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Muse – Space Dementia Lyrics 9 years ago
H8 doesn't mean hate, its a type of computer that Mat seems to be a geek about

Muse – Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Lyrics 9 years ago
this is pretty much the most obvious song to try and understand.

Muse – Tsp Lyrics 9 years ago
yeah 'twas

Muse – Dead Star Lyrics 9 years ago
the lyrics up there are wrong, theyshud be, "you used to be everything to me, now ur tired of fighting.. tired of fighting, fighting urself"

Muse – Cave Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm glad you sed that Rambo... I was scrollin down hopin wud ave it rite... thats wat its about, I think Mat even sed that in an interview once!

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