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Ani DiFranco – Revelling Lyrics 11 years ago
songs like this are the reason i love ani difranco so much. not only does she have this amazing mind that can find the right words when they always seem out of reach.... but she writes about these things that you dont hear anyone else write about. things that cauise pain, things that arent cliche.

the relatinoship where you know your partner loves you more than you do them... and you just cant fix it... and its so painful... she captured it so beautifully and honestly. i love this song.

Radiohead – 2HB Lyrics 12 years ago
You gave her away to the hero
Words don't express my meaning
Notes could not spell out the score
But finding not keeping's the lesson

beautiful. holding on to things (good or bad) in the end hurts us somehow.. i love that they said "finding, not keeping's the lesson". its so true.

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