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David Usher – Jesus Was My Girl Lyrics 5 years ago
The song is very enjoyable: hypnotic, a touch exotic, subtly sexy--the lyrics cryptic.

I find it easier to process on a more literal level. It's a narrative of an older man, someone close to him died, who may or may not have been a male sex partner. This loss devastates him, he has lost all faith in the world; he is a million miles away from he wants to be.

He seeks out a woman and interacts with her in um, intimate ways. For she is very skilled in what she does. Perhaps she is simply a prostitute named Jesus? Or a sex therapist or even someone who is part of a sex cult...

In her he hopes to see a savior, someone who can bring release / religious rapture through ritualized sex. However, when the climax arrives, he realizes nothing has changed. His foolish, unpretty ways with the woman only serves as a painful reminder of his barren, empty existence. she urges him to turn to the real Jesus.

Bootsy Collins – Play With Bootsy Lyrics 5 years ago
Bootsy play a tune, fly me to the moon
Baby we can touch down tonight
Bootsy's goin' to set stars alight
Stars up in the sky, your music makes me high

Mother Mother – Ghosting Lyrics 7 years ago
Indeed, a wonderful song. I really identify with this one. I felt like a lingering, haunted, withdrawn ghost in my own family home for many many years. I wanted to 'come out' of this haunting and leave very badly.

Very evocative of [in]tense family dynamics: a spouse leaving resulting in divorce...

"Hey, would it be so bad if I stayed
I'm just a ghost out of his grave
and I can't make love in my grave
I won't put white into your hair"

deaths, and other tragedies that produce such ghosts and ghostings that cause stress and leaves you c/old in broken homes.

And this is why I have decided
To leave your house and home unhaunted
You don't need poltergeists for sidekicks

IAMX – My Secret Friend Lyrics 8 years ago
There's definitely an element of sex and control in this one. Uninhibited.

Maybe they're having sex in/by the river. Or it's all metaphorical. They're "submersing" themselves in a very secret liaison, suspended in time where they can sin ["swim"] forever [die a little death in your skin = 'petit mort' slang for orgasm in French]; "there's no code word" = S&M kinkiness. Well.

Love the slight eerie quality in this one... If you're submerged in water in the dark, with your lover it would be like going back to the womb. I think in some cultural tale/myth/belief [Japanese maybe?] that if two star-crossed lovers cannot bear to be apart and commit suicide, they will reincarnate as twins in their next life together.

IAMX – Spit It Out Lyrics 8 years ago
It's gorgeous. I prefer the original album version. It's more grandiose, theatrical, gothic [the piano] yet still carries that electro vibe so you can dance to it

Furthermore, the lyrics are very emotionally charged and quite evocative. The song itself reminds me of a painful, frustrating experience in my romantic life and like narrator of this song it came to nothing.

Broken Social Scene – Passport Radio Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is great. Yes it's nostalgic and is certainly an ode to the wonder of wireless. I know radio has been around forever and nobody thinks of it that way anymore. But seriously, the radio really is a passport to different places--LIVE. Way back when everything was pretty much broadcast live. And now that we have shortwave, we are transported instantly to faraway places. So close, yet so distant!

Stars – Death to Death Lyrics 9 years ago
A thought just occured to me. I found the phrase "death to death" to be kind of paradoxical. If you become a vampire, you basically "killed" Death because you are now immortal. The vampire is kind of tired of life, he "died" once already so he technically can't die again. In other words his state of "death" cannot be ended. He's dead yet alive at the same time.

Stars – Death to Death Lyrics 9 years ago
Cactus brandy... The closest thing that comes to mind is maybe tequila, a liquour derived from the agave plant. A lot of people think mistakenly think it's a kind of cacti.

It's a cool song. Though it could have been a better fit for ther "Set Yourself on Fire" album.

Stars – The Comeback Lyrics 9 years ago
Thanks to all for the corrections! I guess this song is reckless lifestyle of wild partying, sex ["Land of Nod", "angel dust"], drugs, and alcohol ;). That, and reckless abandon. Ah, youth.

Stars – Division Lyrics 9 years ago
As far as I know, no because the song is not on any official stars album, or on any EP's. Currently it's a digital download as a single or on compilations!

