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    by Brian Adams on July 10, 2013

    I am happy to announce that we are now operating with!

    It has been a long road to this, and we’re stoked to finally see it become a reality. Back in 2001 when we got started we knew SongMeanings was the name we wanted to go with, but unfortunately someone had registered the .com domain just a few months before we got to it. We grabbed .net and were off and running, but we always longed for .com (using the word longed sounds funny, but we really were passionate about getting it someday). Now, thanks to a little help from some friends (not The Beatles (or LSD!)), we were able to acquire the domain and just rolled it out tonight.

    So far things look good. One unfortunate side effect is that you will have been logged out, so you’ll have to log in again. Hopefully Google will pick up the changes quickly and that the .com will help us in the long run from a ranking perspective. As always, please reach out to us should you see anything weird happening as a result of this change.

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