Points system updates

  • Points system updates

    by Brian Adams on August 20, 2013

    We’ve been hard at work on a slew of things here at SM HQ, so we haven’t done nearly as much blogging to keep you up-to-date. I wanted to take a quick break to update everyone on a couple items. We’ve recently started work on a more powerful points system. As you can see, mike has over 40,000 points. For some, this can be viewed as a type of gamification–bragging rights if you will (he’s certainly kicking my ass). However, the more important piece for us is the trust aspect. If a user has a certain amount of points, it is because they’ve shared a lot of great content on the site; so as a way to reward them we provide that user with points. But what good are just points outside the bragging aspect? The trust side of this is that we should grant those users more options, more features, more power. So we’re starting to work on and roll out features to do just that.

    We’re starting small with our first option, something we call Rate Boost, but will continue to add additional functionality in the future. Rate boost provides a user with the power to grant more points when rating up a comment. It is important that we are always building our community, so this feature aims to help twofold. First, the user with the Rate Boost badge should be motivated to rate more comments, knowing they’ll be giving out more points to the receiving user. They’ll want to ensure they’re rating up quality content, because they’re bestowing more points (and maybe more options) to the receiving users. Second, users adding content in the form of comments should be motivated to write high quality content, knowing users with Rate Boost can rate them up and provide them with more trust.

    This could get ugly if someone wanted to game the system, so we’ve designed it in a way that it would be easy to stop and roll back someone that went rogue. However, the real focus is on empowering the community to self moderate and grow that quality content we aim to curate and share with everyone. It’s important to us that people come to SongMeanings and discover something new, whether that is music, a great story or a memory someone chose to share.

    We also made a change to allow users to log in with their username or email address and updated the login forms to reflect this. We know you are signed up with many sites (and we’re stoked you chose to make us one of your destinations on the ‘net), so if you don’t remember your username or you’d simply prefer to always log in with your email, you can do that now too. Small, but hopefully positive change.

    That’s it for now, time to get back to work. Look for more updates very soon!


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  • This is cool, I always forget my u'n here but now I can log in with my email address. Awesome.
    Flag thatguy84on September 07, 2013  

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