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Jimmy Eat World – Table For Glasses Lyrics 14 years ago
for some reason I think of Cinderella with this song

Sweep the dirty stairs
Where do you intend to go with your dirty dress?

haha i dunno..that's just what came to mind. just sounds like a relationship that 'went too fast' and he's trying to make sense of it

Kevin Devine – Confessional at 6 P.M. Lyrics 14 years ago
passed down by kids who can't find a party?
i thought it was kids at campfire parties
but the other one makes a little more not too sure

Bright Eyes – Don't Know When but a Day Is Gonna Come Lyrics 14 years ago
in a live recording of this i heard him add this verse -
'well its hard to ignore all the news reports
they say we must defend ourselves fight on foreign soil
against the infidels
with the oil wells
god saves gas prices'
on another version he sings
'god saves texax family fortunes'

conor has taken an anti-war position on the Iraq thing. This verse explains Bush's alterior motive to the 'war on terrorism'. Saddam wouldn't give him oil. The 'new regime' will use the oil to rebuild their country by...guess what? selling it to the US. He's got a point.

Thursday – Jet Black New Year Lyrics 14 years ago
this ties in a lot with the short story at the beginning of the booklet for '5 stories falling' I wish i had it so I could copy it out.
i like the imagery of war at the beginning...and the whole song keeps pretty hectic which seems to reflect the relationship he's talking about here.

how long can we take this chance not to celebrate life?

Thursday – Where The Circle Ends Lyrics 15 years ago
how come all anyone does on this site is whine about how emo is becoming mainstream and badmouting anything trendy... '' don't post unless you're offering a view on the song or correcting lyrics ok? so far I haven't really heard any good explanations on this song. The Book On the Letter N...what the hell does that mean anyways?? is that just incoherent babbling or does that have some sort of meaning? someone please stop whining and try to explain the song for me :)

Bright Eyes – Bowl of Oranges Lyrics 15 years ago
'that stands staring and tall'
shouldn't that 'and stand staring in awe'?
'at our still eyes closed'
and shouldn't that be 'at our still lives posed' or something?

Bright Eyes – From a Balance Beam Lyrics 15 years ago
that's great everyone likes it...cause its an awesome song...but does anyone understand it??? I've started trusting that the lyrics must be unbelievable since i dont understand them!

Bright Eyes – Don't Know When but a Day Is Gonna Come Lyrics 15 years ago
Now men with purple hearts carry silver guns and they'll kill a man for what his father's done
But what my father did, no, it don't mean shit, I'm not him

wow...thats amazing! He grew up a catholic so is this song just questioning religion and everything he learned as a kid??

Bright Eyes – Padraic My Prince Lyrics 15 years ago
he didn't really have a brother that died. i read in an article he 'believes in the separation of art and artist'. he said half the stuff he sings about didn't happen to him. good song though!

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