulers who rule for personal gain ("the king is elected from the love that grows").

The third verse, then, is about the desire to start a social revolution against apathy. Building great things, creating change ("built the mountains to stand up"), with the ultimate goal of shaking people into action, lighting some kind of passion within people who have forgotten it, so they can let go of their fear of themselves and others ("all the sheep that showed don't care who knows it").

The second two lines of the third verse are talking about the heredity of power standing in the way of this kind of change. "The sons are the giants built by the pharaohs" means that power is kept within limited circles, passed from father to son in the form of wealth, and passed between people with similar philosophies on the use of power, in the form of political machination. Because there is an "elite" class, and a "common" class, it will always be difficult for the common people to make their own way in the world. Making things worse, because the people in power provide for the security of the common people (protecting them, feeding them; "apples fed them sheep"), there is little motivation in most people to seek anything more than the life they have been given.

The first two lines of the third verse are then repeated, to restate that despite all the reasons against it, social revolution on a personal level is necessary if life is to mean anything.

The chorus is, throughout, a call to action.

The Sound of Animals Fighting – My Horse Must Lose Lyrics 10 years ago
I always thought this song (and for the most part, all of Lover, the Lord Has Left Us) was about accepting the inevitability of death.

High and Driving – The Fishermen Will Be Bewildered Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is so old school emo. Like Cap'n Jazz meets The Get Up Kids. Really cool that somebody is still making that kind of music.

High and Driving – plays dirty for daddy Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm pretty positive "Plays Pretty for Baby" was written and recorded for Zolof, before "Super OK" was. Anthony was the singer on their first CD.

The Sound of Animals Fighting – Un'Aria Lyrics 10 years ago
Sorry if some disagree... but in my opinion Craig Owen's voice sounds exactly like the girl from Evanescence. I really only like his screaming voice.

For a video of Anthony owning Craig live (and just a good live video), YouTube search this exact phrase: "act 1 chasing suns" and click the first video.

Circa Survive – The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose (Album) Lyrics 10 years ago
I agree with xonyourgravex, but I'm going to flesh it out a little bit.

This song seems to me to be the obligatory "reaction to sudden celebrity" song. It's about his feelings on the future of his band. However, I also think this song has a double meaning. It also seems to describe the fear associated with a bad trip on hallucinogenics.

"Move one inch at a time
Don't make shit rhyme
Would it be easy to repeat the first line?"

He's literally discussing songwriting, giving himself advice on what words to put down for his songs. While writing On Letting Go he must have felt an incredible amount of pressure, knowing that everyone was expecting another masterpiece like Juturna.

"My mind's not a well, it won't run dry
Just keep drinking water and you'll be alright"

This is him trying to reassure himself that he isn't losing his touch for songwriting. If his mind were like a well, with a limited amount of creativity, then he would one day run out and be unable to write songs the way he used to. "Drinking water" is a metaphor for reading, learning, experiencing as much as he can. His lyrics have included references to Christianity, Norse mythology, drugs, family, various influences. He feels he needs to keep immersing himself in creative influences to fuel his songwriting.

This is where my second theory comes into play.

"My mind's not a well, it won't run dry
Just keep drinking water and you'll be alright."

On a bad trip on hallucinogens, it's easy to become scared that you will become permanently insane or affected by the effects of the drug, that your mind will "run dry" from the intense confusion and fear that can sometimes overcome you. When you're having a rough experience like that, people will always say the same thing: "just keep drinking water and you'll be alright."

"This is paralysis, with no time at all to let go."

Again, drugs are the influence here.

"well don't call me by my full name
all this is temporary
it feels much better to know
that you won't feel a thing"

I think this line is primarily a reference to how prevalent the phrase "Anthony Green" has become on the internet. "Anthony Green is god" "Anthony Green is amazing" blah blah blah. It probably gets tiresome. He's telling people to stop obsessing with him, because either he seems himself as a "fad" that people will outgrow, or he believes his fame to be temporary. Could be both.

