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The Lucksmiths – Harmonicas And Trams Lyrics 2 years ago
T-Shirt Weather is possibly the most well-known and popular of all Luckies song. It's a great one; I often heard the crowd demanding that they play it more than once during the same gig. It's always been a bit 'unfair' that their most successful song was written by Mark Monnone instead of Marty Donald, who is responsible for 80% of all their work.

But this. THIS is what Mark Monnone should be known for. I fucking love T-Shirt Weather and could listen to it every day for the rest of my life if I had to, but this song. This song has a grip on the saddest and loveliest parts of my heart. It's mournful and painful and beautiful. It's utterly self-explanatory which makes it simple in the best possible way.

Sometimes I ride my bike up and down suburban hills and I listen to this on repeat. Although it's bleak and miserable, it makes me feel hopeful because he loves the person he's singing about. We all go through bad periods in life and feel like a burden to those who love us; this song makes me think that when that person really cares, they don't see you as a burden but as part of their own sadness. Someone they'll help, or they'll just cry with. That's love, eh? Someone whose pain makes you cry along with them.

Plus... trams.

The Lucksmiths – A Hiccup In Your Happiness Lyrics 2 years ago
This song is actually really good advice to give someone who's going through a break up.

Errrrr, not that I respond to my friends' heartbreaks by robotically quoting indie pop lyrics at them. But. You know. The gist of it, etc.

The Lucksmiths – A Hiccup In Your Happiness Lyrics 2 years ago
This song is actually really good advice to give someone who's going through a break up.

Errrrr, not that I respond to my friends' heartbreaks by robotically quoting indie pop lyrics at them. But. You know. The gist of it, etc.

The Lucksmiths – Shine On Me Lyrics 2 years ago
One of the greatest love songs ever written, in what it is an extremely competitive field. The Lucksmiths at their best (another extremely competitive field). Beautiful, simple, deep.

The Lucksmiths – Music To Hold Hands To Lyrics 2 years ago
My boyfriend said this song could have been written about me. I choose to take that as a compliment, mainly because this is absolutely amazing and classic, wonderful Luckies.

When I listen to it it makes me feel like I'm home.

Allo, Darlin' – Some People Say Lyrics 2 years ago
@[Breakfast:4852] I have wondered the same thing about the Billy Bragg reference. I think it easily could be. It's also similar to the line from Dreaming - "it's not a star, it's a satellite" which, again, could be a reference to A New England (which is a great song).

Belle & Sebastian – If She Wants Me Lyrics 2 years ago
@[NataliePerkins:3819] This is precisely what I always though too. When I read this comment I did a double take and wondered if I had written it and just forgotten, years ago. I'm so glad you interpreted it this way as well!

Courtney Barnett – Depreston Lyrics 2 years ago
This song makes me feel so sad when I listen to it. The lyrics themselves aren't overtly depressing (despite the title) but there's something about the feeling of it and the music. I suppose because I can picture the exact part of Preston she would be singing about, and that feeling of the old lady dying maybe by herself in the house she's owned for 50 years... I can't really even put it into words properly right now but it is overwhelmingly sad to me. Beautifully sad, but sad nonetheless.

The Lucksmiths – Guess How Much I Love You Lyrics 2 years ago
There are no words for how perfect this song is. Sometimes I don't listen to it for months, and then I do and I'm hit again by how wonderful it is. Clever, without quite being too clever. It's also less oblique in its emotional punch than many Lucksmiths songs. It's beautiful.

The meaning to me is incredibly obvious so I won't interpret it. I remember years ago going on a trip to Europe and leaving my then-boyfriend behind in Australia. I sent him a postcard with the third verse (cartography for beginners) written on it. Kind of makes me laugh now (I was young - he was my first love) but truth be told, I'd most likely do that again with the right person.

Allo, Darlin' – Tallulah Lyrics 2 years ago
I think this song is fairly self-explanatory but perhaps it's just my assumption and other people have different interpretations which to them seem obvious.

