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The Weakerthans – Reconstruction Site Lyrics 12 years ago
i think the shiny new machine is a guitar connected to a pedal, as guitar pedals use those batteries you steal from smoke alarms, and i can imagine him looking at his feet, looking for words. lies and gasoline may reference touring. otherwise it's a story.

The Velvet Underground – Oh Gin Lyrics 13 years ago
i figure this song's a play on words cause every time lou sings "gin" it comes off as sounding "jen", a common girl's name.

this way draws the parallels between wine and women.

Radiohead – Black Star Lyrics 13 years ago
black star is also another way of saying lsd, on the street. especially when it comes in temporary tattoos that are actual black stars. don't know what that adds.

it is only one of three things he blames it on---change, apocalypse (falling sky) and love or gravity (satellite beaming home).

otherwise yeah. relationship story.

Radiohead – Paranoid Android Lyrics 13 years ago
You are all right in one way or another.

But let me back up the one who made the allusion to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy of four.

There are references to Marvin the Paranoid Android all over that book, verbatim about the first against the wall line, and there's even a page where a character gives up and says, "OK! Computer". It's a running gag. Here, I can look it up. You look it up too. Funny book. I'm pretty sure it's all in the first one.

Well I can't find what page. Suffice to say that Marvin is depressed and depressing as he's a robot who knows everything there is to know about life, the universe and everything.

Definitely this song is split into 3 parts though. Not as esoteric and confusing as you're all making it out to be. You can tear it down word for word, but only at the expense of ten thousand of your own words. Just hear it, it's a cool sound.

Radiohead – Go to Sleep. (Little Man Being Erased.) Lyrics 13 years ago
I just want to clear something up. If you listen extremely close and take his Oxfordshire accent with, you'll hear,

"I'm NOT going to go to sleep...and let this wash all over me."

Otherwise you're all spot-on the references and the prophetic apocalypse thing.

But not going to sleep. Not forgetting about it. Not ignoring. Not being able to sleep. Not intending to leave it alone. Not intending to quit. That's something else altogether. That's hope.

The music video also lends some extra insight. As do the ascending and descending chords and freeform jazz breakdowns that the actual music itself plays. Video begins with a computer-animated rose near a park bench. A petal falls. A city or an empire falls down and repairs itself in the space of a 3 minute song, as does the rose. Thom Yorke's computer animation gives some body language. Ends on the rose again.

The alternate title to the song gives you an idea of the artist's impotent voice in the apocalyptic times. Alternately, the little man is the President of the United States, annihilated by truth and music.

Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven Lyrics 13 years ago
Everyone wants to know the 567 verse here. Looking on the cover, the only numbers appearing are 5, 6, 7 and you guessed it, 13.

I do think that there's a trilogy here between tracks 5, 6 and 7, Here Comes Your Man, Dead, and Monkey Gone to Heaven, as suggested.

Perhaps it deserves its own page.

I also think that the math leading from 7 + 6 = 13 is the logical solution, as suggested, as 7 is the only way to get to that solution, Hey, which seems to be about sex and the Virgin Mary and the Holy Ghost and such.

Thank you Deddatlas, although I'm unsure of what gave you the numbers to mulitiply. Explain if you can for me, I'm math illiterate. Oh you counted the repetitions. I get it. Clever. Pixies do that numerology thing you know. Offbeat timings and such.

The only else I can contribute is to say that the earth needs a winter or it gets too dry, becomes too susceptible to lightning storms and forest fires. A hole in the ozone layer and a global warming is bad news for winter.

As an aside, do you find it possible that he would sing "then the devil has sex" at least once, maybe as a voice over or under? I'd heard it suggested and hearing it after that, well okay, you'll see.

Pixies – Boom Chick A Boom Boom Lyrics 13 years ago
beat poetry influence, playing on words, onanomatopoeia, numerology, fun

Nirvana – Sliver Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is about IRELAND. Grandma take me home, to Ireland. Search to read what he said about Ireland and it being like a homecoming for him to go there. You can tell by looking at him that he was Irish. He felt out of place in North America. The sliver was in fact still in his foot from when his forefathers came to America on the boat. "Mashed potatoes and stuff like that" is a blatant reference to the potato-eaters. Couldn't chew meat too good refers to either bad Irish teeth or it being on a Sunday. The stop your crying line comes from their stoic keep-feelings-inside tradition. I don't know, but chances are, you'll find that his grandma was Irish.

Other than that...just a pop song. Cheers to that.

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