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Muse – Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
wasnt it used in notting hill? thats the orig tho.....manim upset i know that....

Radiohead – Creep Lyrics 11 years ago
muse do this WAY better

Queen – All God's People Lyrics 12 years ago
maybe its because i'm a christian, but it seems to me like freddie has found some sort of faith near the end. this is from innuendo, the last album released while freddie was alive, it makes sense that he is comtemplating whats going to happen to his soul after that fateful day in november '92. i mean lyrics like "Don't turn your back on the lessons of the Lord" and "Let us be thankful, he's so incredible" seem very full on. anybody else agree?

Queen – One Vision Lyrics 12 years ago
i totally agree with lukefun on this one. it is about the whole world uniting to work together. first of all it details how he comes upon the way to do this, it was just "one man", which was him, "one goal, one mission", both of which are worldwide unity. then he has "one flash of light" a flash of inspiration if you will, or as he implies by "one God, one vision", a vision from God. then he goes into detailing his aim,"One flesh, one bone One true religion", the whole world as one. "No wrong, no right" means that everyone will be free to do as they wish, not tied down by other peoples expectations."I'm gonna tell you there's no black and no white" is OBVIOUSLY not a racist remark, hes purely saying how the titles "black and white" will no longer need to be applied, everyone will be equal. "No blood, no stain" is just saying how there will no longer be any wars, no blood shed, no stains left on the hands of soldiers or murderers or anyone who kills, no-one will feel the need to kill, everyone will be happy and content.
then things turn bad. he feels dissolusioned. "A dream of sweet illusion" is him detailing how he felt conned into beleiving everything could be perfect by giving a "A glimpse of hope and unity" through his dream/inspiration mentioned earlier. but a "cold wind blows,And a dark rain falls, Look what they've done to my dream" shows how no matter how perfect the dream, and how good it is, someone always manages to balls it up and ruin everything.
but he still fights on. his dream is too important to be ruined by one mishap. he says "So give me your hands,Give me your hearts", and to me this means that he is trying to repair the damage done, and he is trying to reunite everyone again. he tells them that this time it is going to work, and there is only one way for it, "There's only one direction, One world, one nation". notice throughout the song he says "one something", as if looking to the future, but here he says "there's only one direction". there IS only one direction. this shows how it is no longer a pipe dream, but the way forward, or else the world is ruined.
"No hate, no fight
Just excitation
All through the night
It's a celebration
Wowowowowowo yeah
One one one one one one one
One vision hey one vision one vision one vision one vision

One flesh, one bone
One true religion
One voice, one hope
One real decision"
basically him saying how everyone is united. i think the writer is trying to cover everything not to make the song longer, but so that he doesnt miss anything out, so he can show that ALL people should be united, no matter of their differences, because when it gets down to it people are all the same. deep inside we all feel the same emotions and deserve the same things. i think that when he says "one decision" he is saying that everyone has to make the decision to unite, and that they all have to make this decision if unity is to succeed.
"Gimme one light, yeah, Gimme one hope, hey" is him saying that he just need a glimmer of hope (from God?) to see that he can make this world succeed.
i seriously doubt that this song is advertising the advantages of totalitarianism. Freddy was a man who had great affection for other people and was very emotional, and i think that this was him saying how he felt the world should unite and banish all the evil things, that we should all help each other and make everyone equal, that for no more time should people in east africa be dying of starvation while westerners turn into gluttons. although, i feel in this sense he is being slightly hypocritical in the way that he was vastly rich, but i have no idea how generous he was with his money or efforts in attempting equality, so i have no right to judge him.
ALSO, the song rocks!it has an AMAZING tune, linked with meaningful lyrics (take not of this GREENDAY [you suck]). another peice of magic for the ears by Queen.

Delirious? – History Maker Lyrics 12 years ago
this song seems to be martin smith wanting to make a difference in the world. he wants to make his mark, and do it with God. hes saying how he can do anything with God, and how we all can.

Green Day – American Idiot Lyrics 12 years ago
to me this song is purely a money making move by greenday. they have obviously noticed the world are growing to dislike america, as are many americans. they have taken this opportunity to cash in by writing a peice of meaningless verse, and at the same time have ditched their nationality. i have many friends who's only reason for liking this song is for its anti-american message, rather than for it having a good tune or interesting lyrics (neither of which it possesses). i hope that i never have make my ears burn with this tune ringing in them again.

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