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Rise Against – The Good Left Undone Lyrics 11 years ago
The great thing about Rise Against is that many of their songs can be taken as either Save-the-World or in a much more personal way.

My Chemical Romance – Hang 'Em High Lyrics 11 years ago
I saw MCR while they were in Texas with Reggie and Alkaline Trio. Trio and MCR were awesome, i just wish now that i was more familiar with their songs, the only ones i remember was Helena and a new song Come out and Play? Anyway, this song to me is after a gunfight (in the center of a restaraunt?) where Gerard gets shot saving his girl but wasn't instantly fatal, the song is his recollection of their flight. "wait until it fades to black...i've got somthing to say" narration or just telling his girl he loves her one last time. next four lines reinforce western theme with six-shooters, hands of poker, and riding off after a gunfight. The next part about shotgun sinners and jokers im guess were his adversaries, "after all is said and done" - after the gun fight "Climb out from the pine box" as aforementioned means escape death, his girl did that is. "Cuz she's got nothing to say
The angels just cut out her tongue
Call her black mariah" i take this as she's stunned that he got shot and the angel of death stopped before it took all of her, and black mariah (if the comics are correct) means her death was stolen form her. "mass convulsions" are the twitching bodies of those they laid waste "strike the choir" - the end is nearing and the good guys made it out "by the grace of god, gun it while im holding on" he wants to die as far away from the restaraunt as possible while he's still alive (holding on). the chorus is selfexplanatory, if he falls (dies from not hanging on) bury him and keep going.
All in all its a song of love til death they do part, the western theme just spices it up a bit. sorry it was long but thorough.

Fall Out Boy – Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part to Save the Scene and Stop Going to Shows) Lyrics 12 years ago
"I never knew that you would pick it apart"
Thats a shot at us, who pick apart every little detail of the song.

Hoobastank – The Reason Lyrics 13 years ago
** this will be a long post** First: this song is crap, if you're going to change becuase you hurt someone it must mean you REALLY LOVE that person, and if u did u wouldnt hurt them in the first place, Second: arguing over the internet is like the special olympics, even if u win youre still a 'tard, Third: dont even respond to this cause im not coming back to this page.. ever, Fourth: if you downloaded this song, download the rest of the cd, you'll probably find songs sooo much better than this one, Fifth: the Incubus/Hoobastank similarities, NO F-ING DUH, if your an aspiring band you'd want to look up to a band that works, the first time i heard incubus after becoming a hooba fan i notcied that they arent alike, they may sound the same, but thats cause when guys reach a certain age, there voices all sound the same, most alternative bands nowadays have a male singer, electric guitar, and drums, cause it works, Sixth: dont post crap on these songmeanings, go to a chat room or something noone wants to hear your opinions on political standpoints or whatever else crap encompasses Personally, i like escape, never there, and crawling in the dark becasue they actually mean something to me (post dedicated to LH)

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