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What happens when you give me an opportunity to make my own concert setlist.
I was given the task to make a setlist for a concert of my favorite songs.
15 0 rollingderp
One Thing
2 0 Atreus1320
my random thughts
this is just a mix tape full of songs and lyrics I relate to.
0 0 Blackfairy102
Raining Again
These are some songs that let you know your not alone and can relate to a lot of peoples problems.
23 1 spockernation
C. elegans
free-living, non-parasitic, loves to snuggle
8 0 kirs10
My favs.
3 0 ani1996
3 0 kristellx0x0
rikersprincess's fav songs EVER
my favorite songs!!
1 0 rikersprincess
Chill To Your Spines
Mixtape about relaxing your brain after a long day......
18 0 imranreina
Life changing
3 0 feralONE
Jams April 2015
Good jams
7 0 songbird48
Lynn's Mixtape
6 0 englerlynn
Unknown direction
2 0 arleenee
metallica fucker
2 0 mrm7755
Fool Me Once
A mixtape for April Fool's Day
4 1 dan
5 1 cavepiggy33
Working Tape 1
1 0 mavric212
My favorite tracks
Some of my favorite tracks of all time.
3 0 sdeko4
All Tim
7 0 robertpcook
meat death
2 0 cakokiller
rrriot grul
2 0 theClyde
Music Man
Some Of My Favorite Current Songs
1 0 musicman1965
New Love
Songs about the rush of feeling you get when a new relationship starts
16 0 mayankmrug
songs i've commented on
1 1 eminiussleepus
This is Radio One
Can't seem to change the title
11 0 ananemone
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