I think it's about a relationship in Australia that ended because the singer left the country - presumably not because she didn't love the other person, but because she just needed to explore the world and get away from her life for whatever reason. She misses him (I'm just going to say "he" because I know that Elizabeth is heterosexual and is therefore almost certainly singing about a man) and is questioning her decision to leave him, but can't come to a really clear decision about what to do in the future because she has found a lot of positive things in her new life in Europe. I think it ends on an ambiguous note: will they be back together? Is that even what she wants? is it what he wants?

The lines

"I'm wondering if I've already heard all the songs that'll mean something
And I'm wondering if I've already met all the people that'll mean something"

are two of the best in modern pop history, in my opnion. Who hasn't felt that way? Wanting to experience that wonderful feeling of loving a new song or a new person, but being wary to do it because it takes so much emotional energy; it's so hard to begin the process again, and maybe it's impossible to feel that way about anything new. I love music so much, but sometimes I am overwhelmed at the thought of listening to a brand new album by a band I don't know because I think, will it ever mean as much to me as what I already love? And, if it does, do I have enough in me to feel that way about something else? When it comes to people it's even more difficult. I also think it refers to longing for the "right" person to come along and thinking maybe it's never going to happen.

Ultimately, I think that this is a cautiously optimistic song. Yes, she's worried about having already met everyone who will mean something, but she tempers this by the repeated "And it's been a long time/Since I've seen all my old friends/But I really love my new friends/I feel I've known them a long while". Many Allo Darlin' songs straddle this uncertain line of whether they are, to put it simplistically, happy or sad. I love that. That's how life is.

To me, this song sums up so many different emotions perfectly, but especially that feeling in your late twenties when your life is in flux and you're questioning the choices you've made to lead you where you are and you have no idea what's going to happen in the future. I also love it because I know those paces she's talking about. St. Kilda is the suburb of my childhood; and I've walked from Bondi to Coogee Bay. It's a song about Australia, and I know where it's coming from.

This is long winded I know, and coloured by the particularly melancholy and introspective mood I'm in right now. But I needed to write about this because it's beautiful and it means something and I'm grateful for that.

The Lucksmiths – Great Lengths Lyrics 3 years ago
when this song first came out I was 18 years old. I liked it for the melody and the cleverness of the lyrics and of course the beautiful vocals (a mainstay of all Lucksmiths songs). But I didn't really connect to it on a deeper level. Now it's nine years later and I get it. Relationships don't always come easy, even when you both care about each other. The meaning of this one is obvious; it doesn't take any special intellect to interpret it. But it does take the experience of complexity of relationships and love and people in general to actually understand why this song is so perfect.

One of the greatest things about The Lucksmiths is that you believe every story in every song of theirs. You believe that all these things really happened. Maybe this one did. Maybe it didn't. It doesn't matter. The critical point is that Marty writes with painful, beautiful accuracy about experiences that so many of us have, and he does so in a way peppered with believable details and perfectly human nuances. It's bloody great.

The Lucksmiths – To Absent Votes Lyrics 5 years ago
I'm pretty sure the correct lyrics are "like a pre-loved paper back" not "paper bag", and further on in the second last verse it's "absent boats" rather than "absent votes".

I love this song; it's classic Lucksmiths. It's got wordplay, it's got wistfulness, it has a harmonica, it's about the Australian ritual of having voting stations at primary schools... it's beautiful.

The Lucksmiths – T-shirt Weather Lyrics 5 years ago
Actually, Mark Monnone wrote this one.

Belle & Sebastian – If You Find Yourself Caught in Love Lyrics 9 years ago
Quickbrownfox, B&S actually ARE quite religious (Stuart Murdoch in particular; he used to live above a church hall and be responsible for cleaning it. He's said in several interviews that he used to hide his religious feelings but then he decided to sing about them, because why not? He also sings in his church choir every Sunday). Having said this, I don't think anyone of them are the "preaching" kind of religion where they particularly care what others think. Clearly, Stuart understands the problems with religion (see If You're FEeling Sinister, The State I Am In, etc.) but I also think it brings him happiness.