This passage is also a reference to a drug trip. "Don't call me by my full name, all this is temporary." This to me seems to express the wish that the people around him wouldn't worry about him as he struggles under the effects of the drugs. In that particular mental state, what you are feeling and what you are saying and how you are acting are usually very different. Part of him probably knows that he is in no real danger, and he feels guilty for causing a scene and worrying his friends.

well don't talk about it
write it down
but don't ask for help
I can't be honest with even myself
did you ever wish you were somebody else?

This is another reference to songwriting, writing songs about his problems and feelings rather than talking to people about them. At the same time, however, he feels like he is somewhat fake with his lyrics. Maybe he isn't always completely honest with his lyrics, maybe he exaggerates or pretends to make the songs sound more meaningful.

At the same time, this is another drug reference. A powerful trip can make it almost impossible to speak, and communicating is much easier by writing. The short term memory disruption is so severe that you will easily forget what you are saying before the end of a sentence, so writing it down can help. Again, he doesn't want to worry the people with him ("don't ask for help").

"accomplishments are transient
they pull me in unremittingly
just lasting this long, I feel relieved
let repetition save me"

This is saying that his fame and his songs are not meaningful, but he is still compelled to create them. He is relieved that he has found success and lasted this long, and now he hopes that he can keep his winning streak going.

On the other side of the coin, "accomplishments are transient" is the kind of realization that comes to you in the depths of a psychedelic experience. He is relieved to have lasted as long as he has; a too-powerful dose can really make you feel like you are going to die. "Let repetition save me" is a reference to the powerful thought loops that often overtake people under the influence of hallucinogens. People in the depths of a trip can sometimes be seen asking the same question over and over, despite having received an answer.

This is not what the song means to me, it's just how I imagine the songwriting process may have went. I believe that Anthony has experimented with drugs, and these seem to me to be the type of lyrics generated by those kinds of experiences. And the songwriting/fame references are fairly blatant, and make sense at this point in his career.

Disturbed – Down with the Sickness Lyrics 10 years ago
All you people who talk about being non-conformists are so fake. The goth/I'm so depressed/I have so much anger/I need attention so I listen to Korn scene is so played out. Go dye your hair black and pierce your eyebrows and pretend that you're so "unique."

I thought I'd add, as well, that you people who like this song seem to have a pretty limited musical taste. And you can't spell. And I think you all might be criminally insane (or at least half of you wish you are or pretend to be). You all talk about "rage" and how awesome it is, and how much of it you have. I desperately hope none of you are older than 15.

And I'd like to remind you once more that people who claim to be nonconformists are the worst kind of conformists. THIS IS POP MUSIC. THIS IS POP MUSIC. I wrote that twice because somebody said it before, and you guys didn't seem to notice.

I'll leave you guys with some quotes from the intellectual elite who listen to Disturbed.

"David sings this part sick and i love it just the rage behind it, it is awsome. And a big FUCK U to the people who hate it, you r the people who have no idea about rage"

"this is the greatest song in the world and if ne body thinks not then there really messed up. we have proof that its not about davids mother, cuz he said so himself. obviously if u dont like this song u either listen to all death/black metal, all rap, or all punk/pop (that is what punk is btw). if u like this song u like a different variety of music so that means ur awesome. and btw even my mom likes this song and she also like worships cradle of filth"

"this song makes me want to beat the hell out of somebody."

"the beginning is good but the ending is the best. Right after the part where he says "would you like to see how it feels mommy? Here it comes, get ready to die!" Yes, right after that part is the best. i listened to it when i played football, and i felt like i needed to take someones head off."

He Is Legend – The Walls Have Teeth Lyrics 10 years ago
Seems like it's about a serial killer toying with the police. Zodiac-ish.

Portugal. The Man – Chicago Lyrics 10 years ago
I was listening to this today and I came to the Animal Farm conclusion, as others have, but I see the song as using Animal Farm as a frame of reference from which to discuss the patterns of war politics. The many references to animals (pigs, caterpillars, horses) are the style in which the scene is set.

The pig represents corruption and power, obviously.

