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rrriot grul
2 0 theClyde
Music Man
Some Of My Favorite Current Songs
1 0 musicman1965
New Love
Songs about the rush of feeling you get when a new relationship starts
16 0 mayankmrug
songs i've commented on
1 0 eminiussleepus
This is Radio One
Can't seem to change the title
11 0 ananemone
7 0 ananemone
2 0 mlalbarran
9 0 whoshat
2 0 marisanicol3
3 0 eowyn797
Message for your crush
if you cant say it, then express it by sending your crush these songs just to let them know how you feel about them!
12 0 AwesomePossum2
Songs when Im sad
These are the somgs I listen to when Im sad. Because I have anxiety. So yeah.
0 0 SarahWahdiah
The Lost Years
Fall of 2001-Summer of 2004, a period of my life that was a bit of a low for me. I was stressed out from work, I fell behind in school, and ...
1 0 jenniferfo
Awesome Mix Vol. 1
0 0 fitzsimmons
Toodeloo Madafuggas
Songs about leaving your job and moving on. Some sad - leaving colleagues and friends behind, but also happy to get away.
2 0 LuvMyself
This is a list of the songs that got me through a long and hard recovery from a serious brain injury. The title comes from the titanium plat...
94 0 callianeira
First Searches
8 0 Santander
When I Hate Myself
Songs I listen to when I hate myself. Only when I hate myself. I don't hate these songs though, they're good songs. These are the only songs...
10 1 PsychoTrain
Sad/Missing Someone
I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
0 0 karabara
Sad/Missing Someone
I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World Miss You - Blink-182 Where I Stood - Missy Higgins You're Gonna Miss...
6 0 karabara
Best Days of My Life
15 0 jenniferfo
Dark Electric
The best electronica and synth with an edge
2 0 gina-marie
Midnight Creeper rock style
Classic Elton John World rock
2 0 quietes
2 0 VictorH
Bipolar Mood Music
Whatever I listen to when the moods are swinging
10 0 morninglemon
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