As for the meaning of the song, I agree completely with you. I think it's a lovely anti-war message that isn't overdone and is put beautifully. I'm not in the least religious but I appreciate the love that some people feel for God and religion and how in this case it's simply about love and peace rather than senseless war or violence. I really love it. This song makes me sing along to God as if I believed it! (I do believe in peace and love, of course, so I guess that's what I'm singing about).

Josh Ritter – Monster Ballads Lyrics 10 years ago
Wow, I love this song. Admittedly, I don't quite understand all the religious imagery as I konw next to nothing about that subject, but the whole feeling of the song is inescapable. It's gorgeous.

Just one thing, infinitepet85, I always thought "I was thinking 'boug what Katy did" was a reference to the book 'What Katy Did' by Susan Coolidge. I haven't read it for ages, but Katy seems to find salvation in being a good person and in religion which would fit in with the rest of the song. I don't know - could be the bugs, but I've never heard of them since we don't have them in Australia.

Josh Ritter – Good Man Lyrics 10 years ago
When I first heard this song, I thought for a second it was a cover of some long-lost Bob Dylan number, which I think is a pretty big compliment. Definitely a "different" kind of love song, but one with such sincerity and bluntness in the poetry of the lyrics.

It always makes me think of sitting at the top of the Grand Canyon in perfect silence (only the occasional bird tweeting) with someone you love, or driving through the surrounding country, just you and one other person and good music. It's just about two people who aren't perfect, but who somehow belong together. I don't know. I'm Australian and this is verging on American country/folk music, so what do I know? It's just a beautiful song.

The Shins – Australia Lyrics 10 years ago
I just saw The Shins last night (in Australia) and James Mercer said the song is called Australia because he wrote it here.

(Heh, actually, he was going on about this fantastic song off the new album that they wrote here and he loves and blah blah blah... called New Zealand. Funny guy.)

I don't think it actually has anything to do with Australia other than the fact that he wrote it when they were here last January. Anyway, it's my favourite off the new album (Mercer's too, apparently) and it's just wonderful! Of course it would be, named after such an excellent country...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Teach Your Children Lyrics 10 years ago
Thunderbolt: YEAH! And Michael G. Scott does a lovely cover of it, with help from Dwight, if I may say so...

Peter Salett – Heart Of Mine Lyrics 11 years ago
I haven't heard any other Peter Salett songs, but this one is great. It's such a commen sentiment, and his voice really complements it. Very pretty song!

(Always reminds me of the relationship between Josh and Donna on The West Wing because I am a LOSER! Heh, but a happy one.)

Belle & Sebastian – Dress Up in You Lyrics 11 years ago
Seriously, Stuart did NOT write this song about Isobel. He's a grown man, for God's sake, and he's over her. They broke up - what, five years ago? I can't even remember, but long enough so that they've both moved on. He has a new girlfriend now. He's happy with his life, and he's not writing bitter songs about Isobel.

Not to mention, if you really listen to it, there's definitely some vitriol directed towards the girl in question, but there's mostly love. The singer has clearly never got over her love for this girl. That is NOT the case for Stuart and Isobel.

I don't think it's platonic, either. Apart from the general feeling that I get, the singer says of her boyfriend, "He always had a thing for you AS WELL" which indicates that she, too, had a thing for this girl. Plus all the other comments ("you give me stomach pain" - this is usually only for people who feel a romantic love for someone, etc.). Also, I always got the impression it was from one perspective only. Never thought it had two and I still don't.

Love this song to bits. Everything about it.

Belle & Sebastian – Another Sunny Day Lyrics 11 years ago
Hey, you guys, I've got the inside goss on this song! First of all, Eskimos do "remove obstructions with tongues", but they're not the only ones. This is one of the first 'erotic' acts in the book Lolita between Humbert Humbert and Lolita (she gets an eyelash in her eye, and he removes it with his tongue). It's a common practise in some parts of the world, and when you think about it, it might be kind of disguting, but... it would work.

ANYWAY, onto the more interesting part of my story! Last time I met Stuart (haha, I'm a bit of a serial stalker of the band), I told him that particular verse was one of my very favourites that I'd ever heard in my life because it was so beautiful, and he explained to me how he wrote it (he was very pleased I liked it so much, too).

