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The Pigeon Detectives – Making Up Numbers Lyrics 9 years ago
i think this is another one of their many explainin his exhasperation at not knowing where he stands and being unsure of what to say that wont blow it
this whole album seems to be about being unable to find the words,what du think?

Barlow Girl – Surrender Lyrics 10 years ago
i love the music in this song,barlow girl rock my life,they really do but her voice at the begining...whoa!

Paramore – We Are Broken Lyrics 10 years ago
i agree with the worship idea,like how it says in the first line about ive seen worlds that dont belong ie sin
then asks god to hold her...ive been a christian 2 years an this song just totaly represents what i wana say to him

The Killers – Change Your Mind Lyrics 10 years ago
"While I ignore, that we both felt like this"
i think that means they used to be together but it ended ofr some silly reason and he wants her back

Barlow Girl – Let Go Lyrics 10 years ago
mmmm can so has noone commented?its when things come up and you dont nno wht to do and drift from God cos your focusin on the problem then it comes 2 the point when you say yeh God cant do this myself,im lettin go please catch me

Shayne Ward – No Promises Lyrics 10 years ago
o i just got it!puttin it in2 the situ at hand du think it could mean i love you,at the mo i dont wana leave you but im not making any promises because i might have to and i dont wana break your heart?
i duno kinda makes sense tho

Shayne Ward – No Promises Lyrics 10 years ago
teehee,i just ended up here due to someone telling me that even though at the minute they want us 2 b together,they cant make any promises or something...i got a bit lost but yeh made me want to cheak out this song,only 2 c id already commented on it.whats funier is wen i read the comment i didnt relize it was me but i was like hey some1 played this 2 my drama teach 2.....duh!i can be rather blonde sometimes
nehu now ive wasted all your time with blabbering bout nothin, i think the
"i just wana die in your arms"
bit is meaning i wana be with you till i die,or along that idea,not actully i wana die right now or anything silly.
im really anoyed at how much sense this song doesnt make cos as pop music goes it would be semi decent,nice enuf tune....o wel.

The Hoosiers – Worried about Ray Lyrics 10 years ago
all been said,not sure if i like it but i think i do.....

Muse – Easily Lyrics 10 years ago
sorry,ino if you read the other comments its corrects them but thot theyd look better all together,after alot of listenin im pretty sure it's

Let your inhibitions go,
Make every touch electrical,
When you're feeling beautiful,
Will you remember me?

I wanna touch you deep inside,
And find the secrets that you hide,
When your fears are cast aside,
Will you remember me?

Easily forgotten love,
Easily forgotten love,
It's not so easily.

I just want to let you know,
My mind refuses to let you go,
I wanna hypnotize you so,
You will remember me.

Easily forgotten love,
Easily forgotten love,
It's not so easily.

Easily forgotten love,
Easily forgotten love,
Easily the best i've ever had,
Easily the best ive ever had.

Muse – Easily Lyrics 10 years ago
love it!
so in love with someone that you wana share everything with them and vice verca but its not workin out an hes terrified of losing her becos hes not as close as he wants 2 b-easily 4goten ie dont 4get me

o yeh and at the end "easily the best ive ever had,"oi we had something great,i dont wna lose that.i dont wana lose you
just an idea
my song of the mo anyway
love it :)

Good Charlotte – The River Lyrics 10 years ago
the poem lives for music is talkin about is called footprints or footprints in the sand an i agree it really cool.i used 2 love this band then got bored of them but this song may have got me back,i think its amazing that theyre steppin out 4 God even tho it means theyre not really followin the mainstream lyric rules and people myt look down on them 4 it.i love how its just told like it is"I've seen a vision of my life
And I wanna be delivered.
In the city was a sinner,
I've done a lot of things wrong,
But I swear I'm a believer. "
also it makes me way xcited bout God,YAY!


Paramore – Misery Business Lyrics 10 years ago
i love that she talks about someone we can all realate 2(lil miss perfect everyone thinks is so inocent but shes realy just a whore)wana play it 2 my bfs ex soo bad it hurts but ill resist.
love hayleys voice on this,canNOT wait 4 the 12th!!

