Tape Songs Comments Author
All in good Fun
3 0 Gotthelife30
Good Music
Just some of my personal favorites.
4 2 halle_fisch
Exercise Music
Multiple songs
11 1 landergrl3
My fave songs
Meh. I like music.
3 0 DiamondFrost
light joyful daydreams
lyrics always mean a lot :: even though some songs are light.. i could easily put them on a deeper playlist at times.... {peace}
3 0 lichka
St.Vincent Songs Are AWESOME!!!
This is a mix all about St.Vincent, a singer that i LOVE, and I hope you enjoy this mix!
0 1 ZKgirl
Broke With Expensive Taste: The Fantasea
Music by Azealia Banks . She has this way of just making you feel good and her music is so catchy & ear wormy , its kinda impossible ( at le...
3 0 Naragachi
Panic! at the Disco
awesome band you need to be obsessed over
0 0 DaniGarcFran
Atmospheric Listening
Exactly what the title sounds like.
4 2 JacobDaTurtle
Atmospheric Listening
Exactly what the title sounds like.
0 0 JacobDaTurtle
Heavy Hair Metal
16 2 billie1172
Older Songs
Stuff like Bohemian Rhapsody and Dirty Harry, you know, the old goodies.
3 1 LordJiine
Two Braid's Mix
only listen to the first song on the second video AND LISTEN IN ORDER OR YOU'LL RUIN THE EXPIERENCE.
7 0 spinetingles
Because Depressing
This is pretty much a mix tape to make you want to kill yourself;)
2 1 XXdarlingXX
Jamie Campbell Bower
Songs sung by Jamie Campbell Bower
0 0 boycrazy25
Folk Songs
2 0 kb6tr
Mix Tape 1
2 0 AllegedFangirl
This one's about how he feels about Daisy, maybe use.
6 0 lillymacantire
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
9 0 ananemone
it's all your fault
3 0 Chibi12
Standard C
Tracks in standard C tuneing
2 0 SouthernGypsy
Dance With the One that Loves You?
11 0 Sue866
Sad songs I listen to.
These are stuff.
3 1 SarahWahdiah
Thursday: Best of, Vol. 1
A great way to hear songs you might not have heard if you're just getting into Thursday, and a great compilation in the first place.
27 0 ClarityNHZach
Fantastic Music Videos
6 0 candyhippie
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