The chorus is very difficult to figure out. I'm quite sure the first two lines have to do with "fire" after that, it's open to interpretation. I do like your take on it though. I think I do hear "seeds" but I can also hear "leaves" too... I think it's that blurring effect of two vocals that makes the lyrics so hard to make out.

Stars – Division Lyrics 9 years ago
minor correction:
and the lamps burning on the floor - should be "the lamp's burning out again!"

the willows will hang their heads
and the bitter will swing low

I think it might be "in the bittersweet row" but not too sure. Row makes sense here as as co trees and getting into a fight and also a row of desks/chairs?...

The willows will hang their heads
In the bittersweet row
From where I sit,
With your back turned
Here it's just begun!

Llorca – Indigo Blues Lyrics 9 years ago
Nicole Graham the vocalist penned this song herself. She kindly emailed me the correct lyrics. My thanks to Nicole.

Broken Social Scene – Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl Lyrics 9 years ago
The emotional nuance of this song is spot on, which I think is the sadness in leaving childhood behind and attempts to make it last just a little bit longer. It's full of nostalgia. The narrative behind it goes like this: A young girl at the cusp of adolescence [adulthood is possible here too, the narrator here can be anywhere from 8-17], a time of confusion, enormous change, and general emotional tumult. Social links change too as people change, move away,attend different schools, etc. It can be hard to see an another [older?] childhood friend or a sister excited at the prospect of "growing up" so to speak who is moving into a different path in her life [figuratively and literally] and knowing that you can't share that with her and the sadness this separation brings. There is the feeling of being left behind and perhaps being forgotten in the process...

In a nutshell, the narrator sees all the signs of maturation [learning to drive, putting makeup on, moving away to live alone, starting a different life] in her friend is generally accepting of it all, but hopes that she won't be forgotten in her fervent plea, to "dream about me". Alternatively the song is a retrospective of a younger self as a youth... to never forget...

Broken Social Scene – Cranley's Gonna Make It Lyrics 9 years ago
Funny. You're comment reminds me of another comment off CBC Radio 3. "Silvergold" said that he/she never got into BSS because she kept hearing their stuff as muzak [I think it might be mostly BSS's more ambient selections] from various sources... on the elevator, at a medical clinic reception, when put on hold on the phone... Basically it was very much a turn-off and annoyance.

IAMX – Song Of Imaginary Beings Lyrics 9 years ago
I think this girl may be intersexed (born with ambiguous genitalia; raised as a girl from birth). Her mother makes her feel inadequate and is in a self-defeating, despondent state. She is ashamed about her body and turns to religion and/or celibacy to escape earthly desire and/or societal expectation in how a woman should function. She has failed to find a lover who would accept her as she is. Besides, she isn't getting any younger (see references to 'hourglass' and 'shelf life') and any hope of conceiving children (if she had any potential at all) is fading fast. She has to face the fact that love continues to elude her and may have to spend the rest of her life alone, "in grief" of love that was never found (as opposed to a loss). In her lifetime "love" has given her only grief so she retreats into herself... maybe she becomes mentally absent or ill as a result.

Perhaps she perpetually lives in a fantasy world. Why all the mythological figures? The phoenix represents rebirth, renewal... The devil and serpent reminds me of Adam's wife [Lillith and/or Eve]? And the legendary siren song that seduces men to their deaths? Fantasies that sort of fulfill what the woman longs for to some extent.

Stars – Theme from the Stars Lyrics 10 years ago
I love this song. It has that abstract/metaphorical thing to it as with "Ageless Beauty." It's beautiful.

I think it's about a couple going camping. They stay up gazing at the stars. Then the stars disappear in the cold light of morning. But then they watch the sun rise. Before they finally sleep that night they bid goodnight to the stars [the cosmic universe/God?] and think of the people before them [angels, or perhaps other campers]. The song is also cyclical, "watch the stars descend"......... It's a song brimming with hope, love, wonder and beauty. I think this song is truly Stars' signature song. Calme, luxe, volupte is their motto after all.

Broken Social Scene – All My Friends Lyrics 10 years ago
Agree w/ the song allusions to Stars, Metric, and Apostle of Hustle. This song is not about "taking shots" about the bands themselves but is about the downside of being "famous".... it's great how successful BSS's friends are but at the same time, they don't see each other very much anymore because they're constantly touring and promoting. I bet Kevin Drew wrote the lyrics..... he's asking them to slow down. It must be a little overwhelming with expecations and pressure to perform etc. BSS and friends are all endure grueling tours bc that's how they make most of their money. It must be exhausting to be on the road all the time and to be away from your loved ones..... I wonder how Feist and Drew cope now that they're lovers?