Snow Patrol – You're All I Have Lyrics 10 years ago
this is an outa the blue 1 but this song makes me think about God!cuz sumtimes wen problems arise as they often do i jus have 2 give it all 2 him cuz hes truly "all i have"
the last 2 lines r like the oppistie but still,well dun boys,ur doin us proud back home!

Death Cab for Cutie – Photobooth Lyrics 10 years ago
"And our clothes in a pile on the ottoman;
All the slander and doublespeak
Were only foolish attempts to show you did not mean"
hey,it sounds 2 me a bit like they were in it 4 the summer and didnt plan 4 the relationship 2 go newer but he started likin er 4 real but didnt wana tell wot i mean?

Kill Hannah – Hyperactive Lyrics 11 years ago
catchy tune,and i love the voice!
only problem is it sounds a bit like we should be raping ppl which scares me!

30 Seconds to Mars – From Yesterday Lyrics 11 years ago
emm,1st time i read the lyrics(yeh u notice not wen i listened cuz i cudnt make out the words on my dumb pc speakers)sounded 2 me like satan,not sure jus a thot

Fiddler on the Roof – Sunrise, Sunset Lyrics 11 years ago
im siingin this song 4 my grade 5 an i cant wait!love it!!

Lil Chris – Checkin It Out Lyrics 11 years ago
all i can do is laugh.y am i the first 2 comment on this?its so funy and will always make me think about a leadership course i was on with sum friends as we heard it on the way home an ive not stop(tryin)2 sing it since.this boy can sure use his voice!!ive gota say congrats cuz havin a single released at that age is bril an writin sumit(im guesin he rote it himself but corect me if im rong)that fits his voice so wel was shows alot about how teenage guys look at girls an vice versa.
neway enuf blaberin from me sum1 else say sumtin

Head Automatica – Laughing At You Lyrics 11 years ago
i h8 it wen ppl laugh at u bhind ur bk an u find out ages afta!
it sounds like they wana tell sum1 thats realy naive that as soon as they leave evry1 just laughs at them

Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River Lyrics 11 years ago
i h8d JT (justin timberfake)until v recently but i love this song. hes actuly a v talented guy.this makes me feel realy guilty tho

Shayne Ward – No Promises Lyrics 11 years ago
i h8d this song due 2 my strict music rules of netin witout an awesum guitar solo doesnt deserve 2 b listened 2 but the townies in my drama class played this 2 r drama teach hus leavin us an nw it makes me tink of er so its not as bad as i a gd voice,dnt undastand it.sounds like he doesnt wana leave this girl.
"Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms
Here tonight"
"Hey baby, when we are together, doing things that we love.
Everytime you're near I feel like I'm in heaven, feeling high
I don't want to let go, girl."
makes me think mabe they ave 2 be separted but he doesnt want 2?
just my thots

Evanescence – Hello Lyrics 11 years ago
this song really hits me hard,1 of my best m8s recently atempted suicide an evytime this cums on i remember da day i found out bout fits my feelins at the time perfectly
"Playground schoolbell rings, again"makes me tink sum1 i new from school
"Rainclouds come to play, again "
it5 wasnt the first time this had hapened
"Has no one told you she's not breathing ? "
bin told by 1 of my other friends that soph was is hospital
"If I smile and don't believe
Soon I know I'll wake from this dream"
when i was told she was in hospital i just got this feelin like i was in a weird dream an wudnt listen 2 wat evy1 was tellin me cuz i didnt wana believe it was true
"Don't try to fix me
I'm not broken"
other friends knew i was upset so they al tried 2 comfort me but i just wanted 2 b left in peace,she was the 1 that needed comfortin,not me
"Hello, I'm the lie living for you so you can hide"
i ended up tellin myself ova an ova that it wasnt true
"Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping"
when i got home an put on sum music(this song actuly)i suddenly relized,u no u may of just lost 1 of the most important ppl in ur life!
"all thats left of yestaday"
i felt lyk i was completly alone witout er
just thot its weird hw dat al fits in an wanted 2 share my take on it

Nickelback – Feelin' Way Too Damn Good Lyrics 11 years ago
i no how he feels in this one.its like,weneverytin is workin out u start 2 get nervous cuz ur not used 2 it so u watch out 4 wots gna go rong nxt.hes not used 2 relationships workin out an hes waitin 4 the nxt argument datl ruin it

Nickelback – Next Contestant Lyrics 11 years ago
i tink the name of this song is wel choosen.its like lets c hus nxt then with the music in between the chorus an verse sounds like u no that game show music when theyr waitin 4 sum1s answer.random comment but makes sense 2 me

Nickelback – Animals Lyrics 11 years ago
o how i h8 getin caught!altho the risk of it makes woteva ur doin so much more excitin.ah,the good old days b4 i decided 2 b a gd girl.hilarious song!

