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Silverchair – Surfin' Bird Lyrics 10 years ago
this song was originally by the ramones :)
and even then i think the ramones covered it off somebody else

Silverchair – Straight Lines Lyrics 10 years ago
I couldn't agree more with the dude above (Pinch Me)
you sure hit the nail on the head.

Silverchair – Straight Lines Lyrics 10 years ago
i agree, the commericial stuff is annoying, and they need to get back to their early roots. i dont care about all the mature music.
Rock music is supposed to be played loud and distorted! :)

Silverchair – Straight Lines Lyrics 10 years ago
why dont these guys rock anymore?!
they dont sound like the band who made 'lie to me' or 'learn to hate'
these guys need to get angry again.
dont get me wrong, i reckon their a great band, but come on. their old stuff kicks this stuff's ass

Green Day – Jackass Lyrics 10 years ago
haha YES!
living end are awsome!

The Offspring – Dirty Magic Lyrics 10 years ago
Apparently the offspring are re-making this song on the new album. hope they do.

The Sultans – Where's me Jumper Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is classic!
why the hell hasn't anybody commented on it!!!!!!!!

Green Day – Jackass Lyrics 11 years ago
I actually think you are all wrong, this song has nothing to do with blink.
look at the title 'jackass'
this song is obviously about the tv show (now movies) jackass. the line 'same old lines again' is a refference to how the jackass crew always do the same things over and over again. (eg-crashing into walls, falling off bikes etc)

U2 – The Saints Are Coming Lyrics 11 years ago
ummm, this song isn't JUST u2, 1/2 of this epic song contains the greatest band in the world, green day.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside Lyrics 11 years ago
i havnt read the other comments, and this is a LONG shot, but they say "hello, how low" this is also said in the song smells like teen spirit by nirvana, is this a coincidence?

Linkin Park – QWERTY Lyrics 11 years ago
Damn, this song just blew me away when i heard it.
Linkin Park were the first band i listened to, and i started to give up on them because it had been forever since meteora came out. BUT this is amazing!.
I Sure hope their new album will be this heavy. they remind me of system of a down, just less qsycho :)

Robbie Williams – Rudebox Lyrics 11 years ago
hey, im from australia
obviously robbie sees the amount of shit in music now-a-days. and he knows that any mindless teenager will love this crap.
only robbie could get away with this :)

Green Day – Misery Lyrics 11 years ago
im very proud of everyone here. no one has knocked green day and called them 'sell out' or 'not punk'
very good.
green day are the best, and this song was one of my favorites when i first heard it.

Blink-182 – Adam's Song Lyrics 11 years ago
hey everyone. ive only just heard this song, and ive found something VERY INTERESTING.
it says..."I took my time, I hurried up
The choice was mine I didn't think enough"
a nirvana song, come as you are says "take your time, hurry, up, the choice is urs dont be late. i dunno exactly, but i dont think this is coincidence, had kurt killed himself when this song was out?
anyways, i just thought this was interesting...

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