Stars – He Lied About Death Lyrics 10 years ago
I love the expressiveness in this song. It starts out slow and insuinating and builds up to a more frenetic pace of synths, a sax solo, and other instruments. Cool.

It's also kinda interesting when the singers say "keep watching the sky 'cause you might get lucky again", like the Bush administration totally have it coming if they are burned/invaded/infiltrated.

Stars – Midnight Coward Lyrics 10 years ago
Will you be the one to sneak out?

Stars – Midnight Coward Lyrics 10 years ago
Ah, the one night stand. There is always the awkwardness when morning comes. Do you actually have to have an actual conversation with your partner? Who's going to leave first? Pretend to be asleep and let the other leave, or.....? You were drunk last night and now you've got a hangover. Do you regret what you did? Feeling any guilt, shame? Are there any repercussions for your behaviour?

Stars – Personal Lyrics 10 years ago
You have to be willing to love to be loved. Inevitably you will gett hurt in the process. It's part of the dating game. In my eyes the man is being a coward really.

Stars – Personal Lyrics 10 years ago
Yes, I think in the last stanza the man makes it very clear he wants a casual or non-serious relationship when he writes: "nothing too heavy." Honestly, who is more heavy when Torq sings "Is it you or me"? Well obviously it's not either or. It's both parties.

My advice for the man venturing into the dating scene is that he must put himself out there despite the emotional baggage and fears of getting hurt. Why bother going about it otherwise? In this aspect the woman is stronger than the man because she seemed to understand this--and brave enough to meet him in person despite her own insecurities.

Stars – Window Bird Lyrics 10 years ago
The first verse really reminds me of the song Heart--about the note and I heard Torq say this song is about lying down and staring at the sky..... again, an element found in Heart.

But this song window bird is about the singer looking at the love note, musing about the ups and downs in her relationship. "When we go down" one "loses courage." I'm not sure if Amy is singing about the nature of the descent ["ferocious", as in a very steep, dangerous, volatile manner] or that her lover happens to be very strong in the face of the downturn in the relationship, trying to "save" or salvage the relationship before it crashes and ends for good. That's what I think anyway.

Memphis – The Phone Call Lyrics 10 years ago
In the end of verse 5, I'm quite sure it's "I'm never for you, when you think I am."

This could be a Stars song, if it weren't for the poppyness. It's about a guy who rejects a girl who just confessed her love to him. He doesn't think he is right for her as they'll "grow apart" and so they "shouldn't even start". He calls to say sorry or comfort her in some way but when she says "hello" he can't bring himself to speak. He pointedly decides not to say anything at all, thinking this is for the best and that she'll soon forget him and someday she'll tell him "about a man who broke" her heart.

Feist – My Moon My Man Lyrics 11 years ago
I really don't want to believe it myself but the anal sex theory makes a lot of sense. "It's the dirtiest clean I know" "Take it slow, Take it easy on me"... It kinda sounds like it's her first time doing it!

I think it's also possible her referencing the moon may or may not be about her menses... Just throwing it out there. It could be sex during one's period. Or maybe like every woman, she dreads her period, the low point in her cycle [she wants it slow/longer to reach the low point?]. Menstrual cycles are all about hormones and changes after all. Similarly, she wants to ease into the relationship with her new man without falling too hard...

Feist – How My Heart Behaves Lyrics 11 years ago
The song to me is Feist's take on the matters of the heart. The heart is delicate: with one shake it can shatter. The smallest thing can affect you emotionally. Just as the gentlest of wind will fan her yellow eye, a ferry making waves by disturbing still waters......... Even just a little distrust will break the heart.

Feist – How My Heart Behaves Lyrics 11 years ago
She also sings about growth. fanning my yellow eye. she is referring to herself as a plant. you know, the yellow/black centre of a flowering plant.......Perhaps a lily, a plant that grows in water.

The Cliks – Oh Yeah Lyrics 11 years ago
I think the music video is genius. I had to watch it twice to get it.......... At first I thought it was some kind of English boarding school for the people for dressing the way they did. But then I saw the people exhibiting behaviour that you wouldn't expect in women competing over a man. Damn clever gender-bending.