The caterpillar represents the media (not necessarily all media, but a lot of it) and politicians, the people whose job it is to misinform the people. Think of the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland who sits high on his throne smoking his pipe and speaks only in gibberish when Alice desperately needs his advice in order to escape her situation. The media and politicians who speak on television are more "entertainers" than they are servants of the people, yet they still get paid. "Send your money for the caterpillars to entertain [you]."

I agree with factnotfiction's ideas on "please speak up" and "system's down" pretty much entirely. I hadn't even thought to interpret those lines.

Finally, I came to an idea regarding the horse. Imagine comparing the prospect of going to war to betting on a horse race. Everyone's hopes are riding on the government, everyone's money is riding on their judgement being wise. So, when a country goes to war, that war is like a horse the country is betting on to win a race. Imagine now that the horse realizes all the power that it wields with so many people depending on it. It becomes "taken" with the power and with being the center of attention. Rather than run the race it was meant to run, it pursues its own devices and "runs clubs in the pasture." The horse is taking advantage of its power, running its own horseraces and casinos. War behaves in the same way -- it never behaves the way it is told to. War quickly becomes greedy and, rather than fulfill the purpose it is set to, grows wealthy from the money it steals from all the people who desperately depend on its doing the job quickly.

I didn't explain that well, but what I mean to say is it's a way of saying that war gets out of hand, and the people who create it quickly cease to be its master.

I'm not saying this song was written with this meaning in mind, it's just one way to look at it.

The Fall of Troy – Caught Up Lyrics 10 years ago
If I were the kind of person who posted comments on message boards, I might say something like...

"It looks to me like fbmkink is the only one here who's bitching, and everyone else is just enjoying a good song."

Death Cab for Cutie – Amputations Lyrics 10 years ago
Wow I just listened to the Something About Airplanes version of this... the You Can Play These Chords version is so much better. But now I understand what you guys were talking about with the speech, the original only has about half of the speech in it.

Trophy Scars – Yes. Lyrics 10 years ago
I love the Goodnight Alchemy reference in this.

The Blood Brothers – Camouflage, Camouflage Lyrics 10 years ago
Yeah, I agree with onethinwallaway. Too many young people just don't care about anything at all, sometimes not even themselves. It really sucks, cause there's so much good that can be done, especially when you're young and energetic and have few responsibilities.

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek Lyrics 10 years ago
I've always thought this song had a really environmental message. Specifically, how humans are basically ruining this planet. Lines about the "sweeping insensitivity" and "the takeover" and "busy streets a mess with people" make me think about humans just multiplying and multiplying and taking over the planet completely.

"The dust has only just begun to fall", like we're only starting to see the consequences of our actions, but once the dust begins to fall whatever has happened has already happened. "Crop circles in the carpet" makes me feel like... people are almost like aliens, appearing on this planet and dominating all other forms of life with superior intelligence. But instead of leaving our crop circles in fields, we leave them in carpets -- our "crop circles" are the cultural landscape of human activity: bridges, developments, cities, highways, streetlights, etc.

Of course the most powerful line is "they were here first." Which is true, of course. And the famous "what'd you say" chorus is basically confronting the people who defend our lifestyle. They say that they only meant the best for humanity, and they take from the Earth only what they need... but the truth is we consume much more than we need to; they decided we needed most of the conveniences we have in modern developed nations.

The final paragraph is about politicians and the media, in my opinion, who constantly try to put positive spin n things. Politicians have vested interests in corporations (ransom notes falling out of their mouths, as if they are saying only what their benefactors want them to say) and the media is constantly trying to bring positive attention to things like recycling drives and children helping the environment, because those things make people feel better, even though it's not the whole picture (sweet talk newspaper word cut outs). They like to highlight only how many trees are saved by a certain charity, or how much money is being donated to keep our water supply. No one talks about how much waste is generated on a daily basis, and how much more polluted our water supply becomes every day, because they don't care a bit.

I also think there is an underlying message of how a lot of people, despite all the conveniences we have at the cost to nature, just aren't happy. People holding their heads heavy due to sadness, "crop circles in the carpet" from people moving furniture -- perhaps they are trying to find happiness through a new sofa or a new television, or perhaps a divorce has occured and the leaving spouse is taking some of the furniture with him/her. Overall, I think the song has two connected messages: the first message is of people not caring about the environment, and the second message is one of people trying to find happiness in the wrong ways.

