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Toby Keith – I Ain't As Good As I Once Was Lyrics 3 years ago
Ha! I am sorry for that example!

Material Issue – Everything Lyrics 3 years ago
Funny, years after posting this comment I've come to appreciate the original and think it superior. Ah, to be young and dumb.

Def Leppard – Love Lyrics 3 years ago
I posted the lyrics here and had completely forgotten about this gem of a song.

It's a gorgeous song. Def Leppard doin' what they do.

Better Than Ezra – Extra Ordinary Lyrics 3 years ago
The lyrics are wrong in the chorus.

Supposed to be: "All I wanna do is stay till early in the mornin'."

Reckless Kelly – Wicked Twisted Road Lyrics 3 years ago
"My first love was a wicked, twisted road."

Isn't everyone's?

This is a magnificent song. Self-explanatory. Perhaps that's why no comments yet.

It's about first love. How invincible you feel because you're young and ignorant. You think it'll last forever. Or you don't even think in those terms. You're livin' and lovin' until one day you're faced with reality of the relationship being over.

It's about allt he mistakes that were made and how you know better now, but it's too late.

Alice in Chains – Don't Follow Lyrics 3 years ago
I'm sorry about your friend.

I agree with your sentiment, that the narrator in this song is basically telling his friend not to follow him into the dark.

So sad.

Danger Danger – I Still Think About You Lyrics 3 years ago
Look up the acoustic versions on YouTube. They are incredible. I wish there was a commercially-released unplugged version of this song. "I Still Think About You" is a wonderful hair ballad.

Cory Branan – A Girl Named GO Lyrics 3 years ago
Absolutely. Every time I've seen him perform this song, he sings it, "Seven little letters and a bag of blow."

Matt Nathanson – Falling Apart Lyrics 4 years ago
I have indeed wondered about the title, and I agree with your assessment.. I love everything about this record right down to the name of it.

Guns N' Roses – Yesterdays Lyrics 8 years ago
Yeah, but if that's the case ... is it a dedication or are they saying they don't need Steven?

"Yesterday's got nothin' for me. Old pictures that I'll always see. Time just fades the pages in my book of memories."

Jimmy Buffett – A Pirate Looks at Forty Lyrics 8 years ago
I think this is about getting older and reminiscing.

Jet – She's a Genius Lyrics 8 years ago
A lot of people hate on Jet. To me, they have killer riffs and catchy songs. What else do you need, really?

This song is about groupies, I think.

Green Day – The Static Age Lyrics 8 years ago
The funny thing is, we aren't really a static age currently. Static doesn't really exist anymore or won't, what with the advent of HD signals.

Green Day – Viva la Gloria! Lyrics 8 years ago
Enjoying your interpretations/summaries of the songs on this record.

Wilco – You and I Lyrics 8 years ago
Personally, I think this song would have been better without the duet or backup vocals by the chick or whatever you'd call it. I like it but it's almost cheesy with the girl singing.

Wilco – Wilco (The Song) Lyrics 8 years ago
Yeah, maybe the song is self-aware, but I think it's in essence just saying to escape the stress of life with some good music, whether it's Wilco or someone else.

John Prine – Day Is Done Lyrics 8 years ago
This is a great, simple song. Nostalgia. It's about first love but it's almost about puppy love in the first verse. Remember passing notes in class to a cute girl? "Do you like me? Yes or No" and anxiously waiting for the note's return?

Those were the times, friends. Before the world corrupted us.

Dashboard Confessional – Tonight I'll Take What I Can Get Lyrics 8 years ago
It's a bonus track, but it wasn't recorded in studio. Still sounds muffled.

Ryan Adams – When the Stars Go Blue Lyrics 8 years ago
As someone said, this is about a woman who got married but is unhappy. The first two verses point to that. She's dancing in her wedding gown, she's a marionette and he almost sarcastically poses the question to her if she's happy.

He is still in love with her and wants her to know he'll always be there for her,

"laughing with your pretty mouth, laughing with your broken eyes, laughing with your lover's tongue
in a lullabye"

She's faking happiness.

Guns N' Roses – November Rain Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is epic. In some ways I wish it remained simpler. I have an acoustic version/early demo that's really sick. But the piano on Illusion is top notch.

David Gray – Say Hello Wave Goodbye Lyrics 8 years ago
I don't know why people are bitching about this version of the song. I find it to be superior to the original. Yes, that's right. The Soft Cell version is unlistenable.

Guns N' Roses – Better Lyrics 8 years ago
This song most closely resembles the old Guns N' Roses, specifically in the verses. It's great, and yeah, the best song on the new album.

Ryan Adams – Hey There Mrs. Lovely Lyrics 8 years ago
This is on Easy Tiger as "These Girls." Different lyrics and faster. I like both versions.

Guns N' Roses – Madagascar Lyrics 9 years ago
I think the soundbytes ruin the song. It would otherwise be very good.

Guns N' Roses – Scraped Lyrics 9 years ago
The intro with Axl harmonizing with himself is sort of weak but grows on you.

But by God once it kicks off it's so badass. The dual voices is cool. I want to see him pull this off in concert.

This is probably directed at people who kept saying the album would never release, the new band stinks, etc. etc. "Don't you try to stop us now."

Guns N' Roses – Better Lyrics 9 years ago
slickvic is absolutely clueless. Axl wasn't the mastermind behind Guns. If anything, Izzy is the one who came up with the raw versions of most of Guns' early hits. But they all built songs together. Duff was brilliant. Slash had killer riffs. Axl had the melodies.

