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Home, Like No Place Is There
Just some songs that I listen to and like. My music taste is a mix up and not just one genre. Most of the songs are just based on how I feel...
5 0 SukiSune
3 0 alterEgo
All About That Bass
Songs that have great bass guitar and/or double bass.
4 0 FunRocks
brilliant covers
brilliant covers by brilliant artists of brilliant songs i already adore. ^_^
3 0 lichka
The Mortal Instruments
songs that remind me of the book series The Mortal Instruments
7 1 CamberIsSo
Love Songs
basically a bunch of really sweet songs about love
5 1 CamberIsSo
For Her
Songs that I plan on singing to my future wife.
1 0 MWagoner
unpack bitch
i just moved and i need motivation to unpack
18 2 highschoollover
Hey Joe (You shot your woman down)by tim rose
Hey Joe, where you goin with that money in your hand Hey Joe, where you goin with that money in your hand Ya know I'm gonna go downtown ...
2 1 Stormin
my songs
0 0 michael146
Songs to Interpret
7 1 ty2seven
Suicide/Depression Songs
Songs about depression, suicide, self-harm, hate, etc.
2 1 PeachTea4
7 0 scratcher
a ghost
2 0 Supermp3dj
90s goodness
8 0 lichka
The Bomb Shelter Sessions
Vintage Trouble's debut album
0 0 someGenius
Summer Skies in Our Eyes
Songs for Summer
19 1 incahoots
Trippy and powerful?
Subtlety and disillusion, not all is what it seems. (Hope that isn't to pretentious, cause it sounds really pretentious to me.)
8 2 magicguy38
Andy Grammer
All Andy and a few of Taylor Swift's songs too!
0 0 labgirlie12534
be the change
good songs that spread good energy & love.... ^_^
4 0 lichka
real shut mix
2 0 ariza88
for you...
the only one.
0 0 Peaches_195
make me feel alive
songs that make me get goosebumps in a thrilling & exciting way.... usually the band's live performance & vocals.... something strong for m...
9 0 lichka
Miserable Times
This mixtape is about the time after breakup, when the guy wants to go back to the girl and begs her to accept him but she doesn't say anyth...
6 2 devesh1000
the Age of Dens
Smoke filled rooms with the sound of typewriter bangs, soulful hymns from sinful lips, with the feverish midnight scratching of pens. A home...
3 0 theCaliLove
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