This is long I know, but it's a good song.

Ozma – If My Amp Had Wheels Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is so ridiculous. I don't think anyone's ever written a sillier song that was this legitimately good since "You Can Call Me Al."

Ozma – Rocks Lyrics 10 years ago
*you, not your. Damnit.

Ozma – Rocks Lyrics 10 years ago
It's "pick a rock and throw it where your crossed the Rocky Mountains."

Trophy Scars – Artist. Artists. Lyrics 10 years ago
So good and so underrated. Yeah, the meaning is pretty obvious. Almost all Jerry's songs are about the same thing.

Cursive – The Recluse Lyrics 10 years ago
"maybe I don't wanna finish anything anymore
maybe I can wait in bed till she comes home."

I hate that feeling. By far, the best line in the song.

Circa Survive – We're All Thieves Lyrics 10 years ago
I don't know why everyone seems to think Anthony Green's lyrics are incredible. They're okay, but they're very teenage and disconnected. Like a high school kid trying to write a Mars Volta-style song. I don't like Mars Volta's lyrics either, by the way.

It seems like anybody nowadays can write a song that makes no sense at all, and people will say it's brilliant and assume anyone who disagrees just "doesn't get it." Anthony's lyrics are decent, at best. But for a song that doesn't make sense to be good, it has to rely heavily on the aesthetics of language. Anthony Green's lyrics are just basic emo lyrics mixed up with an "experimental" (read: pretentious) mentality. Come on, lines like "you always said you'd tell me first" or "I'll be the last one to find out why" -- those are the ultimate in stereotypical bitter love song lyrics. Don't get me wrong, Circa Survive is a good band, and some of Anthony's lyrics are very good. For the most part though, he's just okay.

Commence the fanboy attack now.

Codeseven – Sounds Of Cyan And Magenta Lyrics 10 years ago
The person who put up all the lyrics from this album is an idiot. There's no need for these stupid hyphens, grammar/spelling mistakes, and incorrect lyrics. Anyway, this album is incredible, and very underappreciated. The meaning of this song is obvious -- an alien abduction, but it's beautifully phrased.

The Fall of Troy – Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television Lyrics 10 years ago
This song title is a Max Payne reference, interestingly. In that game there is a recurring "TV show" you can watch about a crazy person who is haunted by dreams of a flamingo. The flamingo says all kinds of weird things, one of them being "mirrors are more fun than television."

Sage Francis – Personal Journalist Lyrics 10 years ago
I think half of this song is about how much credit is due to artists who work hard at their art, rather than just trying to get exposure and quick success.

"he sold his own shirt off his back for cheap exposure"

"when all art is signed anonymous"

"the hardest workers in show biz need no diamond studded glove"

Those lines combined with the whole "still debating over what rhyme-skill is" and "sick of waiting for time killers to get over their murder raps" probably indicate a slight bitterness on Sage's part, that he is working as hard as or harder than any of the Top 40 rappers, but because he's not in their specific niche of rap he's not experiencing their success.

An "avant garden of Eden" is a place where new, original music is appreciated and artists can have success without just doing what everyone else does (by my interpetation, anyway).

But a lot of the song is just kind of journal-esque free association of ideas, it seems to me.

John Mayer – Kid A (Radiohead cover) Lyrics 10 years ago
It's a very good cover.

Cursive – Dorothy at Forty Lyrics 10 years ago
I hate that Cursive wrote this song. I can't bear the thought of someone hearing this song and being faced with the feeling of having wasted their life. So many bands write about this concept and don't realize how insensitive they're being... the members of Cursive don't have to spend their lives slaving after a dream they'll never achieve. Thursday, Radiohead, a thousand bands and I can't stand how hypocritical they all are.

I know that it's an important message, and it's the truth, and it's a great song... but I just don't think it's right.

Cursive – Mothership, Mothership, Do You Read Me? Lyrics 10 years ago
Crap it sucks that I have to post twice in a row, but whatever those very last vocals are (after the part I just posted about), they aren't backwards.