Nickelback – Photograph Lyrics 11 years ago
i tink its a bit over played but this song makes me so glad im stil"a kid"i can stil muck about hw i want an dont ave 2 many responsibilties.scares the hell outa me tho that i myt eventuly grow up an b lukin back at my life an all i mis

Nickelback – Rockstar Lyrics 11 years ago
is it tho,it sounds like hes makin fun of rockstars an himself-il stay skinny cuz i just wont eat-its true they dont but its not sumit we all wana do.kinda makin fun of the reast of the world becuz its like yeh we all wana b like this,rnt we stupid!

Nickelback – Far Away Lyrics 11 years ago
i think its about 2 ppl growin apart an when he relizes its hapenin he misses it an wants her back
"Too long, Too late
Who was I to make you wait"

"I have loved you all along
And I miss you
Been far away for far too long"

he stil loves her and just wants woteva they had b4 back.this cud simply b a friendship,not nesicerily(yes i no i cant spel)a bf/gf relationship.

Nickelback – Savin' Me Lyrics 11 years ago
i must say ive sat 4 the last 1/2 an hour readin every1s comments an they all seem 2 make sense.i only heard this song recently but i realy love it.hits me hard ryt now.2 me it sounds like hes in a rut an he doesnt tink he can get out of so he tinks wots the point in livin.the only thing thatl save him is if the one he loves loves him back.hope he has beta luck dan me

The Kooks – She Moves in Her Own Way Lyrics 11 years ago
think it means he loves this girl cuz shes dif instead bein a barbie an followin the crowd.wich sum1 felt like this bout me but in r society it seems wer only accepted if we follow "paper dreams" as in the dreams set 4 us in mags an we look like the people on the front covers.sumday the world wil learn

Panic! at the Disco – Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off Lyrics 11 years ago
does ne1 else think this song is just panic tryna turn ppl on? "lets get these teen hearts beatin faster"
o wel it works an i love it

Muse – Supermassive Black Hole Lyrics 11 years ago
love matts voice in this,took a while 2 get used 2 it but it friend an i heard 2 4 da 1st time at mine an we both just stoped wot we wer doin and looked at each otha in shock!can't wait 4 the new album.

Stevie Nicks – I Will Run To You Lyrics 11 years ago
very cute,sounds like sum1 is leadin her on an she wants 2 no wot 2 do.i can relate!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Death of a Martian Lyrics 11 years ago
ok i desided i wanted this played at my funeral 1st time i heard it,now im not so sure!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Million Miles of Water Lyrics 11 years ago
just relized i didnt actuly comment!i heard this song for da 1sttime about 15mins ago,im listenin 2 it 4 the 5th time now!i like!!i love that this guys ave been makin music(wel sum of them)for so long now but they stil ave style an avent lost their ideas yet that makes their music so amazin.
is it bought sum1 hes always seen as a friend and now he relizes that they cud b more than that an theyve wasted so much time just bin friends" want you to remember that some times we have to go without"mabe its a gd thing they werent 2 geta cuz now they ave a really strong friendship?dno just guessin. reminds me of one of my m8s hu i realy wish was more than just thatbut i no its never gona happen no mata hw much i want him.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Million Miles of Water Lyrics 11 years ago
a funny kind
so damn blind but now we got the nevermind
you will live(?) about another round sonuds like without another round but im not sure,sory!

The All-American Rejects – Top Of The World Lyrics 11 years ago
dont tink it just means bush(even tho he is a prick)i agree wit martinusgirl, its just about hw ppl with money
"Don’t be so greedy
A dollar's a penny to you
when hearts are beating
Say what you want 'em to do"
this person has more power an money than they no wot 2 do wit

The All-American Rejects – Dance Inside Lyrics 11 years ago
sounds like he really cares for her but he can't b with er so they ave 2 go wit the moment they hw this feels but b careful it causes alot of hassel!
mabe hes wit sum1 else but this girls his closest friend hu hes sceretly wanted 4 a long time,he kinda nos it wnt go wel tho the nxt day
"And I'll be fine, you'll be fine
Is this fine?"
"Don't waste no precious time"
love the tune 2 this

The All-American Rejects – Night Drive Lyrics 11 years ago
really catchy tune as well-the drums,makes me wish i cud drive!

