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Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) Lyrics 12 years ago
wow tbs is emo... fuck emo

Senses Fail – One Eight Seven Lyrics 12 years ago
this song is about being heart broken but doing it in a non emo way... he wants to be with a girl who clearly doesn't want him and the name of the song spells out murder.. so he's contemplaiting killing her i'd suppose.. one more thing.. "Post-Core//Emo-Core " that pisses me off like balls.. u can't just go around adding core to everything wtf.. is there fucking country-core and like rap-core.. lameness

Senses Fail – The Irony Of Dying on your Birthday Lyrics 12 years ago
totally like wat 'something_vague' had to say.. about not being an mtv bitch.. b/c it's so lame how bands turn into sellouts by going mainstream and like all these fags are like wow senses fail is mean.. i'm punk b/c i listen to them.. fuck that but this song's mean as balls prob. the hardest on the cd the main.. 'scream' song they went a lil emo on this but owell.. it's about wat every1 said mainly just wanting to be famous but not selling out like ever other band does..

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