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  • Lyric Editing

    by Brian Adams on August 18, 2012

    We’ve just rolled out a new feature that will allow users to edit lyrics they’ve submitted. This is a feature that users have been requesting for some time, so we’re excited to make it available. To edit lyrics you’ve submitted, navigate to the lyric page and look for the “Edit Lyrics” link towards the top.

    If the lyrics are licensed, the corrections you submit will not go live immediately. These changes are sent to the licensor to verify and correct, if they determine the changes are needed. This could take 24 hour or 24 days. Unfortunately our hands our tied on this, but know we work closely with them to get corrections made to improve the accuracy and quality of the content on SongMeanings.

    We’re also looking into allowing users to edit lyrics they did not submit. This takes a certain amount of trust, so we’re going to require either that you are a Trusted User or have a certain number of points accumulated (points are a new feature we’ll take about soon, but are directly related to trust and growing the community/quality content on SM). We’ll announce more on this as we implement the changes.

    Another great benefit from this feature is that it will further encourage people to post lyrics that they personally write. We love to see people to share their music/lyrics with the world through SongMeanings, even if they’re not a signed band/artist. We believe that technology today has made it significantly easier to get your music out there. This is is a great thing, and we want to be a part of it from the lyrical perspective. Whether it is a means to get your name/lyrics out there, or a way to solicit feedback on your writing skills, we want to be a part of your passion.

    So if you’re an artist or songwriter, feel free to add yourself to our directory and post your lyrics for the world to enjoy. We’d love to help promote you as well; shoot us an email so we can chat.

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