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Industrial Killers
0 0 gothidea
Heavenly Mix #1
Just a mix-tape with songs about Heaven.
1 0 numb
Sappy - Happy, but sad. But happy.
5 0 flycrashrepeat
My favorites...
These discussions have given me great insight into some of my all time favorite songs. Thank you to all posters/ comments!
3 0 sharonkil
Mythology Mix
Of gods and goddesses, angels and demons; of humans...and the beasts that devoured them. It's a love/hate story, my dears, written in blood ...
24 0 ar2cestrings16
For Mistah J. - Love Ur Harley Q.
for my boyfriend
7 0 ImForeverHisG
gimme my meat bowl
2 0 Oneirica
Run the Jewels 2
11 0 nasses321
Going to test this out.
2 0 kai1169580
Gaffa-tape mix 1
Whenever I need cheering up
2 0 Photographymat
2014 Artists of the Year
Billboard's best selling artists selected based on music or lyrics as representing the world of 2014.
2 0 DavidMalibu
MUSE - Absolution
14 0 anka
2 0 marianadg
2 0 katherineranae
Matters of the Heart
I made this one for a couple of friends I met at a summer program. I tried to capture feelings that I/we felt at the time. Dunno how succe...
14 1 gray96
Sometimes I feel a little angry
My bad, self-loathing, punk rock days.
2 0 Angrypoet
It's not what you think...
Songs lyrics' that are misleading
1 2 oltomcat56
Visne Teip
Min favorittmusikk
4 0 bobbiehat
The past three years
24 0 lucynthefknsky
Lexy Lou Who - The Soundtrack to My Life
Songs that are essentially the soundtrack to my life if it were a movie
5 0 lexyhurt
Parklife-blur Taken for a fool- Strokes Creep-Radiohead Cousins-Vampire Weekend Hey-pixies Horchata-Vampire Weekend We're going to be ...
2 0 guccidude
2 0 Mkcoleb
this is now, tomorrow it will be different
kuulan mingit kummalist lugu, mille salvestasin 2011-ndal aastal siia
0 0 brokenbiscuit
System of a Down discography
All of SOAD's original songs.
77 0 I'm_Who_I'm_-_
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