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Brand New – Luca (Reprise) Lyrics 2 years ago
Since the lyrics can't be corrected (they're here by license only), here are the correct ones for the Reprise version:

Well, I lost my taste for the company of airports and cars
We flew through the year and avoided the dust and rock.
We stood in the way of the tank till we bored and stopped
So never show doubt in your hand till you know what they got

Touch me or don't
Just let me know,
where you've been

Drop me a line with a hook and some raw bleeding bait
(one, two, three, four)
Well, I am uncaught and still swimming alone in the lake
(five, six, seven, eight)
Shimmering under the moon made of anger and hate
I was the one who was always repeating it
Shimmering like a penny out of reach in the subway grate
(Shimmering like a coin kept safe away,
you'll never listen to anything)

Touch me or don't
Just let me know,
where you've been

Leave it alone,
I'm sure there's someone who knows
Where you've been

Taking Back Sunday – They Don't Have Any Friends Lyrics 3 years ago
As much as I love the music to this song, I really don't like the song. The lyrics just seem so damn petty, especially when compared to Adam's other lyrics where he tackles his girlfriend's pregnancy, losing friends and family, etc.

Adam is 32 now, what does he give a shit that some dumb kid on a message board doesn't like TBS? They felt the need to devote an entire song on the new album to this? Isn't that a bit like feeding the trolls in the worst way?

And before you point out the irony of me saying that I don't like the song means the song is about people like me. I love TBS and have for over a decade now, having been in high school when Tell All Your Friends rocked our worlds.

Kelly Clarkson – I Do Not Hook Up Lyrics 4 years ago
Don't know how you got voted down for a factual response, but ok. This song always made more sense to me as a Kelly Clarkson song because I don't think it would sound genuine coming from Katy Perry. Also, check out the cover that The Gaslight Anthem did for Radio 1's Live Lounge. It's an amazing soulful take on this song and it really makes the lyrics shine.

Cursive – A Birthday Bash Lyrics 5 years ago
As the record begins, it seems like they are twins. By the end, we realize that there never was a Pollock, it was just Cassius all along. One of the lines in "The Sun and Moon" that really started to reveal that was "I can see through you like a two-way mirror." A one way mirror allows you to look through to the other side without that person seeing you, but a two way mirror just means you're looking at yourself.

Towards the end of this song when he sings "An imaginary friend hidden underneath his skin / An identical twin, whispering inside his head", then you realize that it has all taken place inside his mind.

Say Anything – Night's Song Lyrics 5 years ago
It's also "pallid" moon, as in "lacking intensity of color or luminousness".

Despite the fact that this has some of Max's most impressive lyrics, the song itself doesn't resonate with me at all. I'm just not feeling it.

Eminem – Stan Lyrics 14 years ago
I believe the term you're looking for is redundant, not double negative, chief.

Live for the Night – Hallways And Dance Floors Lyrics 15 years ago
It doesn't sound nearly as meaningful as some of your other stuff. It almost sounds like you're struggling too much for a rhyme. I do realize it's not done, but I think you should write it from the heart instead of trying to rhyme, and it'll be all the much better.

The other songs are awesome, by the way.

Live for the Night – Feelings On Paper Lyrics 15 years ago
I can really relate to this song. I like all your songs man, great job. :)

Good Charlotte – Screamer Lyrics 15 years ago
Aside from a few ""take out the light"'s, these lyrics perfectly match the version of the song I have.

The lyrics to this song are great, because it's about being a dreamer, and how other people don't understand. I can definitely relate.

The Ataris – Between You And Me Lyrics 15 years ago
This song completely relates to my life right now. I've fallen for a girl who's taken, and even though she likes me, she won't leave her boyfriend. And it is hard to think I'll never get the chance to say she's mine. Great song.

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