Album Editing (Finally!)

  • Album Editing (Finally!)

    by Brian Adams on October 06, 2013

    Lately we’ve heard more and more requests for additional album features. I’m happy to announce we just rolled out several new tools allowing users to add albums and modify their tracklisting. Once a new album is created, you’ll be presented with a screen to modify the title of each track and the order. Trusted users, moderators, administrators, and the original user who added the album will be able to modify album details and tracklist.

    To make it easier to add tracks, when editing an album you’ll see a tab titled “External”. Here you can enter in an Amazon ASIN, Discogs URL or MusicBrainz MBID. After submitting changes and heading back to the Tracklisting tab, you’ll see the data pulled in from the external source (currently just Amazon, but the others will be added soon).

    To add new albums, navigate to an artist page and look for the “Add Album” link in the Contribute to [Artist Name] sidecart. Modifying existing albums can be done from the album page with the “Edit Album Details” link in the “Contribute to [Album Name] sidecart.

    We are still working out a solution for adding album art. Stay tuned for details, we’ll update again when we’ve got something ready.

    We also recently pushed out a change to tunnel all login requests through https. We introduced https silently about a month ago, but have yet to make mention of it. We’re still updating some legacy code that always falls back to http, making it tricky to flip the switch completely. With more and more sites going to SSL, and the ever watchful eye of [insert government/hacker group/conspiracy theorist names here], having an added layer of protection never hurts. Tunneling logins is the first step towards making SSL available site-wide.

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  • This is a wonderful feature, and I'm glad to see it made available to users. A quick question though:

    I started using it last night on the artist The Republic of Wolves. Over the course of last night and this morning I added probably 15 of their albums. However, when I go to check the page now I can only see 1, the most recent album I added. Are the other 10+ being reviewed? Did I update them wrong somehow?
    Flag SephNiteon October 20, 2013  
  • I don't see them. We'll take a closer look and let you know.
    Flag brianon October 22, 2013  
  • Hey Brian, just wanted to follow up and see if anyone knew what went wrong with the album uploads. I wanted to check and see if it was something from my end, so I went and added all of the releases for the band Radical Face. All of those are still up almost a month later. So, I'm not sure what I did wrong with Republic of Wolves, ha ha. In the meanwhile, I just updated their biography to include all their releases, in case the edit-album continues to erase submissions.
    Flag SephNiteon November 16, 2013  

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