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Songs With Meanint
Its just songs that i think have a deeper meaning than moat people think.
2 0 malina5432no
Moving? Saddening? Relatable?
Any songs I know that have a meaning and aren't meant for partying, just for the listener to relate to and maybe cry in the corner being lik...
4 2 MusicIsEndless
May Death Never Stop You
My Chemical Romance songs.
4 1 luvtheh8trs
Armor For Sleep
Amazing band that should have had more recognition
5 2 AshleyCouture
You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds
6 1 AshleyCouture
Roy Acuff
2 0 phyllis808
So close...
13 1 SuperiorSpecimen
no words needed
2 0 notastudent
The title is self explanitory
2 0 5soshustler
Just songs that I love.
0 0 emilyxa
Overused AMV Songs
Popular songs that often appear in an anime music video. No fandom is complete without them.
5 0 CookieCat
Kansas favorites
1 0 westmenstudios
11 0 scratcher
Some Favorites
Compilation of songs that I absolutely adore
14 0 SleepyIndie
Ounce of Self
Ounce of Self band
0 0 TheShaunXD
Before They Were Famous
Early attempts at immortality
6 0 vivienne10
The first EP by singer/songwriter Tony Burton
5 0 tonyburton
Home, Like No Place Is There
Just some songs that I listen to and like. My music taste is a mix up and not just one genre. Most of the songs are just based on how I feel...
5 0 SukiSune
3 0 alterEgo
All About That Bass
Songs that have great bass guitar and/or double bass.
4 0 FunRocks
brilliant covers
brilliant covers by brilliant artists of brilliant songs i already adore. ^_^
3 0 lichka
The Mortal Instruments
songs that remind me of the book series The Mortal Instruments
7 1 CamberIsSo
Love Songs
basically a bunch of really sweet songs about love
5 1 CamberIsSo
For Her
Songs that I plan on singing to my future wife.
1 0 MWagoner
unpack bitch
i just moved and i need motivation to unpack
18 2 highschoollover
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