The All-American Rejects – Change Your Mind Lyrics 11 years ago
"And all the bridges you've burned
leave you trapped off at all sides"
don't i no hw this feels!

The All-American Rejects – It Ends Tonight Lyrics 11 years ago
i was listenin 2 this i walked 2 skool 2day an did wot i always do wen im listenin 2 music-tried 2 make a vid 4 it in my head but in my head it seemed like he'd been hurt by this girl an now its his turn 2 hurt him an this is the last time.ok that doesnt make as much sense as i hoped
"I give the final blow"its his turn
"Now I'm on my own side
It's better than bein' on your side"
duno,just a thot

The All-American Rejects – Stab My Back Lyrics 11 years ago
and she screams,
"Stab my back, it's better when I bleed for you
Walk on me, it never was enough to do"
does this not imply it was her back that was stabbed?im a bit confused!

The All-American Rejects – Stab My Back Lyrics 11 years ago
and she screams,
"Stab my back, it's better when I bleed for you
Walk on me, it never was enough to do"
does this not imply it was her back that was stabbed?im a bit confused!

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams Lyrics 11 years ago
i love this song,i heard it on the radio(a cover of it)and my mum was singing along,i ws in shock cuz she doesnt usualy no da sorta stuf dats played on cool fm but she explained these guys sang it originally.then i sang it al day in skool drivin every1 insane an asked wots its name was-no1 knew-my m8 tinks its called thunder and rain or sumit,relly must go an correct er,but neway wen i got hme i asked my pops an he ended up bringin out all his old lps wich we listened 2 i no wen i tink of this song im gona tink about hm an hw da only guy u can realy trust is ur father.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – This Velvet Glove Lyrics 11 years ago it not THIS velvet glove?

Rod Stewart – The First Cut Is The Deepest Lyrics 11 years ago
ok,its obvious wot its about but thot id chuck my ideas neway.1st verse is describin hw he wants 2 love her but cant becuz sum1 broke his heart-stil likes er?nxt bit(i stil want u by my side)shows he stil wants this girl in his life an he'l try 2 love er but doesnt no if he'l b able 2 cuz his was destroyed by the first girl.
chorus basicly-u never fully get ovr ur first love
ironicly the guy that put this on a cd 4 me bcame the guy that broke my neva 4get him an i no its gona take me a looooooooooooooong time 2 get ovr him!

The Beach Boys – Wouldn't It Be Nice Lyrics 11 years ago
o,harsh bluewaves,mabe not ur cup of tea but sum ppl lyk it.neway i loved this song in 50 first dates,makes me wana grow up faster so i can b wit my baby(if he'l eva ave me dat is)

Rod Stewart – You're In My Heart Lyrics 11 years ago
this is one of the cutest songs ever an it always makes me sick 2 my stomack 2 relized hw much ive thrown sooo sory babe!
its got a really catchy rhymn 2,im playin it now infact an i tink im gona cry

Panic! at the Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies Lyrics 11 years ago
hey b4 i start id like 2 say i wish ppl wud stop usin this site as an excuse 2 fyt wit each otha,we all ave diff opions i personally love this song but dnt like much of their otha stuf but im not gna make evy1 agree wit me u can tink wot u like.
wen i 1st heard it i thot the idea of "closin a god damn door" was 2 forget wots hapened in da past. or mabe if ur gna tlk about a bride bhind er bk make sure da groom is no were near an can't hear u!!!!:D

The Calling – Wherever You Will Go Lyrics 11 years ago
i think inconceivable is spot on.he lost her and just wants her back more than anything cause he'd do anything 4 her.avent heard much of calling but this song rocks an wud def incourage me 2 listen 2 more of their stuff.really shows us that once u lose the one u love ur dun 4 cuz no1 wil b able 2 make u feel the same way,don't i no that!!o an cof rulz,gug luck!!!lol

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