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Jimmy Eat World – 23 Lyrics 10 years ago
this song is so amazing, i'm ashamed that the person who submitted it got the lyrics wrong... it's not "i won't always live... stop it..." that doesn't even make sense, not at all.

the right lyrics are "i won't always live, not stopping"

Sufjan Stevens – Size Too Small Lyrics 10 years ago
this is one of the most beautiful sufjan songs, in my opinion. every time i listen to it, i just think it's about someone who loves this girl so much, and wants her to throw up her hands in the middle of her wedding to another man and choose sufjan instead.

would you surprise us in a size for all of me?

Pinback – Walters Lyrics 10 years ago
now that i'm miles above you here, did i snap the last thread of all my fears?
get me down. let me down.

i love pinback.. i can't get enough.

Pinback – Bouquet Lyrics 10 years ago
this song is already one of my favorite pinback songs...

"and to no surprise
(i adjust the time, for you to be here)
there'll be no sunrise.."

Pinback – Your Sickness Lyrics 10 years ago
did you know that pinback is composed of two people? both of us..

Death Cab for Cutie – Line of Best Fit Lyrics 12 years ago
when andrew kenny and ben gibbard collaborated on Home Vol. 5, ben re-recorded andrew's "choir vandals" and andre re-recorded this death cab song. it's amazing, really acoustic. i heard that version first and fell in love with it. it's worth checking out. :o)

Pinback – Fortress Lyrics 12 years ago
well, i always thought that it's about sex. and he's having a... problem, in bed.

i don't know, when you look it over... "spread, sacked and i've failed"-- she's "ready" and he's.. not.

"days with the light off," "no sign of fortress"...

or perhaps i should just get my head out of the gutter. :o)

Moby – Porcelain Lyrics 13 years ago
can't stop listening. :o)

Where can i find the acoustic version of this song? that sounds fantastic.

As for the background words-- i thought they were in a different language! It sounds like "Bay, bay, bay, opa, mi ama." If it's a latin-based language, "mi ama" would probably mean "my love." And isn't "opa" a greek celebration word? No clue :o)

gohome12, i love your interpretation. I think it's exactly what he's trying to say.


John Mayer – Clarity Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is about an affair :o)

he knows its not going to last and this is the first moment he's really realizing it, it's really becoming clear to him. he never took the time to really look at it until this moment ("is there a second of time i looked around? did i sail through or drop my anchor down?") the wasted time in the afternoon is the time they spent together- wasted because it's not going to amount to anything, etc.

i don't know, i think i read it in a magazine somewhere and it really made sense that way. whatever works. :o)

it's a great song! one of my favorite John tunes.

The American Analog Set – Aaron And Maria Lyrics 13 years ago
I love AmAnSet!! When you hear "when we lay at night, feel a kick inside," do you interpret that as Maria being pregnant with a baby that's kicking, or the love they have making a "kick" of emotion? I can't decide but i think i like the kick of emotion interpretation more.

Home Vol 5 is GREAT. I searched for Andrew Kenny and didn't find anything, maybe i'll contribute some lyrics.

Pinback – X I Y Lyrics 13 years ago
No comments?

I love this song. I don't get it, but i like it.

Pinback – AFK Lyrics 13 years ago
They play Pinback on the radio?? Where? That's awesome! Nothing but mainstream is played on the radio where I live.

I always thought AFK was about computers and the internet (like Instant Messenger and all) becoming a substitute for real communication ("nobody uses the phone anymore").

Anyway, a great song that makes me want to jump around and yell. ("NOBODY USES THE PHONE ANYMORRRRRE!!") :o)

Pinback – Concrete Seconds Lyrics 13 years ago
DEFINITELY one of the best pinback songs. Now that I'm thinking about it, i think he's having an encounter with an old flame on a bus or a trolley or a train, and she's asking about what happened between them and he doesn't want to be having the converstaion at all, so the seconds feel "concrete," weighty and long. He'd obviously like to explain, but just can't ("anything i say to you is gonna come out wrong anyway,") And he's close to being home and getting away from her ("near my house, in no seconds" and "its there in front of me) and the anticipation of leaving the bus/trolley/train is really getting to him.

Yeah that might be completely out there, but it's a great song and i really love Pinback. :o)

Coldplay – Warning Sign Lyrics 13 years ago
When i listen to Warning Sign i think of a guy with trust issues trying to sort stuff out. He was in a relationship with a girl, and he started looking for "warning signs" that would tell him to leave because so many other relationships had failed and he didn't want to get hurt again.

In the present, he's having a conversation with her, and he's trying to explain why he ended things and what his real feelings were ("come on in/ I've got to tell you what a state I'm in/ I've got to tell you in my loudest tones/ that I started looking for a warning sign").

In the conversation, he tells her about how after he ended things with her, he realized that she was "an island to discover" and that he hadn't really given her a chance. "I should not have let you go.."

And then in the end, she understands, and he crawls back into her open arms. :o) :o)

God what a beautiful song. When he sings "come onnnn in," the second time, it's absolutely heartwrenching. And at the end, with just the piano, and his last "open arms," just... wow. Wow. Coldplay is awesome.

Coldplay – Parachutes Lyrics 13 years ago
by *seven*stripes* on 06-27-2003 @ 06:38:50 PM
...but i think it means that he will always be there for that person that hes talking about, he will always be there if they need a "parachute"

ooh! agreed!!

I never thought about it that way. I like that interpretation a lot.

Coldplay – Amsterdam Lyrics 13 years ago
by Foo Fighter on 04-26-2003 @ 04:01:03 PM
I understand the meaning, but why the hell is the title "Amsterdam"?

I don't remember where i read it, but i think that it's about one of Chris Martin's experiences in Amsterdam.

This song... it's amazing. Ack. No words. :o)

Styrofoam – Couches in Alleys (feat. Ben Gibbard) Lyrics 13 years ago
i love this song but i don't think i understand it-- who's jack? and exactly what are the problems ben gibbard's sorting through when he gets home?

i haven't come across any lyric listings of this song online, but i always hear "the wind whipping" instead of ripping, and "when the wheels ceased to spin in my case-like surroundings," instead of incase my surroundings, and "rain-soaked, forgotten remains" instead of rain-soaked and rotten. i'm not sure though. :o)

The Postal Service – Be Still My Heart Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is amazing. It's so good i'll give it the #2 rating of all Postal Service songs... why isn't this on an album instead of a B-side? :o)

hmm, i thought he said "and i cried, be still my heart," at least the first time? maybe not.

beautiful song... and really, i think that's what everyone wants, for their loved one to still be there in the morning. yesssssss. :o)

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