The song is great. It's so catchy. It seems to be about a falling out of sorts between friends. Maybe about a guy. Or maybe the other ex-friend is a guy.

Feist – Intuition Lyrics 11 years ago
One of my favourite songs. Yes, this song is indeed about the what-ifs; the people you meet, you wonder what you missed out on by not choosing them. She sings "Did I, Did I, miss out on you. Or was it simply "miss you." I'm thinking that she thought her intuition actually FAILED her. But that's just my interpretation. Fact: on average a woman will kiss 79 men in her lifetime.

Reverie Sound Revue – Passes and Passports Lyrics 11 years ago
Lyrics updated. I hope the format is satisfactory. I admit that I was stumped by those two lines and now I understand the song better. My thanks to everyone who contributed.

This is a real catchy song about flirtation. The heroine sees an acquaintance by chance at the airport and they flirt--exchanging phone numbers, sharing the photos from their passports. I think she accuses him of being evasive, "passing" people off. In turn, he interrupts her accusations, again exhibiting more of his trademark evasiveness. And then she challenges him for a date/relationship? (Whoa, is this a scene from those teen soap operas like the O.C?)

I'm so excited RSR are back together with a new album that's coming out! I can't believe they are still unsigned. I'm been hoping that since lead singer Lisa Lobsinger has connections with Broken Social Scene, her band would be signed to their label, Arts & Crafts... Who's with me?

Stars – Better Be Heaven Lyrics 11 years ago
It sounds like an on again, off again relationship. The seventh time better be heaven. Hey, seven's a lucky number, right?

Stars – This Charming Man (The Smiths cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
It' s a wonderful cover, and they modified it so it fits just right with the the rest of the album. wow.

Stars – Ageless Beauty Lyrics 11 years ago
Such poetic lyrics. Lovely. Nice lighthouse analogy, mook. I think the song is basically about encouraging people to soldier on even when they are hardened by "cruelty" and spectres of painful memories. Time will mend your heart. So let it thaw a little. Love is hope. "Oceans won't freeze / So loosen your heart / Underestimated / Undefeated / In this love."

Stars – Calendar Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
or maybe they're talking about SAD? It's a depression that kicks in the colder months when there's like no sun......

This song is beautiful. I agree that it's about hope and a new found love of life. It also helps to have supportive friends who care. You shouldn't wait around for death to claim you.

MC 900 Foot Jesus – The City Sleeps Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't really like the instrumentation of this song but I admire it's wonderful narrative and imagery. cool.

Stars – Petit Mort Lyrics 11 years ago
SachaV: I think this is on the "Comeback EP." Check Wikipedia; it's got their complete discography and track listings.

Apostle of Hustle – Animal Fat Lyrics 11 years ago
I transcibed the following from the CBC Radio 3 Session:

She did something for me one time
Just to a sweep
Said "I'm doing this for you darling,
Don't leave it on the street"
Recall those people
Don't you know anything?

Drinking steadily into the light
Doing a sailor's hymn
Far below the clock tower's height
I've fallen to her hands
She said,
"I've got perfect virgin's feet"
Caressed your hair

Recall the dying embers
Said all you can remember
You gotta have a lot more fire

The stone age side was one bloody--
I thought you were a quicker starter still
We gotta have a lot more fire

My ancestors built a society
Conquering the seas
Can't explain the source of sour voids
Coming up through me
They say the western people
They don't know anything

The All-American Rejects – Kiss Yourself Goodbye Lyrics 11 years ago
Intriguing lyrics! When I first listened to the song, I felt it was about controlling someone in a relationship. One partner is very domineering, read: sadistic. "You would cry tonight / So kiss yourself goodbye. She's the submissive one, she's totally in his posession. She is "easy" because she is vulnerable. He wears down her resistance: "Drink down and your candles burn / Away, away." He would taunt/torture her by being distant emotionally and sexually: Blank face little girl / Your colors running down / It’s the one you love / Cry out my world, this copulated kiss / It’s the last that you deserve" and "Take you, take me / I can’t go with you now / Don’t you wish I’d try / Left just a trace, it's growing colder still / So kiss yourself goodbye" when he succeeds in making her dependent on him. White is the colour of purity. When the girl makes a game of picking off the petals, he only wants to hear a clear yes or no, not maybe. Therefore he only accepts complete submission. Let this be a warning: if you end up with this guy, you will literally "kiss yourself goodbye."