He was on a date (his first date) with his now-girlfriend. They were walking through the park and he got something in his eye. He said to her, "well, now you're going to have to lick it out!" but she wasn't that big a fan of the idea. Well, I guess she must have given in, because they ended up kissing - and it was their very first kiss. It's exactly like the song says, you know? She was trying to lick it out with her tongue, but "missed" and got his mouth instead. Very gorgeous!

To me, there was never any doubt as to what that verse meant, and Stuart just confirmed this. He was really lovely and excited when he was telling me this story, too! Gah, I adore him. (For the record, he'd forgotten about the incident in Lolita, too.)

This is my favourite song from the new album. It tells the relationship so beautifully, even though it doesn't end well... here's hoping Stuart's relationship doesn't go that way!

Morrissey – Interlude Lyrics 11 years ago
What? An interlude in this context just means a short period of time between something else. I don't think it has anything to do with acting.

I really love this song. It seems so unlike Morrissey's usual stuff, but has so much of him in it at the same time.

Three Dog Night – Joy To The World Lyrics 11 years ago
I've always loved this song because it's just so bouncy and happy and CATCHY! Don't know about the religious aspect of the lyrics (certainly possible, but I'm the least knowledgeable person around when it comes to that sort of thing) but it has such a positive message, you know? Everyone can sing along and be joyful.

Not to mention, it's the song Scully chooses to sing to Mulder in 'Detour' on The X-Files...

Belle & Sebastian – Your Cover's Blown Lyrics 11 years ago
Can't express how much I love this song, and I adore EVERYTHING Belle & Sebastian have done (um... maybe not Beyond The Sunrise, but whatever).

You can just listen to this one over and over and it never gets old. It makes me want to dance every single time (and I usually do). It's so serious without being remotely serious, if you know what I mean, and that kind of tongue-in-cheek attitude is one of things I love most about B&S.

Heh, when I saw them in June and they played this, Stuart said it was the story of all his Saturday nights. I highly doubt that, but he looked so sincerely lonely and sad when he said it that I don't care. He's the best.

Yes. So. One of the best songs ever.

Travis – Sing Lyrics 11 years ago
I seriously love this song (like most people).

And yep, glamorous, I first heard it on The Office too... Man, back when Jim and Pam were best friends. Good times.

Bree Sharp – David Duchovny Lyrics 11 years ago
Ha, I love this song (maybe because, um, David Duchovny is just wonderful and I love him too?). Aside from being about the obvious (ie. Bree Sharp's obsession with DD), it's also a snide commentary on the current trend to idolise actors and other celebrities and, you know, live in such a fantasy world.

Anyway, I alwasy sing "I also love Scully" rather than that I'm going to kill her because Scully's totally my TV girlfriend (heh) and I don't ever want to kill her. Yes. I don't care if that's weird!

Coldplay – Swallowed in the Sea Lyrics 11 years ago
To me, this song is like a continuation of Just Like Heaven by The Cure. I don't know if Chris Martin et al. are into The Cure so it's probably unrelated, but it has the same theme to it, i.e. not quite appreciating the one you love while you have them and then truly realising that they "belong with you" after their death. It seems strange to me that so few on this site have interpreted "Swallowed in the sea" literally like I did. I truly think this song is about someone whose loved one has died (possibly drowned, but it really could be a metaphor for any kind of death).

Just the feeling of "I could write it down/and spread it all around/get lost and then get found/and you'll come back to me/not swallowed in the sea" gives me that impression. There are so many things he wants to do to bring [presumably] her back and some of them are impossible (there's probably not that high a chance of his writing a best-selling book) or infeasible but he misses her so much he's willing to go to any lengths to do these things, even though, at the back of his mind, he knows it won't do any good; she's never going to be brought back to life. There's just that feeling of sadness, desperation and resignation.

On the other hand, there's also a pervasive feeling of acceptance and gratitude for what she did for him while alive, and the lines "Oh, what good is it to live/with nothing left to give/forget but not forgive/not loving all you see?" to me are his realisation that he's just going to have to go on with life because that's all you can do.

