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be the change
good songs that spread good energy & love.... ^_^
2 0 lichka
real shut mix
2 0 ariza88
for you...
the only one.
0 0 Peaches_195
make me feel alive
songs that make me get goosebumps in a thrilling & exciting way.... usually the band's live performance & vocals.... something strong for m...
5 0 lichka
Miserable Times
This mixtape is about the time after breakup, when the guy wants to go back to the girl and begs her to accept him but she doesn't say anyth...
4 2 devesh1000
the Age of Dens
Smoke filled rooms with the sound of typewriter bangs, soulful hymns from sinful lips, with the feverish midnight scratching of pens. A home...
2 0 ar2cestrings16
Songs of deep meaning
11 0 tzielund
Music I Love (more than other music)
Music that I love even more than other songs that I still love.
24 1 fishtail11
All in good Fun
3 0 Gotthelife30
Good Music
Just some of my personal favorites.
4 2 halle_fisch
Exercise Music
Multiple songs
11 1 landergrl3
My fave songs
Meh. I like music.
3 0 DiamondFrost
light joyful daydreams
lyrics always mean a lot :: even though some songs are light.. i could easily put them on a deeper playlist at times.... {peace}
3 0 lichka
St.Vincent Songs Are AWESOME!!!
This is a mix all about St.Vincent, a singer that i LOVE, and I hope you enjoy this mix!
0 1 ZKgirl
Broke With Expensive Taste: The Fantasea
Music by Azealia Banks . She has this way of just making you feel good and her music is so catchy & ear wormy , its kinda impossible ( at le...
3 0 Naragachi
Panic! at the Disco
awesome band you need to be obsessed over
0 0 DaniGarcFran
Atmospheric Listening
Exactly what the title sounds like.
4 2 JacobDaTurtle
Atmospheric Listening
Exactly what the title sounds like.
0 0 JacobDaTurtle
Heavy Hair Metal
16 2 billie1172
Older Songs
Stuff like Bohemian Rhapsody and Dirty Harry, you know, the old goodies.
3 1 LordJiine
Two Braid's Mix
only listen to the first song on the second video AND LISTEN IN ORDER OR YOU'LL RUIN THE EXPIERENCE.
7 0 spinetingles
Because Depressing
This is pretty much a mix tape to make you want to kill yourself;)
2 1 XXdarlingXX
Jamie Campbell Bower
Songs sung by Jamie Campbell Bower
0 0 boycrazy25
Folk Songs
2 0 kb6tr
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