And I'm also tired of the "It isn't the same without Slash" stuff. Exactly. It isn't. Get over it. New band. New Guns. Still very good.

I love "Better."

Guns N' Roses – Silkworms Lyrics 9 years ago
No this ISN'T on the CD. So much for your exclusive copy.

Guns N' Roses – 14 Years Lyrics 9 years ago
The voice in the chorus sounds like Axl because it IS Axl.

Kid Rock – All Summer Long Lyrics 9 years ago
Furthermore, "Werewolves of London" has a similar chord progression to "Sweet Home Alabama." So why aren't you holier-than-thou types complaining that Zevon ripped off Skynyrd?

Kid Rock – All Summer Long Lyrics 9 years ago
Wow. People who've left comments about how Kid Rock "stole" this song are absolutely ignorant. It's a mashup, as some said. The music is sampled. It's not thievery.

I love the song. It's catchy and nostalgic. Exactly what it meant to be. Nothing more. You music elitists need to go outside and get some fresh air.

Jason Mraz – I'm Yours Lyrics 9 years ago
Original is better. Get that one.

Dashboard Confessional – Fever Dreams Lyrics 9 years ago
I bet the people who originally thought the song was too simplistic enjoy it now. It's simple, but catchy. FEVER DREAMS.

Toby Keith – I Ain't As Good As I Once Was Lyrics 9 years ago
This song's about Father Time slowing you down, but on any given day being able to rise up and turn back that clock. It's kinda' like an injury-riddled and hobbled Kirk Gibson hitting a home run and becoming the MVP of the World Series (though this example may not be best since he played more years).

Boston – Foreplay/Long Time Lyrics 9 years ago
I love this song. Fell in love with it all over again after playing it so much in Rock Band on the Xbox 360.

Aerosmith – Girls Of Summer Lyrics 9 years ago
The first line should read, "When winter HEARTS turn summer pink." Not "hush."

Don Henley – The Boys of Summer Lyrics 9 years ago
Rushman, you're a pompous jerk. If it's merely about what you suggest, then please explain what the hell the Grateful Dead part is supposed to mean.

Alice in Chains – Heaven Beside You Lyrics 9 years ago
She is the heaven that was beside him but the hell within him made it impossible for the two to be together. I like the contrast in the lyrics between his ex who he deems so perfect and himself who he deems so tortured inside.

LA Guns – Ballad of Jayne Lyrics 9 years ago
I love this song. I have had it on a hair metal disc for more than a decade now but only recently fell in love with it. No idea why it never caught my attention before. The meaning is self-explanatory. About the death of Jayne.

Bon Jovi – I Love This Town Lyrics 9 years ago
Who would and why would you love New Jersey?

Bon Jovi – The Last Night Lyrics 9 years ago
This is the LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST NIGHT. Many of the songs on the new album are uplifting. Stark contrast from all of the heartbreak songs out there these days. I like it.

Bon Jovi – Seat Next To You Lyrics 9 years ago
Love it. About someone who wants nothing more than to journey through life hand in hand with his girl.

Bon Jovi – We Got It Going On Lyrics 9 years ago
Yeah, I don't think it's intended to be self-centered at all. It's more about just enjoying life and having a good time. We ... got it ... goin' on!

Ryan Adams – Off Broadway Lyrics 9 years ago
Why do people keep posting the wrong lyrics? STOP until the right ones are released. The first verse has already been corrected. The second one is wrong as well.

Ryan Adams – Everybody Knows Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree with trey. It seems he is battling his demons and it's affecting his relationship.

"You come for me in the worst of places."

He's craving.

"I'm always in need, and it's hard to be reciprocating. The fabric of our life gets torn."

Sometimes the want for the drugs is so bad that it's difficult for him to give anything of himself to this woman.

Ryan Adams – Goodnight Rose Lyrics 9 years ago
Don't take life too seriously. Don't rush through it. Savor it. Enjoy it. Tomorrow is a new day. A new chance to get it right.

It reminds me of that old quote: “Life is short. Break the rules forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile.”

Matt Nathanson – Weight of It All Lyrics 9 years ago
Old relationships left him feeling bitter and negative about love. He's talking about new girls who have fallen for him and they are caught up in a whirlwind romance. Meanwhile, he's basically saying that though you're happy now (the sun), he knows it isn't everlasting (the rain). So what's the point?

I guess he's just heartbroken. Everyone feels this way at some point.

Matt Nathanson – Bent Lyrics 9 years ago
It is about a selfish girl. He's rhetorically asking that if he did everything she said and bent over backwards for her, would she have stayed? Would it have changed? He knows it wouldn't have.

When he's apologizing to her, he's doing so sarcastically.

Matt Nathanson – Suspended Lyrics 9 years ago
When he's with this girl, he forgets about everything else. He loses himself in her and it masks how lost he is in life. How unhappy he is with certain things. He feels better about himself and his situation when he is in her warm embrace.

Matt Nathanson – Angel Lyrics 9 years ago
I think moemoekeekee nailed the meaning. I agree.

Matt Nathanson – Laid Lyrics 9 years ago
The original by James really is the best and this is coming from a big Nathanson fan. This isn't a bad cover, though. And definitely better than the aforementioning Better than Ezra (another band I'm a fan of) version.

The song is simply about some crazy and kinky chick, but it completely turns him on.

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