I don't know. Maybe I'm completely wrong. Still, that's how I think of this song. It's my favourite one from X&Y, at any rate. Definitely my favourite one to randomly sing because you don't really need any music...

The Beatles – What You're Doing Lyrics 11 years ago
Why would you think it's a Ringo song when Paul sings it and it's credited to Lennon & McCartney? Anyway, I'm a big fan of this one. Paul just sounds so heartbreakingly sincere. Maybe it's not the deepest of songs, but the emotion is right there! Also, the drumming is great.

The Beatles – Rocky Raccoon Lyrics 11 years ago
twentytwo, on the Anthology version of this song, all those lines (the "shminking" ones) are actually said by Paul, not Ringo or John. But yeah, that's my favourite part of that version, too! It's hilarious.

As far as this song goes, it's probably in my top five Beatles songs. It's just so whimsical and Paul does a great accent. Eh, I love the whole thing.

Belle & Sebastian – (I Believe in) Travelin' Light Lyrics 11 years ago
This one really reminds me of Simon and Garfunkle, in particular songs like "Leaves The Are Green". It's very pretty. You don't usually get such softness and meandering (in a good way) from Stevie. It just seems to drift along melodically. Great vocals from all!

Coldplay – Twisted Logic Lyrics 11 years ago
Really like this song and, as others have said, it's totally Beatle-esque musically. The very first time I heard it, I immediately thought of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" but not in a derivative way (see: Jet). It just works really well.

Belle & Sebastian – Stay Loose Lyrics 11 years ago
Yeah... these are the actual lyrics (in the defence of ReActor who put them up here, those are the lyrics in the band's official site. But they're still wrong).

I was choking on a cornflake
You said, “Have some toast instead.”
I was sleeping maybe three hours
You said, “You should get to bed.”
I was waiting at the church door
For the minister to show
I was looking at the New Year
You said, “Walk before you crawl.”

I was feeling like a loser
You said, “Hey, you’ve still got me.”
I was feeling pretty lonely
You said you wanted to be free
I was looking for a good time
You said, “Let the good times start.”
With a quiver of your eyelid
You took on someone else’s part

What about me?
I don’t really see
How things will improve
If all you want is to stay…

Maybe I’m a little greedy
You said, “Think before you speak.”
Sometimes I’m a little seedy
You said, “Everyone is weak.”
Now I feel a little better
Is there something I can do?
But I never had the answer
I never had a clue

What about me?
I don’t really see
How things will improve
All you want is to stay

The lights are out in the house tonight
Gonna creep around, gonna creep into your head
All you want is to stay loose

There’s a little echo calling
Like a miner trapped inside
If I tell her of this moment
She will in me doubts confide
And she’s only like a blanket
Like a stalk of wilting grass
I’m not sure about her motives
I’m not sure about her past

But my faith is like a bullet
My belief is like a bolt
The only thing that lets me sleep at night
A little carriage of the soul
If it starts a little bleaker
Then the year may yet be gold
Happiness is not for keeping
Happiness is not my goal

So what about me?
I don’t really see
How things will improve
All you want is to stay loose

What about them?
You play Mother Hen
To a gaggle of gangling youth
All you want is to stay

The lights are out in the house tonight
Gonna creep around, gonna creep into your head

I was living through the seconds
My composure was a mess
I was miles from tenderness
It was dark outside
The day, it was broken in pieces

Everything is flat and dreary
I couldn’t care what’s in the news
Television is the blues
Television is hysterical laughter of people

I don’t know, it could be me
I’m always asking for more
(More, more, more)
I keep running round in circles
I keep looking for a doorway
I’m gonna need two lives
To follow the paths I’ve been taking

Thin Lizzy – Whiskey in the Jar Lyrics 11 years ago
There's also a version of this song by Belle & Sebastian that's just come out which *gasp* I prefer to both of these other ones! I guess I'm just more of a fan of the acoustic sound and Stuart Murdoch's vocals. It's somehow much sadder and more beautiful when they do it, which I think works really well with the lyrics and the overwhelming feeling of the song. I don't know. Probably no-one else would agree...

