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John Mayer – Comfortable Lyrics 13 years ago
TO: toddbo
~Go away~....geeze...what are you smokin?

John Mayer – Comfortable Lyrics 14 years ago
WOW! What a beautiful and real song! When I first heard this song a few days ago, It literally sent chills down my spine. Although everything John sings does. Such a love song. my favorite line ~She swears the bible is all that she reads, Prefers that I not use profanity.....
Your mouth was so dirty So awesome! Im always listening, just as long as hes always playing.

John Mayer – 3x5 Lyrics 14 years ago
Man, this guy is absolutely incredible. This song...I just saw him in concert not too long ago, and I remember him saygin that he wrote this song while driving from Vegas to Phoenix, AZ. If you havent seen the sunsets in AZ you ought to get your butts back west and check them out haha. Just beautiful. What a wonderful song to sum up those little "moments" in life when everything stands still...

After Second Hour – tims truck(its friday night) Lyrics 14 years ago
stupidest song??? nawww its the greatest song...altho if you dont understand this..youll think its the most god awful thing youve ever heerd..haha jk go tim!

After Second Hour – 6th grade camp Lyrics 14 years ago

Plan of Attack – Kick Back Lyrics 14 years ago
nice song...i could prolly heer it playing at a party when im chillin with my friends...:-)

~Rachael~ ASH

Plan of Attack – Song About A Girl... Lyrics 14 years ago
what a great song. Its got alot of emotion to it, and It truly shows! great stuff

~Rachael~ ASH :-)

After Second Hour – forever goodbyes Lyrics 14 years ago
really kool song kip! very....Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional – The Brilliant Dance Lyrics 14 years ago
Absolutely love this song! Chris is a musical, and lyrical genius i swear! The lyrics give me shivers down my spine! Rock on DBC! Go type in After Second Hour! this band has awesome lyrics~

Dashboard Confessional – For You To Notice Lyrics 14 years ago
I absolutely love this song! It relates so much to me too! I like this boy, and I feel awkward when I am around him, like I dont know what to say. So "I wish I could say something to impress him" Rock on DBC! This song reminds me alot of Taco Wednesdays, and Shallow Water by After Second Hour..check this band out too!

After Second Hour – Animosity Lyrics 14 years ago
I wrote the song, and my intention was only to target towars girls, who make it there lifestyle to talk badly behind other ppls backs. Not to diss on popular ppl. I mean, i am friends with sum popular ppl, so I know that just b/c your popular your not fake! kip....chill out haha

Plan of Attack – Pimple Lyrics 14 years ago
Great song! lol

After Second Hour – Taco Wednesdays Lyrics 14 years ago
Man, this song...the bands first song ever! I love this song, and Id have to say it has the most meaning to it...b/c i actually am the girl in the song. basically, i wanted to tell my story, b/c what i did was so brave i thought. I mean even to this day I still cant believe what I did. I mean I went up to the guy Ive had a crush on for 3 years and asked him to a was great! He said no! But hey! If I would have never done it, I woulda have never known what would have happend...I could have just ended up sitting there...eating my taco, on a warm wednesday afternoon, saying to myself "He'll laugh at me, hes too popular"

After Second Hour – Shibbs Lyrics 14 years ago
I wrote this song for a friend, who had a date with a guy who thought he knew her...But ended up not knowing much...and she began to feel the same way. Sometimes, its easier to write about others experiences

After Second Hour – shallow water Lyrics 14 years ago
I absolutely love performing this song! Its got so much great emtion in it, that myself, and many others can relate to. Hang in there single ppl...eventually, somone has to save us from drowning! :-)

After Second Hour – I Hate You Lyrics 14 years ago
This song I also wrote in 8th grade , as a poem. Still about the same dumb guy, who i could never seem to snag! I loved him for alot of reasons, and at the same time, I hated him...

After Second Hour – 360 Seconds Lyrics 14 years ago
Great song kip!! It says alot, and has sum real great emtion. Kinda one of those songs, you feel like you can truly realte too huh? Well I luv ya kip
keep it up!

After Second Hour – War With You Lyrics 14 years ago
I actually worte this 8th grade, and It wasnt exactly a song back then. It was a poem. I would get so frustrated trying to get this boys attention, so I would waste away 2nd period writing poems sprung from anger. haha it makes me laugh now, cuz the kid i used to like, i wondered Y i even wasted my time....Hey i got a song out of it all right?

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