The first part says "I don't need him anymore" but I can't figure out anything beyond that.

Cursive – Mothership, Mothership, Do You Read Me? Lyrics 10 years ago
It kind of sounds like the outro vocals after he screams "forever" are singing "ba ba ba ba ba better times"

Probably not, but I'm just gonna say they do.

Portugal. The Man – Open Wide Lyrics 10 years ago
I have no idea. I found it on the Rutgers DC++ hub. It isn't from any CD that I can find. It's a really great song though.

This part probably isn't right, but it's as close as I can figure out:

and bridge this craft to their ties
ripen said commons"

I'm sure about the rest though.

The Sound of Animals Fighting – There Can Be No Dispute That Monsters Live Among Us Lyrics 10 years ago
That comment didn't make any sense. I mean... I can see the point you're trying to make, I just meant grammatically it doesn't make any sense. And yeah, I acknowledge that as a record this CD is a hell of an accomplishment, and they did a lot of things on it that nobody (or very few people) had done before. But I don't think they deserve credit just cause they hired someone who spoke German and someone who spoke Sanskrit to appear on their album. There isn't any merit in making a weird album that people will like just because it's weird, and because the people who did it are in other bands that they like. However, they do deserve a lot of credit for the songs on this album that they actually managed to make sound good.

This band is on a good path musically, I just don't think they've achieved what they're trying to with Lover, The Lord Has Left Us. Maybe they will on the next record.

The Sound of Animals Fighting – Un'Aria Lyrics 10 years ago
It's not good. Anthony Green has a good enough voice to carry a track on his own, but not Craig Owens. Sorry.

Elliott Smith – Son of Sam Lyrics 10 years ago
It's "lonely leering, options disappear", not "long revered options disappear". If you can't tell by listening, then listen to In The Lost And Found. The lyrics to a verse in that song are "kissed you quick, feeling weird, lonely leered, disappear."

There's clearly an intentional lyrical connection between the two songs. I don't think there is a thematic connection... rather, I think that he wrote one of the two songs first, and then while writing the second he penned the line "feeling weird" without realizing it was in the other song. When he noticed he decided to add the next couple lines as well as a sort of inside joke to listeners. It's not unheard of.

Panic! at the Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies Lyrics 10 years ago
Everyone who is slamming this band and not really making any arguments for your case... I'd love to know what your favorite bands are cause they're probably terrible. And I'd love for you to try to offer a single rational argument as to why this band is so terrible that it warrants you going out of your way to post what you clearly think are witty comments on all of their songs. But you aren't going to give any rational arguments. And if you did they would be poorly constructed and far too easily refuted. In conclusion, stop being idiots.

Oh, and by the way...

"i love how the song on mtv has the most comments,,, hmm ironic?"

Look up the definition of irony.

Fall Out Boy – This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race Lyrics 10 years ago
All you people commenting here are gay. And yeah I don't care that that word has been incorporated into the vernacular to mean something different than it used to. That's what language does. It changes. Kind of like music. So all you people who hate this song so much, go comment a song you do like. Personally, I judge my music based on its quality, not on its subgenre or whether or not the band is playing the same kind of music they used to play. As long as it has integrity and sounds good, it's fine by me. And this song in particular exhibits some of Fall Out Boy's best songwriting since MHITWKOW. And half the people commenting this song saying that Fall Out Boy has become too pop won't even know what that is... ironic huh?

But anyway, this is "SongMeanings", not "bash scene kids" so I should make an effort. The meaning of this song is pretty straightforward I'd say. Commenting on the fakeness of the scene ("I'm the leading man, and the lies are weave are oh so intricate") and criticizing all the bands who have tried to copy Fall Out Boy since their success ("bandwagon's full, please catch another").

More interesting than the message it sends lyrically, though, is the message it sends musically. This is, in no uncertain terms, a pop song. The Maroon 5 influence is clearly evident. Think about it: since From Under the Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy has probably heard no end of the cries of "sell out". What could be a bigger "fuck you" to all these people than a straight-up pop song?

And a damn good one, too.

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