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Ugly Cassanova – Cat Faces Lyrics 6 years ago
Ok. I've edited the original lyrics, thank you for this.

Interpol – All of the Ways Lyrics 6 years ago
I like the more vulnerable and readable content that is in this song, it's unlike the older ones from Interpol. It's refreshing to see something a bit more translatable - even though I really appreciate the abstract content they're well known for.

Interpol – Try It On Lyrics 6 years ago
So far this is the only song on the new album I like, surprised to see there aren't any comments also!

Atlas Sound – My Car Lyrics 7 years ago
This song makes me stomach feel sour. And turn and turn and turn, long after the song has stopped playing.

Heidi Montag – Body Language [Featuring Spencer Pratt] Lyrics 7 years ago
her whole albums a joke.

Great Lake Swimmers – Three Days At Sea (Three Lost Years) Lyrics 7 years ago
I relate to this song so much. Absolutely amazing, and apparently underrated.

Morrissey – Speedway Lyrics 7 years ago
Erm, I don't know how you got all those...details from the song, like the guy buying condoms for her. Sounds like you digressed a bit about your own experience, perhaps (too much).

Morrissey – The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get Lyrics 7 years ago
What the hell are you trying to say? Are you ill?

Morrissey – The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get Lyrics 7 years ago
My ex stalked me for 8 months, and when i finally gave in he played this song for me.
And would not stop singing it to me for the next few months after that.
Definitely the song for stalkers...

Native Korean Rock – Rapt Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree

Native Korean Rock – OOO Lyrics 7 years ago
You make more sense

Sonic Youth – Shoot Lyrics 7 years ago
yeah but then she says

"you don't even know what you almost had"

which may mean the baby... if it were born?

Native Korean Rock – OOO Lyrics 7 years ago
* might be remains

Depeche Mode – Wrong Lyrics 7 years ago
Depeche Mode wrote the wrong song, with the wrong rhyme.
Their lyrics sound so wrong that it should be a crime.
Back together at the wrong time, or the wrong place
whatever wrong they did, this album's one big mistake.


Tears for Fears – Shout Lyrics 7 years ago
Not that these interpretations haven't been fun to read, but when it comes to the bands actual interpretation & motivation for this song - you're all wrong.

A lot of people think that 'Shout' is just another song about primal scream theory, continuing the themes of the first album. It is actually more concerned with political protest. It came out in 1984 when a lot of people were still worried about the aftermath of The Cold War and it was basically an encouragement to protest.
–Roland Orzabal

It concerns protest inasmuch as it encourages people not to do things without actually questioning them. People act without thinking because that's just the way things go in society. So it's a general song, about the way the public accepts any old grief which is thrown at them.
–Curt Smith

Native Korean Rock – OOO Lyrics 8 years ago
These are the correct lyrics:

Don't tell me that they're all the same
'Cus even the sound of his name
Carries me over their reach
Back to some golden beach
Where only he remained
You planted your eyes on my feet
You told me to dig my hands deep
The night warned the rain
On her window-pane
Drifted us to sleep

Modest Mouse – Tiny Cities Made of Ashes Lyrics 8 years ago
oops accidently took a friends word for it i dont know for sure if they did drugs - its merely an opinion.

Sunset Rubdown – The Courtesan Has Sung Lyrics 8 years ago
"And when she showed him all her paintings
He said let’s do something racy
Took the bottle from his pocket
It was vodka

When i heard this song i nearly cried because it resonates so closely to what I went through the past 2 years. Well all their songs do but this one was definately intense. I met my ex when he was sober and I mistakenly accepted that as his identity. As time passed, and as I painted more & wanted to do more things related to art & exploring, his true self became apparent that all he wanted to do in life was to chemically induce his happiness with alcohol.

The last painting I did was myself miserable on a boat cradling him and he liked it - thats when I knew he didn't understand me anymore. I should've painted it the fist year we were together. har har har.

Grizzly Bear – Deep Sea Diver Lyrics 9 years ago
this song reminds me of divorce.

Sonic Youth – Blink Lyrics 10 years ago
i am deeply in love with this song.

Band of Horses – The Funeral Lyrics 10 years ago
i think this song is about a destructive relationship:

"im coming up only to hold you under" means that the person is suffocating his/her partner. they're only working their love up to pull them back down.

i think its about the heart dying or losing somebody you love figuratively or otherwise.

Grizzly Bear – Knife Lyrics 10 years ago
confronting somebody you love and have them lie right to your face. ouch.

Liars – The Wrong Coat for You Mt. Heart Attack Lyrics 10 years ago
i love this song a lot. it has those creepy xylophone beats that reminds me of some horror movie. i think this song is emotionally horrifying. dont know what its about however.

Modest Mouse – Dashboard Lyrics 10 years ago
first off youre an asshole to say you wish he didnt stop drinking because that has nothing to do with his genius lyrics (exception: dashboard) especially if someone has a drinking problem, the first thing they need is support. Second of all, he didnt stop drinking. in fact in concert when he was playing this song he had a beer onstage. Third, i hate this song. but modest mouse i still love you.

Radiohead – Fog Lyrics 10 years ago
i also think the line "anything you want can be done, where did you go bad?" is referring to how you can set your mind to anything but instead you settled on something so low (thats where i think the sewer metaphor comes in.).

Modest Mouse – Tiny Cities Made of Ashes Lyrics 10 years ago
The bands of Modest Mouse used to do coke and meth so I'm almost positive this song is about that.

Modest Mouse – Perfect Disguise Lyrics 10 years ago
Yeah this song is definately about Issac getting fucked over. It makes sense if this were about the rape allegations because the "perfect disguise" can be compared to the plantiff's attire and act during the hearing, but the part about not caring about the person or the town tells me that this song is about somebody closer to him who's fucked him over.

Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet Lyrics 10 years ago
Didn't Einstein believe the universe was round like the earth?

Modest Mouse – Life Like Weeds Lyrics 10 years ago
"eyes need us to see"
meaning we use so much of our senses that we don't need our eyes to understand - our eyes rely on our senses to find a clear perception.

Life like weeds can mean finding your roots - where you belong as well as where you're from. This song can be about a person friend or lover that is the "dirt" or soil that provides the weed (his life) with energy. The rock can symbolize something that will always be there for him, or something that will be there to block the weed from growing outside of the ground.

and having strings pulled from your mind and brain is obvious - it just means life is constantly changing... pulling you in all different directions in your heart and brain.

I heard something about Modest Mouse doing Meth while making their albums so maybe rock may symbolize drugs. Or the whole song might just be something out of a trip.

Beck – Lost Cause Lyrics 10 years ago
sorry eyes cut through the bone
you make it hard to leave you alone
(She's done something or said something wrong then apologizes & he always forgives her)

leave you here wearing your wounds
waiving your guns at somebody new
(he's going to finally leave her in the midst of her fury or pain & she'll find somebody else to direct it to)

i'm tired of fighting
fighting for a lost cause
(hes tired of having to defend himself and tired of fighting to keep her)

theres a place where you are going
you aint never been before
no one left to get your back now
no one standing at your door
(She's left and he won't be the one to be at her doorstep like he's always done. he cant be there for her anymore)

baby your a lost cause
i'm tired of fighting
i'm tired of fighting
fighting for a lost cause
(he cant fight to keep her anymore, its hopeless)

Beck – Lost Cause Lyrics 10 years ago
i think this is about a girl who has a lot of problems and the guy keeps trying to fight to keep her stable but he can't anymore. Its kind of hopeless and he's tired.

Radiohead – Bishop's Robes Lyrics 10 years ago
Aw poor Thom. Thom you're fucking awesome.
i wonder if any of his old bullies are fans of his music.

Radiohead – No Surprises Lyrics 10 years ago

Radiohead – Lucky Lyrics 10 years ago
oh & my name is also Sarah. Pretty fuckin sweet!

Radiohead – Lucky Lyrics 10 years ago
FIRST OFF the pamphlet says "Kill Me Sarah" No spanish or shakespeare here, sorry kiddies. But maybe it was Radiohead's purpose to confuse people.

i think people like to interpret Radiohead lyrics symbolically (which they are most the time) but i think these lyrics are actually pretty literal. I imagine the couple of this song broke up, but the guy is optimistic about her coming and saving him from the mess that he is because of it and getting back together.

Or it's about the male running around and making a mess of himself, then the girl always saving him from the wreck he makes. She kills him with the love because the risk they both take chasing around to fight the turmoil. The first interpretation probally makes more sense though.

Arcade Fire – The Great Arcade Fire Lyrics 10 years ago
Win said that when he was younger he got beat up in High school by this kid who used to always talk about this arcade burning on fire and all the kids dying inside. Hence the birth of the name Arcade Fire.

Sonic Youth – Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit Lyrics 10 years ago
i dont know but it sounds like its about a girl who pleasures the guy and leaves + has the guy head over heels over her?

Sonic Youth – Shoot Lyrics 10 years ago
haha yeah i think its about leaving him not killing him haha you sick fuck!

Sonic Youth – Brave Men Run (In My Family) Lyrics 10 years ago
maybe the song is referencing Noah's building of the ark? Didnt it take 7 days + 7 nights?

Sonic Youth – Drunken Butterfly Lyrics 10 years ago
same as what YoungxForxEternity except i think this is all happening while being drunk.

Sonic Youth – Swimsuit Issue Lyrics 10 years ago

Sonic Youth – Shadow Of A Doubt Lyrics 10 years ago
she could've been inspired by the movie but morphed it into her own little love story

Arcade Fire – Asleep at the Wheel Lyrics 10 years ago
well i know for sure his grandfather + possibly his brother died but havent heard anything about his father.

Arcade Fire – I'm Sleeping in a Submarine Lyrics 10 years ago
i think its about the girl having internal struggles with herself. when she sleeps, her mind is still fighting.... she might feel trapped + everything is a mess but shes still trying to fight it. And it has something to do with a guy so maybe thats what shes struggling with.

Arcade Fire – In the Backseat Lyrics 11 years ago
after her family member alice dies, she has to learn to take control of her life and be strong, instead of sitting in the back and observing what goes on around her. in other words reality hit her.

The Reindeer Section – Cartwheels Lyrics 11 years ago
lead singer almost sounds like beck

Modest Mouse – The Good Times Are Killing Me Lyrics 11 years ago
dont do meth guys.

Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness Lyrics 11 years ago
i think this song IS about drugs and alcohol because it says "I was spinning free, whoa, With a little sweet and simple numbing me. What a dizzy dance, whoa. "

i think its talking about trying to run from your problems and doing drugs/alcohol to escape. i think the whole "are you listening" is to intensify the audience to his personal experience...the position he is in. like a cry of "feel what i feel"...

Nick Drake – River Man Lyrics 11 years ago
to me personally this song is about an unstable girl who has some type of relationship with the narrator who needs help knowing what to do. the river man i think of as almost prophet-like because he'd have to be a traveler of somesort and it would definately symbolyze a higher spiritual knowledge guru.

Blonde Redhead – Missile ++ Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is about falling in love with somebody (of course) but the part about "missle me" and "puncture me" i think its a sexual connotation to the peni!

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