Belle & Sebastian – Stop, Look and Listen Lyrics 11 years ago
I guess this song is one of the lesser known Belle & Sebastian ones, but it's great nonetheless! It's one of the true Stevie and Stuart duets. I find it very reminiscent of The Beatles during the Let It Be period, and Bob Dylan during Nashville Skyline. Definitely a mixture of those two, for me, which is fantastic because there are no two bands/artists I have more respect for (and, I suspect, Belle & Sebastian feel much the same way).

More than any other B&S song, it really sounds like a jam, especially the last few minutes (wow, Stevie is just a star on the guitar, isn't he?).

Anyway, just wanted to open the floor to the discussions of this song because I really love it.

Belle & Sebastian – Chickfactor Lyrics 11 years ago
Oh, Stevie. To me, this song is pretty much exactly how frontranger described it. It's about a "rockstar" who is always overseas and meeting girls who are fascinated by him but he can't quite understand why ("Look myself in the face/Don't know what you see/Am I playing in your movie?"). He has a girfriend in London but he's not that into her, really. He's lonely and wants to find the "one" but hasn't had all that much success yet. He's constantly faced with girls and, sure, they're nice enough but not what he's looking for and he almost finds it embarrassing and incomprehensible that they seem interested in him.

I've met Stevie several times (yes... serial stalker of the band, that's me) and he's one of the loveliest, friendliest and most charming people I've ever had the pleasure to speak to. I know for a fact that, were I a little older, I would have been one of those girls throwing myself at him. He certainly does have CHICKFACTOR.

This song is so much sadder than it first appears. I love it!

The Smiths – Meat Is Murder Lyrics 11 years ago
Mmm... meat. Tasty.

Sorry. I'm not a vegetarian and I never will be (heh, this song does make me a little hungry) because I don't agree with Morrissey, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the song! I mean, I have no problem with Queen Elizabeth but I still love The Queen Is Dead. If this song makes you become a vegetarian then... I guess you've been ignorant all your life or you're very weak-minded.

Anyway, Morrissey's vocals are lovely and I LOVE the piano! Yep, this song gets a thumbs up from me.

Belle & Sebastian – To Be Myself Completely Lyrics 11 years ago
Love this song A LOT. Gotta ask - does anyone else think 'And the ladies say, "hey, baby, you've earned it!"' is a reference to 'You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby' by The Smiths? It would be odd, though, 'cause I was under the impression that Stevie didn't like them. Maybe Stuart helped out with the lyrics and slipped it in... Anyway, since I know what a huge fan Stuart is, I just assume it is a reference to them. Which is cool!

The Shins – New Slang Lyrics 12 years ago
Gah, love this song so much. I can still remember the first time I heard it and fell in love with it (yep, Garden State, and I'm not ashamed to admit it). I saw The Shins at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne last night and it was fantastic. I always sing along with the guitar solo (does it remind anyone else of The Beatles circa 1965?) and James did as well at the gig which was just the coolest thing. They're such a lovely band.

Yes, well, everyone else has said enough about this beautiful song, but, yep, that's what I wanted to say.

Badly Drawn Boy – You Were Right Lyrics 12 years ago
Definitely my favourite Badly Drawn Boy song and quite possibly one of my favourite songs ever. I don't know, just something about the desperation and the ongoing story in the lyrics gets me. Plus just about every song is improved by a whistling solo.

I think it's about unrequited love, or if not completely unrequited, then him still being in love with a girl who has moved on because his life is so stagnant (something he realises along the way in the song). He still loves her but, like most of the other things in his life, he's never really gotten around to telling her that it's an absolute truth and asking her to marry him.

This song has such a beautiful flow to it. I just... love it. Completely.

The Smiths – Cemetry Gates Lyrics 12 years ago
Love this song - others have pretty much already given the reasons why - but what always cracks me up is his pronunciation of "plagiarise". Hee. No hard "g" there, Moz.

(Someone please correct me if this the way people from Manchester generally pronounce this word.)

