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U2 – Vertigo Lyrics 13 years ago
The beauty of U2's songs to me is the fact that they are 'open': they leave room for one's own interpretation. That way songs get to grow on you. This applies to this song as well: the lyrics are as deep as you want them to be.

But people saying the the content (lyrics) lacks depth and meaning shouldn't be misled by the form (music). U2 almost always combine these in a way that they strengthen each other. Because it's rock music, it might distract from the lyrics a bit. Especially since the lyrics seem to be on another 'level'. Actually, the message of the lyrics itself probably could have been conveyed much easier if they were sung to a more gloomy line of music.

But they aren't and that's what takes the song to a higher level: the music serves as the background noise of 'a place called Vertigo' 'as the boys play rock and roll'. To the rythm of this rock and roll music, the 'soul' and 'mind' struggle with each other.

To me, this struggle is made more 'tangible' by the struggle, or even clash, between the music and lyrics. But as I said: it's all open for your own interpretation of course.

One last remark about lyrics and music enhancing each other: if you picture the girl with the 'Jesus 'round the neck' and listen to this line being repeated and flowing into the swelling 'whoa's', this sure paints a strong Vertigo image to me!

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