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Muse – Uno Lyrics 13 years ago
"It could be about an ex, and he's saying to her "Look at us now"
Nah I think whoever said it was about someone who didnt know he liked her, or wasn't interested because he wasn't as popular as her or whatever, was right, it can't be about an ex because it says
"And you don't know what you've done
But I'll give you a clue"
It's like he's yelling at her, but she doesn't know what he's going on about, because he was like a nerd kid perhaps who was looking at this popular girl from a distance and made little hints to her perhaps, that hse never acknowledged or picked up or something and now he's been driven mad by it all, kind of like Eminem's Stan only not crap

Bloc Party – Luno Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm not sure it's specifically about Violence at home, although I agree it is a feature of the song. I think it's a bit about a Teenage rebellion

"And you're tired of your Mum
And you're tired of your Dad
Got you jumping through hoops
Got you shaving your legs
Let it pass, let it pass, let it pass over you"

Pretty obvious, just sick and tired of his/her parents, (probably a girl given Luno is perhaps her name and she's shaving her legs)

"And you're tired of your face
And you're tired of your nose"

Standard teenage anxieties of hating the way you look, or perhaps deeper than that, her face or nose remind her of her parents.

"And your nose is bleeding
You've been lying to me"

Suggests two things to me: 1. That she's gone out to show or a bar or something and got in a fight and when she comes in her parents confront her about where she's been, she tells them a lie and they point out that her nose is bleeding OR 2. In interegating her they get to vigourous and (the dad presumably) hits her.

"There will be no hesitation
There will be no confrontation
There will be no indication
There will be no cause
There will be no exultation
There will be no justification
There will be no way at all"

Perhaps more about the girl, she just does what she wants, she won't even argue with her parents about letting her do it, she just does it.

Come back to me the the way you were
The way you were when we were young
I'm trying to tell you everything"

Luno doesn't think her parents understand her and they're saying the standard 'What happened to you?' 'You used to be so different when you were young' 'We're trying to help you, why won't you tell us what's wrong'

"I can heal the blind
I can cure the sick
I can say the right things
I can say the right things
Where d'you get so cruel
Where do you go
Cos you're never here"
Perhaps again, anxiety of the parents, They want to help her, but she won't tell them what the problem and "Heal the Blind" and "Cure the sick" is a deliberate Hyperbole of how her parents will do anything to help her, but to Luno, they might as well be saying they can heal the blind, as she doesn't think they can help

And your nose is bleeding
You deserve it
You've been lying to me

The most clear indication that one of them has hit her in anger, What d'ya reckon? Also, check out the Death from Above 1979 cover of this song, it's great

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