Broken Social Scene – 7/4 (Shoreline) Lyrics 11 years ago
tidal rabbit:

You know when you are on a boat, floating aimlessly in the water? You'd want to get on dry land, naturally. There are many of us who float helplessly in life. How many of us felt fear, pressure, uncertainty, angst, regarding life decisions? Perhaps the shoreline represents the way out; through that final decision. Right or wrong people find relief when they finally take action that's right for them. You will have get off the boat sometime.

Apostle of Hustle – Kings and Queens Lyrics 12 years ago
I did the best I could. I referred to a live version and the album version of the song. If you think the lyrics are wrong please do the courtesy to point out any mistakes. I am however very confident about the last half of the song.

Stars – My Radio Lyrics 12 years ago
Thank you for the correction[s]. They are rather minor plus I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment to email the admin to correct the lyrics. I personally think the line is "up her woods" because I figured it was some kind of euphemistic way of referring to female genitalia and well sex in general. But in all likelihood, the guy who wrote this song was proabably smoking weed anyway.... which may explain the first verse.

Broken Social Scene – KC Accidental Lyrics 12 years ago
KC Accidental the band has uploaded a few songs to "" It's a fantastic site through "CBC Radio 3" to listen to great Canadian music.

Stars – Petit Mort Lyrics 12 years ago
I think in one interview Torq mentioned that the title means "The Little Death" in French. This is what the French literally mean when they speak of the big 'O' [FYI: an orgasm]. XD

Stars – The Comeback Lyrics 12 years ago
Thank you for pointing that out! Were you to the studio session for CBC Radio 3's defunct magazine?

Broken Social Scene – Lover's Spit Lyrics 12 years ago
Love this song. I gotta give props to BSS and Stars for their wonderful, original love songs that never contain the words "baby" or "babe." You know, those types of songs that you hear on the radio. If they ever did use filler words like that I would completely lose faith in them.

Broken Social Scene – Almost Crimes Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it is very possible what slp44 said. After listening to a live, clear-as-a-bell acoustic version w/ Lisa Lobsinger, I referred back to the CD version (the verses were sung in a different order) to get something like this for the first half of the song:

I told you we'd make it, up for another
I told you we'd make it, up for more now (Put on all that best)

This is how they will wear their all
We'd looked better when we're dead

I told you we'd make it, up for another (Nothing even comes down like this)
I told you we'd make it on for another (Nothing amounts to shit)

Help this love before you leave
Demonstrations like caress

I wanted to save it, I got that from you (Naked for us, it's been so silent)
I told you I'd make it, I got no way in here (Children sleep with dicks)

Wouldn't you know it? I had no idea this thing was explicitly a LOVE song. I love the line sung by Drew: "Naked for us, it's been so silent." Wooow. Awesome.

Stars – My Radio Lyrics 12 years ago
does anyone know what the difference is between the AM and FM mixes? I trascribed these lyrics from the AM version.

Manu Chao – Me Gustas Tú Lyrics 12 years ago
this song is just so cute! I like Spencer's idea of making all night long but I'd have to disagree. In context, this song is from the album "Proxima Estacion" which means "Next Station" I believe. I keep imagining him on a train station platform performing and a PA system 'counting' the hours. Manu Chao is multilingual and is a recognized artist in European and Latin countries. So he travels a lot.

Broken Social Scene – 7/4 (Shoreline) Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is about our lives. How some people live in a double standard. You love one sort of life or lifestyle but you must sacrifice it for another life expected of you. It is a tough decision too make and you feel very pressured emotionally due to time constraints, as the song hints, and "it's time" to make that decision.

I wonder if this applies to the whole band in general. I mean, they were all struggling musicians/singers/performers/music producers. It is likely that many of them felt pressured to leave their respective roles to live a more conventional life- getting into a more profitable career, buying a house, settling down with a life partner, raising a family, etc.

Stars – What I'm Trying to Say Lyrics 13 years ago
hah hah. Renegade love. Drug junkies, 'outcasts,' the alternative life style. Just try imagining Amy or Torq wearing punk/goth clothings.

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