Neil Finn – She Will Have Her Way Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song. A friend gave it to me and I really liked it, but then I heard it on the show 'Sports Night' as the unofficial theme for Dana and Casey's relationship and I just adored it. It's beautiful, even though I don't understand all of it (such as "thinker, soldier terrified"). Gorgeous melody and I can feel his helplessness when faced with this girl, whoever she is!

Eric Clapton – Layla Lyrics 12 years ago
Yes, it's about Patti, but he didn't "steal" her as others have pointed out. I mean, doesn't she have her own free will, for one thing? Also, George didn't mind - he even played at their wedding. I reckon if anyone's going to have your wife after you, it may as well be your best friend!

The Beatles – Here, There and Everywhere Lyrics 12 years ago
Definitely my favourite love song by the Beatles, and probably my favourite all time love song. It's just gorgeous, and it's the kind of love everyone should experience. I love how the lyrics blend into each other like it's just a stream of his feelings, and he doesn't notice anyone else but her. That's so beautiful. Anyone who thinks Paul only writes sacchrine songs should listen to this and hear the REAL sentiments! Jane Asher's one lucky girl to have this song written about her...

The Beatles – Free as a Bird Lyrics 12 years ago
Hmm, interesting. I always thought that John was saying "Name: John Lennon" at the end. Oh well... it's not that clear.

I love this song quite a lot! I always preferred Real Love, but that's just because I'm kind of a romantic... The video clip of this is extremely cool.

The Beatles – Across the Universe Lyrics 12 years ago
Fuck, I am not an angry person and this is probably the first time I've ever sworn online, but if I see one more person attributing this song to George then I am going to gouge my eyes out so I'll never see it again.


Did you all get that? Do you understand it? Because next time you come on the internet pretending to know something about a song that you are, in fact, completely ignorant about, you should remember that you only make yourself look stupid and get decent human beings such as myself caught up in a rage.

Here are some rules you should follow in the future:

1. If you can't tell which Beatle is even singing the song, don't even bother calling yourself a fan, and certainly don't come on the internet and talk about it.

2. If you ever think that George would write a song for John to sing, think about getting a lobotomy to fix that brain damage you're evidently suffering from.

3. If you think you're such a big fan that you've figured out the different style of each of the Beatles and then presume to say this one is George's style, go and stick your head in an oven so you can hopefully shrink it down to size, because your judgement is being clouded by your arrogant ignorance.

So, if we all follow these rules like good children, everything should be all right.

I'd just like to add that this is one of my favourite songs in the world. Also, if people are getting into the Beatles because of I Am Sam - well, that's cool. Spread the love however you can!

Dire Straits – Romeo And Juliet Lyrics 12 years ago
Can't believe no one has said this yet!

Okay, for all the people who have been saying that it's "through the bars of this rhyme", um, it's not. It's "through the bars of Orion" and, actually, it's one of the most beautiful, heart breaking lines of a song I've ever heard, and certainly my favourite line from this song.

Orion is a constellation, and, while most people see the stars as beautiful and to be up amongst them is an idea people love, he is saying that he's trapped there. He's dead (like Romeo is in the play - the way I interpret the song is that it's Romeo's version of their story after they're both dead) and he desperately wants to get back to her and recapture their love.

Just had to clear that up! This is one of my favourite songs ever and I never get tired of listening to it.

Bob Dylan – If Not for You Lyrics 12 years ago
Love this song. So much. Has anyone heard the George Harrison version? It's also beautiful. I love the way it's so clear about the love he feels and the way no words are minced - it's just how he feels. Lovely!

The Beatles – It's All Too Much Lyrics 12 years ago
This is (probably) the most under-rated Beatles song out there, because no one seems to know it... Okay, maybe my expectations are too great (I'm a super hard core fan, heh) but I don't know why such a beautiful song is so often ignored. The lyrics are gorgeous and the music just has so much... atmosphere.

I've always thought it to be a love song to Patti, as well, but also a love song to the world in generall. He seems to be rejoicing in the beauty that is everywhere and that is magnified by love. I know they say "love is blind" but I think he's showing that it just opens your eyes to how wonderful the world is when you're in love.

Not to mention that it's quite obviously a drug song too...

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